Dead Island 2 Trophy Guide [Full List]

Dead Island 2 has 46 trophies to acquire. Here's a complete roadmap to acquiring all trophies in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 trophy guide.
The complete Dead Island 2 trophy list and roadmap.

Dead Island 2 features 46 unique trophies for you to acquire during your playthrough. These trophies are unmissable and can be achieved within your first playthrough, though several can only be acquired post-game. Here’s our official Dead Island 2 trophy guide and roadmap for getting all achievements.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 46 trophies in Dead Island 2, including 32 Bronze, 10 Silver, 3 Gold, and 1 Platinum achievement.
  • Some of these trophies are hidden and only show up if you acquire them first.
  • The best way to get all trophies is to first complete all Main Quests and finish the main storyline. Complete any side quests you need for leveling up.
  • Then, in order, complete the Side Quests, Lost & Found Quests, and Challenges.
  • Finally go back for any trophies that you missed.

Dead Island 2 Trophies Explained

Dead Island 2, much like most other games in the modern era, features several trophies and achievements. These trophies are divided into three categories based on their difficulty: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. There is 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 10 Silver, and 32 Bronze trophies, amounting to 46 achievements.

Three trophies must be completed online, including the only Platinum and 2 Bronze achievements. Some of these even require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

However, the best part is that most of these trophies can be acquired after completing all the main and side quests. And in most cases, you’ll only need one playthrough to get all these achievements. None of the trophies are worth missing or mutually exclusive between save files. Hence, you can acquire all 46 trophies after you complete the main storyline, and you won’t be locked out of any of them.

All in all, it should take you around 25 hours or more if you want to get all of the achievements. However, it’s possible to complete the achievements earlier if you’re experienced with speed running.

Dead Island 2 List Of Trophies

Dead Island 2 hidden trophies.
Some trophies in Dead Island 2 are hidden. (Image captured by us)

There are 46 total trophies in Dead Island 2. Here is a list of the trophies, how to unlock and complete them, and their subsequent ranks. Note that of these 46 trophies, 18 are secret trophies. This means these 18 trophies do not appear in the Achievements section until you complete them. But don’t worry. We also mention all 18 secret trophies and how to get them in this Dead Island 2 trophy guide.

