Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode

Dead Space Remake Impossible mode is an iconic mode that returns from the original, and can present quite the challenge even to the experienced player. In this guide we will outline the best strategy towards beating the mode.

Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode
Impossible Mode

Impossible Difficulty combines the first game’s difficulty setting and Dead Space 2’s hardcore mode. In Impossible difficulty, ammunition scarcity and enemy damage are the same as in Hard difficulty, but the player can only make one save. This means a perma-death state, whereupon dying, the save file reverts to Hard difficulty, and the player must restart the game to access Impossible Mode again.

Key Takeaways

  • Impossible Mode is unlocked after beating the game on hard difficulty
  • The ammunition scarcity and enemy damage is the same as hard difficulty, but if the player dies, they have to restart from the beginning
  • The player is rewarded with the Hand Cannon and the Banished RIG upon completing the mode

How To Unlock Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode

To unlock Impossible difficulty, the player must first beat the game on hard mode, which in itself is a feat. However, Impossible difficulty has several modifiers to the main gameplay, which we will outline below.

Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode RewardsDead Space Remake Impossible Difficulty

Once the player completes Impossible mode, they unlock the Hand Cannon and the Burnished Suit. The Hand Cannon is resembles a giant foam finger, and lacks any kind of aiming laser sight, with only a flashlight beam emanating from the gun. However, this is more than made up for with the sheer damage that the weapon can do, outright killing almost every single enemy in the game with a single hit. However, the player more than deserves it after finishing Impossible mode.

The weapon serves as a gag, closely resembling the Hand Cannon from Dead Space 2 (unlocked by beating hardcore mode) and the Devil Horns from Dead Space 3 (unlocked by beating Classic mode). Isaac says “bang bang” or “pew pew,” enhancing the comedic value when fired.

The Burnished Suit resembles the generic suit but features a distinctive color scheme with dark gray armor and a blood-red visor, giving Isaac an eerie, otherworldly appearance. It stands as the game’s most unique suit and rewarding achievement for completing Dead Space Remake’s hardest difficulty.

Dead Space Remake Impossible Difficulty Rewards
The Hand Cannon And Banished Suit

Dead Space Impossible Mode General Strategy

Good Dead Space gameplay fundamentals remain in this mode and are tested to the fullest extent. As such, the following basic strategies must be kept in mind when traversing the USG Ishimura and its miscellany of dangers.

Kinesis And Stasis Are Your Best Friends

In Dead Space Remake, players have valuable tools for survival: Kinesis and stasis. Stasis lets Isaac freeze enemies, providing breathing space and aiding in boss battles.

Dead Space Remake Stasis
The Stasis Module In Use

Kinesis conserves ammo efficiently, allowing players to stagger necromorphs, create barricades, and use severed claws as projectiles for significant damage. It’s also useful for throwing explosive canisters and severed explosive sacs to kill multiple common necromorphs.

Dead Space Remake Kinesis Module
The Kinesis Module In Dead Space Remake

Don’t Underestimate Melee

The Dead Space Remake, being a horror game, deliberately weakens and adds risk to melee combat. Yet, melee can be a lifesaver, preserving precious ammunition. When close to an enemy, Isaac can strike them to deal some damage and create space for follow-up shots. Additionally, stomping downed enemies after knocking them down with objects or the Force Gun effectively eliminates common necromorphs.

Dead Space Remake Stomp
Isaac Stomping

When low on ammo and faced with a single enemy, an ideal strategy is to use Stasis and simply beat the enemy to death. In most cases, the enemy will be dead long before the effects of stasis are finished.

Use The Right Tool For the Right Job

The Dead Space Remake offers a variety of weapons, each with unique utility. Like the original, every weapon has primary and alternate fire modes. Players can hold up to 4 weapons, granting them 8 different attacks at any given time.

Below, we will outline each weapon’s characteristics and use cases in Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode.

