Dead Island 2: The Death Of The Party Walkthrough

The Death of the Party is a side quest in Dead Island 2 that involves helping Curtis Sinclair clear his mansion full of Shamblers and Walkers.

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Dead Island 2: The Death of the Party

The Death of the Party is one of the 33 side missions in Dead Island 2. Like any other, you will be asked to complete a series of objectives to complete the quest. Make sure you pack the high-damage weapons because you will need them.

This guide will be a step-by-step walkthrough of The Death of the Party side mission. We will also discuss the strategies and techniques you might need to complete the task. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • To activate the Death of the Party side quest, you must start the primary story mission called Call the Cavalry.
  • After activating the side mission from the main menu, you have to communicate with Curtis Sinclair via the security camera outside his house on either Alpine Drive or Access Road 782.
  • Go toward the house to observe a horde of zombies dying from the exploding heater.
  • You must clear the area by eliminating all the remaining zombies.
  • Turn the power on for Curtis’ house so he can use his chair lift to come down the second floor.
  • Bring back power by locating the electricity room downstairs.
  • Throw water on the broken wire to connect two wire ends.
  • Get inside Curtis’s residence from the backdoor. Take the alley to the left to get there.
  • When inside, hit the switch on the left to move the chair lift.
  • In the meanwhile, survive the wave of zombies by using bait.
  • Keep up with Curtis after he reaches you. Follow him to his sofa.
  • The side quest, the Death of the Party, will reward you 1000 XP.
  • You will get Curtis’ House Keys and a Lightweight Golf Club.

Starting The Side Mission

To initiate The Death of the Party side quest, you first need to start the “Call the Cavalry” quest. This is a primary story mission that contains several side missions. After you get the story mission objectives, you can go to the menu to activate The Death of the Party side mission.

Open the Quests tab and visit the Side Quests list inside the menu. You will find your desired quest over there. Activate it so it shows up in the Active quests. Moreover, after doing this, your map will mark where you should go to initiate The Death of the Party side quest.

communicating with curtis to initiate the death of the party mission
Starting the side quest | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

There are two points where you can locate the intercom that gets you in the side mission; one is at Alpine Drive, and the other will be on Access Road 782. On the intercom, you will hear Curtis Sinclair asking out for help as zombies surround his house.

Your character will respond to the request and visit his house to help him. His place will be between Alpine Drive and Access Road 782.

Search The Grounds For Any Other Survivors

After the voice on the intercom cuts, the gate to his house will open so you can go through. Take out the Walker on the front path eating a dead body. Make a left from there and go across the open door. Then, you will notice that the path on the right opens up. This is where it gets serious.

fighting bunch of zombies
Entering Curtis’ house from the main door | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Kill The Party Crashers!

get rid of the zombies to proceed in the death of the party side quest
Eliminate the zombies that are left alive after the explosion | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

You will notice many enemies eating as you make the right. They all will die from fire after the heater explodes. You will find Curtis on the balcony with a bolt rifle in his hand, Peggy.

As the objective states, you must kill all the remaining zombies that survived the fire. You will earn extra points if you lure them into the heater fire. Furthermore, it is easier to kill the Shamblers if you get them close to the fire as they catch it quickly.

The easiest way to do that is to use bait. Throw a piece of meat close to the fire area so the zombies get attracted to it. They will always chase the piece of meat. Doing this, you take them all into the fire, and they get eliminated without effort.

You can buy meat from the merchant at Emma Jaunt’s mansion if you have none. Ensure you have a lot of it, as there will be a horde of zombies you must eliminate. If you are lucky, you can kill all of them this way and save weapon ammo simultaneously.

Although the bait method is preferred, you can switch to weaponry if you have trouble doing this or don’t possess enough bait. Some effective weapons against the Shamblers are Electrocutor Officer’s Sword, Emma’s Wrath, Big Shot, The One, and Red Dragon Shotgun.

Use the mentioned weaponry if you have it, as they will deal more damage to Shamblers, given that you will face many of them.

Is That Living Legend Curtis Sinclair?

find a way to bring curtis down
Interacting with Curtis Sinclair for the first time – Image Captured By Us

After killing all the zombies, look over to the roof and interact with Curtis. He will let you know that he has a bad hip and can’t climb stairs without his chair lift. Moreover, the chair lift operates on electricity, and the power is out. Therefore, you must bring the power back and hit the chair lift switch.

Restore Power To Curtis’ Residence

You need to find the room with the power plug to bring back the electricity. Make a left when facing Curtis and jump over the railing to get there. Go down the stairs and enter the room to your left.

restoring power in house to enable chair lift to come down
Join the broken wire ends to restore power in Curtis’ house | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

Beware of a Walker that will jump on your face when you open the door. Throw it back and kill using any melee weapons. You will notice that the wire is worn out, one end is sparking, and the other is dead.

You need to throw water at the worn-out wire to connect the ends. Get the water can from outside this room and throw it at the wire. This will restore power in Curtis Sinclair’s house, completing another objective.

Go back to Curtis to tell him about your success. Now, you have to find a way to get inside his house to hit the chair lift switch so he can come down.

Enter Curtis’ Residence

As the front door is inaccessible, you must find an alternative way to get inside. There is a back door that is open and can be used. You can go through the passage to the left of where Curtis stood to get there.

Some Shamblers and Walkers in the alley can be taken out with any close-range combat weapons. The back door will be on the right at the end of the pathway. Moreover, a Walker will be banging on the door trying to open it; eliminate him and proceed.

finding a way to enter Curtis' house
Enter the house from the back door by eliminating this Walker first – Image Captured By Us

The switch will be on your left as you enter. Hitting it will bring the chair lift to Curtis so he can come down. However, it will take some time, so you must keep his surrounding area clear.

Clear The Runway For Curtis

fighting zombies to keep Curtis alive
Keep the area zombie-free until Curtis reaches the ground floor | Picture Credits: VeryAliGaming

It would be best if you survived a wave of zombies until the chairlift arrives for Curtis. They will come from the front door. The best way to kill them all is to use bait again. Throw the meat in the lobby’s center so they all get attracted to it.

When they are focused on the bait, you can start killing them one by one using your weaponry. This will buy you enough time to eliminate all of them. Most of them will be maids that work in Curtis’ house.

Wait For Curtis To Touchdown

It would be best if you waited for Curtis to come to you. You can search the nearby rooms for some extra loot during this period.

Be Patient; You Can’t Run The Classics

Follow Curtis to his room after he comes down to the lobby. Keep up with him; his hips are not like those in the old days so he will stroll. He will keep you company with the small talk so you don’t get bored following him.

Check In With Curtis

Interact with Curtis after he sits down on the sofa. He will appreciate you saving him from all the trouble. As a token of appreciation, you can take anything from his house that will help you in the future. That means he is handing you the Curtis House Keys.

The death of the party side quest completed
Congrats on completing the side quest. Make sure you collect the awards | Picture By VeryAliGaming

After saying his goodbyes to the house, Curtis says he will come by Emma Jaunt’s place.  Moreover, he will leave a rare melee weapon for you to collect as a reward. The melee weapon will be a Lightweight Golf Club. You will also get 1000 XP points upon completing the side quest, The Death of the Party.

Summing It Up

That is all about the Death of the Party side mission in Dead Island 2. Make sure you are carrying the right weaponry to get through the task. Moreover, keep more bait with you when zombies increase in number. Keep a safe distance from Walkers and Shamblers to avoid getting hurt.

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