Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit: Unlock, Upgrades, Location

Isaac Clarke is back and he’s worse off than before in Dead Space Remake. At least he has some cool gadgets to keep him company as he slowly goes insane. Here's a complete guide to the now infamous Level 6 Suit and how to unlock it in the new Motive Studio game.

Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit
Dead Space Remake How To Unlock Level 6 Suit

The level 6 suit is the final suit available in the Digital Deluxe Edition of Dead Space Remake, and they definitely saved the best for last. The suit is called the Advanced Soldier RIG and is undoubtedly worth all the work needed to obtain it.

Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit 2
Level 6 Suit

It is, appropriately, the most advanced suit in the game, and it comes with priceless upgrades and a killer new design. While it is hard to acquire – to say the least – you will not be disappointed with what you get. Let’s get into the specifics.

Key Takeaways

  • The final and most impressive suit is the Level 6 Suit, called the Advanced Soldier RIG.
  • The Level 6 Suit can only be accessed in the New Game Plus mode.
  • The Level 6 Suit is located at the in-game shop at the end of Chapter 1.
  • The Level 6 Suit costs 99,000 credits.

The Look Of The Suit

Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit 3
The Look Of The Suit

Even without any of the benefits accompanying it, the Level 6 suit would be worth its price tag for its look alone. The suit’s design definitely takes inspiration from modern media, taking all the popular aspects of a space soldier uniform and putting its own spin on it.

With a pitch black and bone white colour scheme, the suit looks eerily like a human skeleton freshly crawled out of the grave, some of the armour placement having followed the patterns of bones on the body.

Appropriately, the helmet very much imitates a human skull, with its sharp edges and sunk-in cheeks. The glowing blue eyes accompanying the suit almost make you believe you’re looking at the Grim Reaper with his robe off. The suit is shamelessly built to intimidate – and it doesn’t disappoint.

The Level 6 Suit Upgrades

Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit 4
The Level 6 Suit Upgrades

Being the last suit upgrade in the game, the level 6 suit appropriately comes with the most benefits. As hard as the suit is to acquire, it does your work after obtaining it that much easier. Not only does the suit come with increased inventory space, but it also gives the player unbelievable armour upgrades. The level 6 suit provides you with 30 inventory slots and a 30% damage resistance, drastically changing your armour stats for the better.

This, accompanied by the fantastic look discussed above, the game undeniably achieves its goal of making the suit desirable. In fact, you may find yourself playing the game in Impossible Mode with how much of an advantage this upgrade gives you. It’s never as much fun when it’s so easy.

How To Unlock The Level 6 Suit

Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit 5
How To Unlock The Level 6 Suit

The level 6 suit is the only suit in the game not available in the first playthrough. With the game-changing perks mentioned above that the suit grants you, the game understandably makes it incredibly difficult to procure.

You will have to play the entire game once and complete it. You will now have unlocked Dead Space New Game Plus mode on the home screen.

This is where the level 6 suit becomes available for the players, although you will have to get to the first in-game store to buy it as it isn’t automatically available to players upon starting the New Game Plus mode.

The Suit Location

Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit 6
The Suit Location

Despite all the work you put in completing the game entirely to unlock the plus mode, the game doesn’t automatically grant you the level 6 suit. Understandable considering all the advantages it entails. Don’t worry; it’s not too far out of your reach.

Once you’ve unlocked the New Game Plus mode, all you have to do is start the game and play through to the end of Chapter 1. After completing this part of the game, you can access the first store in the game, and the level 6 suit is now available here.

Buying/Upgrading The Level 6 Suit

Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit 7
Buying/Upgrading The Level 6 Suit

Once you’ve reached the in-game store in the Plus mode of the game, there is just one last obstacle standing between you and near-guaranteed victory against any foe in the game: the price tag. The level 6 suit boasts a steep price of 99,000 credits. No need for alarm, though.

Not only does the game grant you a whopping 50,000 credits after finishing the first playthrough, but you also get to keep everything you earned in the last game.

All your weapons, suits, upgrades, and credits carry over to the new game when you begin, making the cost of the level 6 suit much more realistic. It’s still not all that easy, though. They can’t make things too simple for you, can they?


Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit 8

Now that you’ve secured the level 6 suit, it’s time for your second game playthrough in the Plus mode. This time, instead of barely hanging on to survival and praying for your continued health at every turn, you get to look and feel like a certified badass as you face every foe and challenge with new power and experience. Happy gaming!

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