Dead Island 2 Duplication Glitch [Unlimited Weapons]

Players can tweak a glitch in Dead Island 2 to have unlimited weapons.

Cover Dead Island 2 Duplication Glitch
Creating duplicates of weapons and other items

There is no free lunch in Dead Island 2, and anything earned or collected is done the hard way. However, there is a glitch that can be exploited to your advantage. Players can have unlimited supplies for their weapons with little to no effort.

Key Takeaway

  • Dead Island 2 has a glitch allowing players to double their inventory.
  • Players can create unlimited copies of their weapons and other inventory items.
  • Activating the glitch requires another friend to be in the game.
  • To initiate, players must spam-drop all the inventory items and then exit the game.
  • Then, you should rejoin to find all the items lying on the ground and in the inventory simultaneously.
  • You can sell the extra inventory to earn money or keep it for personal use.

A similar glitch that allowed the player to have infinite weapons was also observed in the first installment of the Dead Island series, but this time, it’s not the same. Dead Island 2 demands at least two players to be in a match for the glitch to initiate.

Gameplay of Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2 Gameplay | Credits: MK_RhzDq

Unlimited Weapons Glitch

The glitch is backed by preventing the auto-save feature from doing its task and spam-dropping some weapons. Be quick, as speed might be the difference between a successful glitch execution and a failed execution.

You will have to play the game with a buddy. You can join his game, or he can join yours, but you must be in a match. Set a friends-only match to ease things out as joining games becomes more effortless.

Activating The Glitch

Find an open space and ensure your inventory contains the items you want to duplicate and that the list is at its maximum capacity. Note that whatever items you carry in the inventory will be ultimately copied.

Move your fingers fast and drop all the weapons in a fraction of a second. Then, close the game and relaunch it. The glitch is guaranteed to work on any console or PC you play the game on.

After the game has turned on, join your friend’s match, who should be in the lobby. After you enter the game, the first thing to do is check the inventory and ensure all the items you dropped are still in there.

Inventory Dead Island 2
Check inventory after rejoining the game. 

Moreover, proceed to where you dropped all the items since the game would’ve started from a different place. Go to the site and see if the items are still there. Most likely, the things will be lying at the exact point where you dropped them. 

Now that you know the glitch, you see a way to give you unlimited weapon supplies.

Don’t Be Greedy

Since you are now aware, you might act numerous times without collecting duplicate items and collecting them after many iterations. This strategy is prone to errors.

The platform you are on might crash if you stack hundreds of items in a single place. The best practice is to collect all the duplicated items after 2 or 3 iterations. Further, allow them to stack for another two iterations and organize them so the game doesn’t crash.

Although if you have a PC with better specs, you might get away with it. However, it is still recommended to follow the given procedure. Consoles are more prone to such game crashes.

Selling Abundant Items

You will likely not need many weapons for your battles. Therefore, their best use is to sell them in the shop to get tons of cash. A good practice is duplicating the weapons that carry a higher market value so that they sell for more after getting copied.

Since the weapon supply can technically be infinite, the money earned from this unlimited weapons glitch will also be infinite. Moreover, remember that duplicating high-value items is a very efficient way of earning money in Demakingad Island 2. Therefore, you can practice it when low on cash.

inspecting a fuse at the trader station
Fuses in Dead Island 2 | Captured By: VeryAliGaming

The extra money earned from selling duplicate weapons can be used to purchase items with better utility. Fuses are frequently utilized in Dead Island 2 to get access to locked areas. They carry massive importance in the game and can be an excellent option for trading other weapons.

Ending Notes

Glitches are a product of the mistake of game developers, and so they are after all the glitches they create. They don’t stay for longer and are eventually fixed. Still, many players find loopholes that make the glitches accessible again.

It is wise to use whatever glitch Dead Island 2 has and use them to your advantage. Remember, the ultimate goal of this trick is to make money and use it with this intention. However, if you try to exploit a glitch and it fails to work, there are higher chances that it has been patched.

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