Dead Space Remake: Infinite Ammo [Expert’s Choice]

Detailed guide on how you can get infinite ammo in the Remake of Dead Space and convert it to infinite Credits.

Dead Space Remake Cover
Dead Space Remake: Getting Infinite Ammo

The Dead Space developers did a decent job balancing the ammo usage against the necromorphs and the credits you spend buying it. However, the margin is still very thin, and you can’t always risk wasting your gun ammo on any unwanted activities.

After people in the community started playing the Remake of Dead Space, they discovered that you could get involved in a scenario where using a pulse rifle and following a series of steps will trigger a glitch and provide you with infinite currency to buy ammo. Let’s see how to do this.

Key Takeaways

  • Infinite Ammo and the Infinite Money Glitch are interlinked to each other and can be exploited by the same technique.
  • This will only work on the Pulse Rifle that can be found in the second chapter of the game from the dying security officer.
  • We will keep upgrading the capacity node from the upgrade bench to get a free complete magazine.
  • Unloading the magazine will drop a grenade that can be converted to Pulse ammo and saved in your inventory in packets of 100.
  • Each packet can be sold for 2250 Credits, and we receive a total of 350 Pulse ammo in one round that goes for 5250 Pulse Ammo.
  • When converted to money, you can get 131,250 Credits for this amount of Pulse Ammo.
  • This whole procedure can be done in roughly 2-3 minutes.

What You Should Know

A point to be noted here is that you can’t make the glitch work when you start a new game. You must play, unlock some weapons, progress in the story mode, and then go for it. Before performing the procedure, you must have some things in your inventory.

Adding to that, the trick only works when you have Pulse Rifle equipped with you. Using any other gun and repeating the same steps as told will not get you anywhere, and you will only waste your resources. Therefore, reach the point in the game where you must have Pulse Rifle unlocked.

Things Required To Make It Work

First and foremost, you need a Pulse Rifle. You can get it in the early phases of Dead Space, specifically in the Second Chapter. You will find a security officer losing his life, and the pulse rifle will be close to it.

pulse rifle found during story campaign in chapter 2
Pulse Rifle lying on Captain’s Body

After acquiring the Pulse Rifle, you must buy nodes from a nearby store. We suggest that you keep seven nodes for upgrading the pulse rifle. You can keep less than seven as well, but you will not be able to exploit the glitch to its full potential.

Lastly, keep at least 5,000 credits with you to reset the bench upgrade web for performing the trick repeatedly to get infinite ammo. This is all that you need to get successful. Next, we will see some steps that should be followed to reach our objective.

How To Perform The Trick?

Below are steps that should be followed linearly to get infinite ammo for your Pulse Rifle, so you never have to complain again about ammo or money shortages.

Find A Suitable Location

You need to find a location in-game where the Store and the Upgrade Bench are close to each other, so you don’t have to travel far. The store will be used to sell ammo for money, and the Bench will be for buying Capacity upgrades from the seven nodes we helped you pick.

There are many locations throughout the 12 chapters of Dead Space where you find such spots. However, the earliest one is in the first chapter on the Flight Deck Tram Station. Your Wayfinder should help you reach here.

Location where store and bench are together
One of many locations for exploiting the glitch

Use Nodes To Buy Capacity Upgrades

Make your way to the Upgrade Bench to spend your nodes over there. Every time we buy a Cap node upgrade, colored in pink, for capacity, we get a complete magazine. There are a total of five cap upgrade nodes that you will be buying out of seven.

the bench upgrade web
out of 7, upgrade 5 cap nodes

Converting Grenades To Ammo

Leave the bench and use your pulse rifle to unload the secondary ammo on the ground. When you do that, it will drop a grenade on the floor. Clicking the same unload button again will convert the grenade into ammo.

For players on their PS5 consoles, they will press R1 button to unload the secondary ammo of the Pulse rifle.

unloading pulse rifle
Press R1 to convert grenades to Pulse Rounds

Repeat The Previous Two Steps

Keep repeating the above two steps after you buy a single Cap (Capacity) upgrade. You will do it five times as we have five cap nodes. Each complete magazine fires around two grenades that you convert into ammo. So, in total, you will convert ten grenades into Pulse ammo.

After you turn all grenades into ammo, for every seven nodes, you will get around 350 Pulse ammo which is quite a lot.

Convert Ammo To Credits

After you have used all seven nodes on the bench, visit the nearby store in your location and sell the ammo for money if you need it.

Ammo to Credits
In Store, you can sell Pulse ammo for Credits

Furthermore, every 100 Pulse ammo packets can sell for 2500 Credits. If we do the math, we get 350 Pulse ammo per seven nodes which goes for 8,750 Credits.

Redo The Whole Process

This was one complete round of exploiting the glitch. Moreover, you can redo it by resetting the bench web for 5000 Credits

Do this for repeating the process
Clear the nodes for 5000 Credits

This is why we wanted you to have 5000 Credits beforehand. A single complete round can take you roughly two minutes. If you keep doing this for, let’s say, 30 minutes, then you can get 131,250 Credits. In other words, you will get 5250 Pulse Ammo which is too much to use and might even last till the end of your story campaign.

Ending Notes

You need to know all about triggering the glitch for infinite ammo. It is a straightforward process but can only be carried on by Pulse Rifle, found in the second chapter. Let us know in the comments if this worked for you.

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