Plasma Cutter

Dead Space Remake Plasma Cutter
Isaac Wielding The Plasma Cutter

ManufacturerSchofield Tools
TypeDirected-energy mining tool
AmmunitionPlasma Energy
Universal Ammunition (DS3 only)
Damage (DMG/PFD)10 (18 maximum)
or ????(DMG) (DS3)
Ammo Capacity (CAP)10 (initial)
20 (max, DS1 and DS2)
23 (max, DS1 Remake)
Reload Speed (REL)??? (RLD) (DS3)
Rate of Fire (SPD/CHR)High
or ????(SPD) (DS3)
Effective RangeShort-Medium
Secondary FireBlade spins 90°
Upper ToolPlasma Core
Upper Tool TipDefault Tip
Lower ToolRotator Cuff Module
Lower Tool TipNone
FrameCompact Standard Frame
Attachment 1None
Attachment 2None

The player encounters the Plasma Cutter first, and it remains useful throughout the game, even earning an achievement for exclusive use. It fires ionized plasma in horizontal or vertical lines, and alternate fire changes the line’s orientation. The Plasma Cutter excels in all situations due to its low-cost ammo, exceptional precision, and versatile performance.

Pulse Rifle

Cost200,000 credits
Damage (DMG/PFD)10
Rate of Fire (SPD/CHR)High. Overheats after certain period of time.
Effective RangeMedium-Long

The Pulse Rifle in Dead Space Remake stands out as the sole dedicated weapon, unlike the other repurposed mining equipment. It shouldn’t be underestimated, as it can effectively mow down hordes of enemies in capable hands.

Its primary fire is automatic, shooting bullets straight at the enemy, while the alternate fire launches grenades for significant area-of-effect damage, albeit consuming substantial ammo.

The Pulse Rifle excels against crowds of necromorphs but has lower single-target damage and high ammo consumption, requiring skillful resource management. Overall, its effectiveness depends on the situation and the player’s style, making it a valuable asset during the journey through the USG Ishimura.


Dead Space Remake Ripper
The Ripper On The Ground

ManufacturerSchofield Tools
TypeCircular Blade Cutting Tool
Cost8,000 credits
Ammunition8 Ripper Blades
Damage (DMG/PFD)8 (12 maximum)
Ammo Capacity (CAP)16 Ripper Blades
Reload Speed (REL)??? (RLD) (DS3)
Rate of Fire (SPD/CHR)Slow
Effective RangeShort-Medium
Secondary FireFires single untethered saw

The Ripper is the player’s ultimate tool for keeping enemies at bay. Its primary fire deploys a spinning saw blade that can be controlled to slice through foes. The alternate fire shoots a bouncing saw blade that damages anything it hits.

This weapon is ideal when facing a rush of necromorphs, as it staggers them and keeps them at a distance. It’s also highly ammo-efficient, eliminating multiple enemies with a single saw blade.

Flame Thrower

Dead Space Remake Flame Thrower
Isaac Using The Flame Thrower

TypeHandheld industrial flamethrower
Cost11,000 credits
Ammunition125 Flame Fuel/Hydrazine Fuel (50 in DS2)
Damage (DMG/PFD).75 (4 in DS2) (1.5 maximum) (12 max. in DS2)
Ammo Capacity (CAP)250 Flame Fuel/Hydrazine Fuel (175 in DS2)
Rate of Fire (SPD/CHR)High
Effective RangeShort-Medium
Secondary FireDead Space - Projectile burst of flames
Dead Space 2 - Explosive lit canister
Dead Space (2023) - Wall of flames

The Flame Thrower in Dead Space Remake is no longer a weak weapon. It deals more damage, reliably staggers enemies, and its alternate fire creates a wall of flames to slow and funnel enemies through chokepoints, making them easier to kill.

Contact Beam

AmmunitionContact Energy Batteries
Ammo Capacity (CAP)DS1, DS2: 4, max 7
DS1R: 12 - max 25

Damage (DMG/PFD)DS1, DS2: 100 - max 175
DS1R: 75 - max 150

Reload Speed (REL)DS1R: 3s - min 2.11s
Rate of Fire (SPD/CHR)Slow
Effective RangeLong
Special Upgrades (SPC)DS2:
Alt-fire inflicts Stasis
SP1: Wider alt-fire
SP2: +5 ammo capacity
SP3: Larger alt-fire radius

Secondary FireDS1, DS2: Radial Ground-based Shockwave
DS1R: Charged Energy Blast

Upper ToolPlasma Core
Upper Tool TipPrecision Tip
Upper Tool CircuitsNone
Lower ToolPlasma Core
Lower Tool TipDiffraction Torus
Lower Tool CircuitsNone
FrameHeavy Standard Frame
Attachment 1None
Attachment 2None

The Contact Beam is the single most powerful weapon at Isaac’s disposal, easily killing most common enemies in one shot. The primary fire is not exceptional, firing a continuous beam of energy that does reasonable damage, but it is the alternate fire mode that will absolutely destroy enemies.