Trophy TitleRequirementsUnlocks AfterSecret Trophy?Rank
Who Do You Voodoo?Collect all Dead Island 2 trophies.N/ANoPlatinum
Welcome To Hell-ASurvive a crash and get bitten, creating the first Zombie-Free Zone.Main Quest 3YesBronze
Hotel CaliforniaGet through the Halperin Hotel, running into the authorities.Main Quest 4YesBronze
Personal Assistant Personally AssistedSave Michael from the Monarch Studios' Terror.Main Quest 9YesBronze
Git Gutte!Unite with Sam B and work together to acquire a firearm.Main Quest 10YesBronze
Friends Like TheseMeet with a suspicious benefactor.Main Quest 14YesBronze
Dr. Reed, I Presume?Meet up with Dr. Reed after making it through Venice Beach.Main Quest 17YesBronze
But Doctor, I Am ButchoKill a killer clown and give Dr. Reed the blood sample.Main Quest 20YesBronze
Can't Handle the TruthFind out the true revelation about you and your origin.Main Quest 21YesBronze
Like Riding A BikeHave Patton take you out of Hell-A via flying.Main Quest 22YesBronze
A Patton EmergesMake it to Hollywood Boulevard by successfully escaping the Metro.Main Quest 23YesBronze
Make it SoComplete the Beacon of Hope side quest and light the beacon for Sebastian and Sarah.Beacon of HopeYesBronze
Our True NatureLet go of the possibility that you will become human again.Main Quest 24YesGold
Gore HorseComplete all of Francesca's quests. She has 7 side quests that require you to deliver zombie body parts to her. You can only acquire these parts after Main Quest 15.Anytime, can be completed after Main Quest 15YesBronze
Go, Bobcats!Complete the side quests "Boz Makes a Bang" and "Dez and the Mother of Satan". These quests only require you to eliminate zombie hordes.After the main story. "Dez and the Mother of Satan" only unlocks after completing "Boz Makes a Bang".YesBronze
Internet FamousComplete all of the Clickbait side quests offered by Amanda. She has 3 side quests, the third of which only unlocks post-game.Anytime, but can only be completed after finishing the main game.YesBronze
Making Your MarkFinish any 10 quests not related to the main story.N/ANoBronze
Rising StarFinish any 20 quests that are not related to the main story.N/ANoSilver
LA InfluentialFinish any 40 non-story-related quests.Anytime, but completing this trophy will require you to complete the main game first.NoGold
Ooh, Shiny!Acquire a Legendary Weapon for the first time.Complete the main story. You will automatically get a Legendary Weapon for completing the story. If you have no space in your inventory, the weapon will be stored in your storage.NoBronze
ZombologistComplete the Zompedia by killing every type of zombie at least once. There are 31 zombie types in total, of which 11 are Apex zombies and 20 are Common zombies.N/ANoBronze
On SafariFinish every Zombie Challenge's first tier.N/ANoSilver
Variety is the Spice of DeathFinish every Weapon Challenge's first tier.N/ANoSilver
Zombicidal ManiacFinish every Combat Challenge's first tier.N/ANoSilver
Survival SkillsFinish every Survivor Challenge's first tier.N/ANoSilver
SmorgasbordFinish every Exploration Challenge's first tier.N/ANoSilver
Sharpest Tool in the BoxComplete at least 5 Lost & Found Weapon Quests.N/ANoSilver
Sole SurvivorComplete at least 5 Lost & Found Missing Person Quests.N/ANoSilver
Jumbo KeyringFind and unlock 10 Lockboxes. There are more than 25 in total.N/ANoSilver
BookwormFind and collect 50 Journals. There are 234 Journals in the game, of which 112 must be picked up for quests.N/ANoSilver
Stacking the DeckCollect at least 30 Skill Cards. These can be easily acquired by completing all of the quests.N/ANoBronze
Humanity DistilledPut on a Numen Skill Card for the first time.Main Quest 21YesBronze
Max HeadroomGet to Level 30.Anytime, but you can easily get to Level 30 after completing the main game.NoGold
Down with the SicknessAcquire the Autophage infection's highest level (Level 3) with the Autophage Skills equipped.Main Quest 21YesBronze
Anger ManagementUse Fury Attacks to take down 50 zombies.Main Quest 17NoBronze
This is My WeaponYou'll need to upgrade any Superior Weapon completely and have a perk or mod filled in every slot.N/ANoBronze
Not Even My Final FormKill a Mutator pre-transformation.N/AYesBronze
Hazardous MaterialsWith the help of Fire, Caustic, or Shock damage (any of these three), kill at least 100 zombies.N/ANoBronze
Break A LegCut off 100 limbs, including arms and legs. N/ANoBronze
Slayer SquadFinish 5 quests in co-op mode (any 5 quests will do)Online TrophyNoBronze
I Am the ResurrectionRevive Slayers a minimum of 5 times.Online TrophyNoBronze
Coup de GraceWith finishing attacks, eliminate 25 zombies.N/ANoBronze
Perks of the JobFinish any 5 Blueprint Challenges. There are 7 in total that reward you with different Blueprints.N/ANoBronze
Donk!Land a hit on a zombie at least 35 meters or more away with a melee weapon.N/ANoBronze
Apex PredatorTake down 10 types of Apex zombies. There are 11 in total. N/ANoBronze
I Got a Zombie Army and You Can't Harm MeDodge 25 attacks "perfectly". This means dodging the attack before the enemy hits, making it a perfect defensive move.N/ANoBronze

Best Trophy Order

Forty-six trophies are a lot to achieve. So how do you go about doing this? What’s the best way to complete all Dead Island 2 trophies in the shortest possible time?

To aid you in speed runs and finishing the game quickly, here’s our recommended trophy roadmap:

All Main Quests

Dead Island 2 trophies page.
The best order to complete the achievements is to first complete the Main Quests. (Image captured by us)

First, you should complete all the main quests in the storyline. There are 24 Main Quests, though you can only get 13 achievements from completing them. The 13 achievements are listed down below.

While completing the Main Quests, you can complete some Side Quests, Lost & Found Quests, and Challenges. However, it would be best if you only did these for leveling up or acquiring specific items that you feel are necessary for the coming Main Quests. Otherwise, don’t waste time completing non-story quests before completing the main story.

