All Differences We Noticed In Dead Space Vs. Dead Space Remake

Remake delivers challenging horror with a shocking twist.

Dead Space Remake Vs Dead Space Original
Dead Space Original Vs Remake [2008 Vs 2023]

Dead Space Remake offers a variety of new Additional content and an Updated visual view of the Ishimura. These small but key changes in the game have Improved the overall experience, giving a pleasant experience to the old franchise fans and the new ones alike. In this guide, we will Put the Dead Space Original Vs the Remake.

Key Takeaways

  • Dead Space Remake stays true to the Original Storyline of Dead Space.
  • Dead Space Remake offers an Improved Experience.
  • It includes Better Graphics that are Visually Appealing.
  • It has an Improved UI, Newer Gameplay Mechanics, and much more Additional Content.
  • More New Guns are introduced which are enjoyable to use.
  • Dead Space Remake has an Intensity Director mechanism that provides Random Enemy Encounter scenarios.
  • Dead Space Remake also has a new Peeling System where the Limbs of Necromorphs can be Torn Off.
  • It also comes with many more Side Missions to explore more of the storyline of the game.
  • The Remake also offers an Alternate Ending that can be unlocked.

Story Line

Dead Space Original Vs Remake
USG Ishimura | Image Credit: theRadBrad

The main story revolves around our protagonist Isaac Clarke, voiced by Gunner Wright. Isaac is an engineer who navigates around the horrifying blood bath on the Ishimura ship due to an alien parasite break. On his way to somehow repair the ship while fighting blood-hungry Necromorphs.

One more difference that’s easy to spot is that the main protagonist talked very little in the original Dead Space. In the remake, Isaac often takes off his helmet resulting in more Verbal dialogue by him, which brings a lot of his personality out.

Although the main story remains the same there are many new additions to the remake of Dead Space. There are new cutscenes and additional in-game cinematics that explore the lore of the game in some more depth.

This makes the overall game more immersive and engaging for the players. As it provides more information about the story and its characters through side missions.


Dead Space Original Vs Remake
Dead Space Original | Image Credit: theRadBrad


  1. Utilization of the Frostbite engine for a physically-based render, resulting in realistic object and surface rendering.
  2. High-resolution textures for more detailed character models, immersive environments, and realistic objects.
  3. Improved lighting and shadows contribute to a more atmospheric and immersive sci-fi horror experience.
  4. Volumetric lighting and ray tracing enhance the realism of the game’s environments.
  5. Drastically improved character model design with better animations.
  6. Enhanced visual effects for firing, explosions, and other in-game effects.
  7. The Dead Space Remake offers a significantly more immersive and realistic visual experience.


  1. A notable difference in the audio system, with a focus on bass through surround sound.
  2. The sound simulation respects the physics of sound, including realistic echo effects when sounds bounce off walls and surroundings.
  3. Realistic audio adds to the game’s immersion and overall realism.
Dead Space Original Vs Remake
Dead Space Remake | Image Credit: theRadBrad

These improvements in graphics and audio make the Dead Space Remake a visually and aurally enhanced gaming experience compared to the original game from 2008.

UI (User Interface)

The user interface of the new remake has been modified to be more smooth and user-friendly, which allows the user to access more options and features conveniently through the menu.  The heads-up display has also been updated to provide the user with more information.

Dead Space Original Vs Remake
Showcase of Inventory | Image Credit: theRadBrad

The inventory system has also been improved to give users more space. To navigate faster, The mini-map has also been improved to provide more awareness of the surroundings to the user.

Dead Space Remake Vs Original
Showcase of Minimap | Image Credit: theRadBrad

Newer Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Improved Combat System:
    • Intense and more fluid combat.
    • Smoother character movement.
    • Reduced buggy movement compared to the original game.
    • Realistic and 360-degree freedom in zero gravity.
  2. Enhanced Aiming & Shooting:
    • A new and improved aiming mechanism.
    • Responsive and accurate aiming and shooting.
    • A more immersive experience with impactful shots and limb dismemberment.
    • Smooth controls and triggers for immersive feedback.
  3. Seamless Gameplay:
    • No camera cuts or cinematic interruptions.
    • Single-shot gameplay without loading screens.
    • The entire Ishimura ship is connected, providing a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Additional Content

There is also an addition of more suits and weapons available. You can purchase these weapons and suits from the store or unlock them with the help of side missions.

Dead Space Original Vs Remake
Suits in Dead Space Remake | Image Credit: theRadBrad

There are many sets of armor and suits that you can find in the remake. By upgrading your rig suit you get more armor and an extra inventory slot.

Moreover, many new guns are introduced in the Dead Space remake. Some of these guns can be hard to unlock but they prove to be worthy of the trouble. These guns often have an overpowered damage counter. Furthermore, they are all unique and fun to use.

Intensity Director

The new intensity director makes the game more unpredictable. It allows the game to spawn enemies and create different events dynamically. Through the use of intensity director, the amount of uncertainty grows in the gameplay.

Based on certain factors the game itself decides where to spawn enemies and which route you encounter them on, it makes it impossible to predict the jump scares. This new system allows the game to be more horrifying and adds to the element of the scare.

Side Missions

These side missions revolve around side characters and show off their personality. Side missions also allow the user to explore the game lore. They provide more information on what is going on.

While these side missions are not necessary, they provide the player with a more immersive experience of the game and make the lore a lot more interesting.

New Enemy Peeling System

Dead Space Original Vs Remake
Necromorphs limb flying off | Image Credit: the RadBrad

This new enemy peeling system makes killing the Necromorphs grosser but at the same time looks more frightening. While killing your enemies remains the same there are different ways to eliminate them now as because of this new mechanism their limbs, flesh, bones, and tendons can be torn off.

The crippled enemies might crawl towards you now, making it extremely satisfying to kill each enemy. It also works as a hidden enemy health bar as it can indicate how much damage you are causing to the necromorphs.

Final Thoughts

The remake builds on its foundation and offers updated graphics, better UI, improved controls, and a lot of additional content. Dead Space Remake revives the experience of Original Dead Space as it stays true to the original storyline. But it also improves the experience quite significantly as the Remake is much more immersive and delivers a very pleasing experience.

The updated graphics feel like a cherry on top of an already amazing game. The combat system of the Remake is also a lot more enjoyable as the mechanics and the dynamics of the game have been improved quite significantly.

In conclusion, Dead Space Remake Vs Dead Space Original was a tough choice. But Dead Space Remake would be recommended more as it delivers the same story and experience while also providing better graphics and a better experience.

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