Dead Island 2: The Clean And Snatch [Step-By-Step Objectives]

The Clean And The Snatch is a Lost And Found quest placed in Beverly Hills. Learn how you can clear this quest with our walkthrough

dead island 2 the clean and snatch
Dead Island 2 The Clean And Snatch Walkthrough Guide

The Clean And Snatch in Dead Island 2 is the first Lost And Found quest, which can only be activated in Beverly Hills. These quest types are missable, where you can either opt-in or not complete them, as they do not impact the main storyline.

You must physically locate these quests in specific spots and initiate them. Furthermore, these quests can grant you bonus rewards, allowing you to stay ahead and making your in-game main progression much easier if you complete them alongside the primary game story.

Now without wasting further time, let’s begin with the walkthrough for this quest.

Key Takeaways

The Clean And Snatch is a Lost And Found quest in Beverly Hills with 6 objectives:

  1. To start the quest, go to the designated area marked by a red logo. In the first objective, you need to obtain three essential items: Obi’s Phone, a Note For Michael, and Dave’s Phone.

  2. For the second objective, return to the swimming pool region at the Goat Pen house in Bel Air.

  3. The third objective requires you to eliminate an infected enemy named Obi The Pool Guy, who can be found near the pool. Defeat him to loot the keys needed to progress.

  4. The fourth objective involves using the keys you obtained to open a chest in Beverly Hills.

  5. Return to the same starting spot in Beverly Hills to complete the quest.

  6. Upon finishing the quest, you will receive a reward of 2000 experience points and a powerful weapon called the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword.

Quest Objectives

To start the quest, travel to this pool area in Beverly Hills as marked below on the map:

dead island 2 the clean and snatch starting map location
Go To This Marked Spot On The Map In Beverly Hills – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

In the swimming pool, obtain the first collectable to start this mission, labelled as A Parting Gift, a piece of paper on a wooden writing pad placed on top of the giant chest. Once you do that, the quest begins.

Follow The Paper Trail Around The Pools Of Beverly Hills!

This objective is the most challenging and time-consuming as you must find and gather 3 collectables in different pool areas throughout Beverly Hills. To save you from the unnecessary time wastage and hassle of searching every pool area for these important quest items, here are their exact locations:

Obi’s Phone

dead island 2 obi's phone map location
Travel To This Spot On The Map To Find Obi’s Phone – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming
dead island 2 obi's phone
Obi’s Phone Is Placed Right Next To This Body Sitting On The Edge Of The Pool – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Note For Michael

dead island 2 note for michael map location
Make Your Way To This Pool Side To Get The Note For Michael – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming
dead island 2 note for michael
The Note For Michael Is Placed On Top Of The Briefcase Inside The Pool – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Dave’s Phone

dave's phone map location
Travel To This Spot To Obtain Dave’s Phone – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming
dave's phone
Dave’s Phone Is Placed On The Flat White Chair Beside The Pool – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Which Pool Belongs To Obi’s Crush?

Travel back to the swimming area of Goat Pen house in Bel Air, as marked on the map below. You will face many infected enemies on the way, so proceed with precaution and fight your way through!

obi's crush pool map location
Return To The Main Pool Side In The Goat Pen House in Bel Air – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Pool Inspection!

Once you reach the pool area, you will find Obi The Pool Guy roaming nearby. Engage in combat and annihilate him in a tiny-boss duel.

Swipe Obi’s Key

As a result of killing him, he will drop Obi’s Key. Pick that up.

obi's key
Obi’s Key Is Needed To Complete This Quest – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

You Wouldn’t Steal A Stolen Sword! Would You?

Having done all the major work, you must head back to the same area in Beverly Hills, where the quest started inside the pool.

Open The Chest And Snatch Your Kick-ass New Sword

the clean and snatch quest ending
Opening The Chest Will Give You Bonus Rewards – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Once you have arrived with Obi’s Key, you will finally get to unlock the black chest labelled Obi’s Things, seen earlier in the start. Open that up, and you will complete The Clean And The Snatch quest. As a result of completion, you’ll be awarded 2000 experience points and the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword.

electrocutor officer's sword
Electrocutor Officer’s Sword Full Stats – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Other Things To Know

We now wrap up our walkthrough guide on The Clean And Snatch in Dead Island 2. Do let us know below in the comment section if you found this article useful to assist you in finishing this tricky and mind-boggling Lost And Found mission.

According to this Reddit thread, some players also faced minor bugs of certain quest items not showing up while doing the quest. If you are one of them, try restarting the game, as that usually does the trick.

Alternatively, if that doesn’t work, you can contact the game’s support team and inform them of the issue. They may take notice and fix this problem in a patch update. Now that you have made it to the end, you might as well have a look at our other Dead Island 2 guides to learn more about this awesome game:

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