Story-Related Achievements

  • Welcome To Hell-A
  • Hotel California
  • Personal Assistant Personally Assisted
  • Git Gutte!
  • Friends Like These
  • Dr. Reed, I Presume?
  • But Doctor, I Am Butcho
  • Can’t Handle the Truth
  • Like Riding a Bike
  • A Patton Emerges
  • Our True Nature
  • Ooh, Shiny!
  • Humanity Distilled

All Side And Lost & Found Quests

After completing the main quests, feel free to complete the Side Quests and Lost & Found Quests. In case you don’t know, characters often offer Side Quests. These may be simple requests or require you to complete several challenges.

Additionally, there are the Lost & Found Quests. These quests require finding missing people (9 Missing Person Quests) or retrieving lost weapons (6 Lost Weapon Quests). These amount to a total of 15 Lost & Found Quests.

Completing some Side Quests will directly reward you with a trophy, though most of the 33 Side Quests will not. However, you must complete them to get some trophies, such as the Making Your Mark, Rising Star, and LA Influential achievements.

Additionally, some trophies will be easily achieved by completing all non-story quests. These include the Bookworm, Stacking the Deck, and Max Headroom achievements. Bookworm requires you to collect 50 Journals, which you naturally acquire through completing quests.

Similarly, “Stacking the Deck” and “Max Headroom” require you to reach Level 30, which is automatically reached once you complete all non-story quests.

Of the Side Quest-related trophies, LA Influential, Go, Bobcats!, and Internet Famous can only be completed after beating the main game.

Side Quest-Related Achievements

  • Make it So
  • Gore Horse
  • Making Your Mark
  • Rising Star
  • LA Influential
  • Go, Bobcats!
  • Internet Famous

Lost & Found Quest-Related Achievements

  • Sharpest Tool in the Box
  • Sole Survivor

Other Achievements You Will Have Completed

  • Bookworm
  • Stacking the Deck
  • Max Headroom


After completing the Side Quests and Lost & Found Quests, taking on the Challenges is best. There are 84 Challenges in Dead Island 2, and several have tiers, each tier granting better rewards than the last. However, to acquire all achievements related to the Challenges, you only need to complete the first tier of every Challenge. The only exceptions are the 5 Blueprint Challenges.

Challenges can be very time consuming and tricky to complete. Some are basic, and you should not spend much time completing them. However, others will take more of your time and will hamper any speed runs you have in mind.

Here’s a rundown of all the different Challenge categories and the number of challenges you’ll need to complete:

  • Combat – 26 challenges.
  • Exploration – 7 challenges.
  • Survivor – 10 challenges.
  • Weapon – 10 challenges.
  • Zombie – 24 challenges.
  • Blueprint – 7 challenges.

You only need to complete the first tier of every challenge. However, for the “Perks of the Job” achievement, you must achieve every level of only five Blueprint challenges.

Achievements List:

  • On Safari
  • Variety is the Spice of Death
  • Survival Skills
  • Smorgasbord
  • Perks of the Job
  • Zombicidal Maniac

End Game Achievements

Dead Island 2 trophies page.
Once you’ve completed all the quests and challenges, go back for remaining trophies. (Image captured by us)

Once you have acquired most of the achievements through completing Main Quests and non-story quests, you can return for any remaining achievements. You’ll find that you have already unlocked some of these achievements when completing the quests, such as Zombologist and Anger Management. Other trophies require you to play online.

Remember that you can complete some of these achievements before beating the main game. However, since there are chances you will naturally end them when doing the other quests, it’s best to keep them for last.

Finally, the “Who Do You Voodoo?” achievement is acquired after acquiring all other achievements/trophies in Dead Island 2.

Achievements List:

  • Zombologist
  • Jumbo Keyring
  • Down with the Sickness
  • Anger Management
  • This is My Weapon
  • Not Even My Final Form
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Break a Leg
  • Slayer Squad
  • I Am the Resurrection
  • Coup de Grace
  • Donk!
  • Apex Predator
  • I Got a Zombie Army and You Can’t Harm Me
  • Who Do You Voodoo?

Final Word

Dead Island 2 features 46 trophies, acquiring all of which will require around 25 hours or more. The best way to complete all these achievements is first to complete all Main Quests.

This should amass you 13 achievements minimum. Then, complete the Side Quests, Lost & Found Quests, and Challenges. Along the way, you will have completed most of the other achievements. If not, you can return and acquire the other trophies you missed.

And that’s it for our Dead Island 2 trophy guide! Now it’s your turn to get all the trophies and impress your friends.

Ready to play Dead Island 2? Head on over to the official Dead Island 2 website to download it.

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