The alternate fire allows the player to charge up a shot and deal massive damage at the target. The downside of this mode is that it takes a few seconds to charge up, which may leave the player open to being overwhelmed by advancing necromorphs.

Dead Space Remake Contact Beam
The Contact Beam On The Ground

The Contact Beam is slow, expensive, and often difficult to use, but it more than makes up for these downsides with the sheer damage output that the player can do.

Line Gun

Ammunition5 Line Racks
Ammo Capacity (CAP)9 Line Racks
or ??? (CLP) (DS3)
Damage (DMG/PFD)15 (27 maximum)
or ??? (DMG) (DS3)
Reload Speed (REL)??? (RLD) (DS3)

Rate of Fire (SPD/CHR)Slow or ??? (SPD) (DS3)
Effective RangeLong
Secondary FireDead Space and Dead Space 2 - Timed plasma mine
Dead Space 3 - None
Dead Space (2023) - Laser trap mine

Upper ToolTesla Core

Upper Tool TipDefault Tip
Upper Tool CircuitsEmpty

Lower ToolNone (or Survey Charge)

Lower Tool TipNone (or Compressor Tip)

Lower Tool CircuitsEmpty

FrameHeavy Standard Frame

Attachment 1None

Attachment 2None

The Line Gun is essentially the Plasma Cutter’s bigger, meaner brother. Its primary fire launches a horizontal line of energy in a wide dimension that travels through enemies until it hits a wall. This means that if there are several enemies lined up, the primary fire will damage each and every single one of them, making it an excellent weapon against crowds of enemies.

Dead Space Remake Line Gun
Isaac Inspecting The Line Gun In Dead Space Remake

The alternate fire is also a good option for crowd control. It launches a proximity mine that explodes, dealing great damage to anything caught in the blast radius. In general, with excellent damage against both single targets and hordes of enemies, the Line Gun more than makes up for its expensive ammunition.

Force Gun

Cost11,000 credits
Ammunition10 (5 in DS2) Force Energy Batteries
Ammo Capacity (CAP)20 (10 in DS2) Force Energy Batteries
Damage (DMG/PFD)20 (35 maximum)
Effective RangeShort-Medium
Secondary Fire
Dead Space - Graviton grenade
Dead Space 2 - Concentrated energy projection
Dead Space (2023) - Gravity well

The Force Gun is considered by many to be the best weapon in the game, and absolutely not without reason. Its primary fire delivers a powerful shotgun blast shockwave, dealing significant damage in a wide close-range radius. Its greatest utility lies in its ability to knock down most enemies, making it invaluable when surrounded.

Dead Space Remake Force Gun
Isaac With The Force Gun

The knockback effect is crucial for dealing with the Hunter (the unkillable regenerating necromorph). Players can knock it down, apply stasis, and run past it. The Force Gun’s alternate fire pairs effectively with the primary fire, creating a gravity well that traps and deals massive damage to enemies.

Shoot The Limbs!

Dead Space stands out from other zombie games due to its distinctive soft-body destruction mechanics for its enemies, the Necromorphs. Players can strategically remove limbs, altering gameplay difficulty.

Various Necromorphs inhabit the USG Ishimura’s corridors, each requiring a unique strategy.


Dead Space Remake Slasher
Isaac Being Mauled By A Slasher

Description:Elongated arms adorned with biological blades and talons.
Possesses arms on the lower torso.
Attack(s):Slash and rend prey with sharp, elongated arm/shoulder blades.
Toxic bile spit (female version)
Bites its victim's head off
Attempts to stab its victim to death, usually by penetrating the neck
Notable member(s):Aiden Chen
Albert Rutterschmidt
Benjamin Mathius
Nathan McNeill
Hans Leggio
Franco Delille
Challus Mercer (original game)
Damara Carver
Dylan Carver
Robert Norton

The Slasher, the most common enemy in Dead Space Remake, should not be underestimated. It can sprint quickly and deliver a devastating attack with its razor-sharp claws, potentially killing the player in 2-3 hits. Its stumbling movement makes precise limb targeting challenging.

