Dead Space Remake Foam Finger: How To Unlock

So you want to know where the dead space remake foam finger is located, huh? Well, lucky for you, we have a guide to help you.

dead space remake foam finger

So you want to use the Dead Space Remake Foam Finger to mess around in-game? Well, you stopped by at just the right guide. This guide will tell you how to get access to the Hand Cannon and set you up with the funniest weapon in the game. It has new and hilarious sound effects for both the gun and Issac.

The in-game name for the item is “Hand Cannon,” but the community at large refers to it as the Foam Finger. So Foam Finger is the more recognizable term hence why we used that term in this guide but for the specifics, we call it the Hand Cannon. So please don’t get confused when you see these two terms since they are the same.

Key Takeaways

  •  The Hand Cannon is unlocked only after beating the game on the hardest difficulty.
  • It has been a gag weapon since Dead Space II introduced it.
  • The gun has a new sound effect, and so does Issac when he fires the gun.
Dead Space Remake Gameplay
Dead Space Remake Gameplay

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The Hand Cannon was a gag inclusion in the Dead Space II game. It harkens back to a time in gaming when it wasn’t all that complex to play games. It was fun, easy, accessible, and, most of all, fantastic. It wasn’t the developers trying to be money hungry or trying to monetize everything but rather make something that both of them could enjoy.

Behold the great Dead Space Remake Foam Finger (also known as the Hand Cannon if you want to be a stick in the mud).

dead space remake foam finger render
Hand Cannon | Courtesy: Dead Space Wiki

This weapon is single-handedly the funniest thing to use in-game as it undercuts the tense and horror tone /atmosphere that the game so delicately sets up. But this balance isn’t destroyed wrongly—instead, it creates a funny contrast that amplifies both aspects to a heightened degree.

The only way to access this unique weapon is to complete the game on Impossible Difficulty. There is no other way around it. No in-game currency to spend, no microtransactions, and no secret codes. Just pure skill and determination are the way to your reward.

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