There are two strategies for dealing with a Slasher. When facing a lone Slasher, focus on cutting off its arms, which will kill it efficiently. In cases with multiple enemies, target the head to make the Slasher swing its claws wildly, creating space and dealing light damage to nearby enemies. Alternatively, aim for the legs to slow it down, allowing Isaac to address more immediate threats.


Dead Space Remake Lurker
Isaac Aiming At The Lurker

Description:Lurkers possess three barbed tentacles that grow out of their backs.
Attack(s):Lurkers primarily rely on ranged combat, firing projectiles at their targets from a distance.
They can use their tentacles as lashing and stabbing weapons in close combat.

The Lurker, resembling a child with three tentacles formed from its intestines, fires three barbs from a distance. It is not highly threatening by itself, but its ranged attack can be annoying, especially when facing groups of necromorphs, as it continuously pesters and drains the player’s HP. Additionally, its barbs stagger the player, leaving them vulnerable to other necromorphs.

To kill the Lurker quickly, sever all three of its appendages. The Line Gun is effective for this, as a single well-placed shot severs all three appendages in one strike.


Dead Space Remake Leaper
The Leaper Pouncing On Isaac

Description:Legs fused together to form a tail-like appendage and a scorpion-like spike.
Snake-like sharp teeth, which are used to bite it's victim's head (or any other material) off.

Attack(s):Leapers use their powerful tail appendages to whip and stab.
They have the ability to spring upon victims from surprising distances, especially in Zero G environments.

The Leaper, with its grotesque appearance and lethal attacks, poses a significant threat to unprepared players. It utilizes two attacks: a long-range leaping attack that covers vast distances and inflicts massive damage, and a close-range tail swipe attack causing significant harm.

When facing the Leaper, players can rely on stasis to slow the creature’s flight to a crawl, making it easier to target its limbs. Additionally, the force gun’s primary fire can halt the Leaper mid-jump, allowing Isaac to finish it off by stomping on it or using the force gun’s alternate fire to eliminate it.


Description:Resembling either a manta ray or a headless bat in appearance, with a retractable proboscis that injects the Necromorph contagion.
Attack(s):Infectors use the talons on their wings to slash prey.
They can impale victims through the forehead with their proboscis.
NotableCommander James
GemsGrote Guthe

The Infector on its own is the weakest enemy in the game, dealing low damage even on Impossible difficulty, but its ability to turn corpses into Slashers makes it the priority in a fight, no matter how many other enemies are in the room. If left to its own devices, the Infector will create a horde of slashers that will overwhelm even the most skilled of players.

Dead Space Remake Infector
The Infector

When the Infector is not currently infecting a corpse, use stasis on it and your strongest weapon to dispatch it. Although the Contact Beam has scarce ammo and is an expensive weapon to use, its ability to eliminate the Infector, even when without upgrades, makes it the ideal choice.

If the Infector is currently converting a corpse, the priority shifts to the corpse. Make sure to remove both of the corpse’s arms, which will kill it instantly the moment it turns. Another excellent strategy is to shoot a Line Gun mine, which is the alternate fire of the Line Gun, directly at the corpse. Doing so will instantly vaporize both the corpse and the Infector.


Description:Reminiscent of an animal rather than a human, they are the largest of the standard Necromorphs.
Brutes' movements resemble those of gorillas, as they both rely on their massive fists for locomotion.
Attack(s):Brutes will attempt to charge and pummel prey with their large, muscular arms and hardened foreheads.
They are also able to produce ranged attacks consisting of explosive organic bombs, provided that an arm or leg has been dismembered.
Notable memberKrax

The Brute serves as the game’s major antagonist, functioning as a mini-boss in multiple sections. It primarily charges at the player, causing substantial damage.

It’s a formidable adversary with significant health, but using the right weapons and strategy can make defeating it relatively straightforward. Maintain a safe distance from the Brute. When it charges, shoot stasis and swiftly reposition yourself, ideally getting behind it. Once in position, focus on dismembering its arms. The Brute’s front is well-protected by armor, and the vulnerable spots on its limbs are indicated by glowing yellow areas visible from its rear.

Dead Space Remake Brute
The Brute Charging At Isaac

To disable the Brute quickly, focus on shooting one of its arms using the Contact Beam or Line Gun. After losing one arm, the Brute’s speed is significantly reduced, making it easier to target the other arm, ultimately leading to its demise. Avoid targeting the Brute’s legs first due to two reasons: it will start shooting explosive orbs, causing damage and staggering you, and it becomes more challenging to get behind the Brute without using stasis as it continuously tries to face you.


Description:Legs fused together in a fleshy mass, right arm elongated, and their bodies radically twisted and emaciated.
Large pustule sac located on the left arm.
Split head
Attack(s):Exploders will try to smash their targets at close range with the explosive sacs on their arms.

On Impossible difficulty, Exploders pose a significant threat. A single close-range hit from their suicide attack results in instant player death. To avoid this, Isaac should always maintain a safe distance from Exploders. If one gets too close, use stasis and retreat before it detonates.

Dead Space Remake Exploder
A Close-up Of The Exploder

Additionally, exploiting the Exploder’s explosive sac can be advantageous. Targeting the sac with any weapon will eliminate the Exploder and nearby enemies, conserving ammo. Opt for low-cost ammo weapons like the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle to maximize efficiency.

For a more strategic approach, dismember the sac and use kinesis to carry it, allowing players to throw it at enemy groups for immediate kills.


Description:Small, fleshy creatures, these Necromorphs typically reside within Pregnants.
Attack(s):They lunge upon their foes en mass, biting unfortunate victims until they succumb.

Swarmers are little critters that are annoying at best and easy to dispatch. They attack by jumping on to the player and dealing small amounts of damage, and the player must mash the “Use” button to shake them off. An area-of-effect weapon such as the Force Gun’s primary fire and the Line Gun’s alternate fire is the most efficient way to dispatch Swarmers.


Description:Resembles a Slasher with a massive, swollen stomach, shorter legs, and wider, thicker blades.
Attack(s):They typically charge and slash prey with their large blades.
Necromorph swarms are released when the stomach is damaged.

The Pregnant is a hybrid of the Slasher and Swarmers. It’s a large creature with a massive stomach that releases Swarmers when damaged. Care must be taken to dismember it without harming the torso to avoid a Swarmers onslaught.

Similar to the Slasher, removing both arms of the Pregnant kills it instantly, preventing Swarmers from being released. Precision and timing are crucial as it swings its arms when approaching the player. Using stasis can slow it down, aiding accurate arm removal without harming the stomach.


Dead Space Remake Guardian
The Guardian

Description:Flailing entrails that emerge from a cavity in the hosts stomach.
Attack(s):Mature Guardians use the mutated intestines of their hosts body as piercing weapons, decapitating anyone who gets too close.
They are able to constantly produce Pods which have the ability to fire projectiles.

The Guardian, a stationary necromorph with six tentacles on its torso, instantly ends an unaware player’s run. It launches a pod with a single attacking tentacle, similar to the Lurker in Dead Space Remake’s Impossible Mode.

Players must exercise extreme caution when facing the Guardian, as getting too close results in instant player death. The best strategy involves shooting it from a distance, targeting each tentacle separately. Using the Line Gun and Force Gun’s alternate fire directly on the chest cavity causes an explosion that severs all tentacles, killing the Guardian instantly. A precise shot with the Contact Beam at the tentacle’s point of origin also results in instant death for the Guardian.


Dead Space Remake Twitcher
The Twitcher Sprinting At Isaac

Description:Resembles a Slasher but with larger talons, paler skin and thick, muscular bodies.
Attack(s):Twitchers use their incredible speed to rapidly approach and slash foes with sharp talons located on each arm.
Notable memberColin Price
The Oracles

The Twitcher is like a highly agile slasher due to stasis modules merging with their flesh, making them faster instead of slower. They are the fastest necromorphs in the game, moving even quicker than Leapers, and their erratic movements make them hard to target. To deal with a Twitcher, wait for it to approach, then use stasis just as it’s about to attack to slow it down, making it easier to eliminate.


Thus, we can conclude that by knowing the general strategy with which to approach the game along with knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of both weapons and enemies, players will be able to no doubt beat Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode and gain the rewards from completing it.

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