Dead Space Remake Master Override Locations

There are 8 Master Override locks, 2 of which are Master Override Doors, and 6 are Master Override Chests in Dead Space Remake.

 There are 8 Master Override locks, 2 of which are Master Override Doors, and 6 are Master Override Chests. You can use the Tram to reach all of these locations, but keep in mind that these locations are accessible until chapter 11 when the game warns you that there is no turning back.

Key Takeaways

  • The Locations on this guide can all be accessed once you have obtained the Master Override Security Clearance from the You Are Not Authorized Side Mission.
  • You can find a different variety of items ranging from Nodes and Weapon Upgrades to even Medic Kits.
  • Most of these Master Overrides can be accessed only until Chapter 11 when you reach the point of no return.
  • All weapon upgrades require you to bring the upgrades to the Bench to apply the upgrade and extend that weapon’s specific Tree.

Master Override Locations

NoMaster Override DoorsLocationsMaster Override ChestsLocations
1Bridge Tram StationWater Purification Storage RoomCargo Bay StationHangar-Cargo-Tram Control deck
2Mining/Engineering Tram StationTool Storage roomMining/Engineering Tram StationMachine Shop
3Hydroponics Tram StationHydroponics Central Hub
4Executive Quarters-Crew Quarters Tram StationFirst Officer D. White’s room
5Deluxe Quarters-Crew Quarters Tram StationDeluxe Quarters
6Aegis VIITransfer Junction

Master Override Doors

1. Bridge Tram Station

Located in the Water Purification Storage Room. To access this door and get the weapon upgrade and items available in this room, first go to the Main plaza for the bridge. Afterward, take the elevator to Floor 5, and upon exiting the elevator, the door should be to your immediate right.

Pulse rifle upgrade bridge tram station
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  • Power Node
  • High-Yield Grenades Upgrade For Pulse Rifle
  • Two Ammo Drops

2. Mining/Engineering Tram Station

This Master Override Door can be found in the Tool Storage room. Go into the hallway inside the Mining Staton Tram, and the room is located behind boxes that you have to move with your Kinesis ability. Afterward, use your key to be granted access to the door and get the Rewards available inside.

contact beam upgrade mining tram station
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  • Diffraction Module Upgrade For Contact Beam
  • Two Large Med Packs

Master Override Chests

1. Cargo Bay Station

I found this Master Override Chest in the main area of the Cargo Bay at the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control deck, next to the rightmost wall tucked in between masses of Necromorph Tissue.

force gun upgrade cargo bay
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2. Mining/Engineering Tram Station

You can locate the Master Override Chest within the Machine Shop. Start by taking the Tram to the Engineering Deck, then proceed to the Control Room. From there, continue into the Preparation Room, following the path until you reach the Machine Shop, where you’ll find the Master Override Chest.

ripper upgrade engineering station
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  • Carbon-Fiber Blades Upgrade For Ripper

3. Hydroponics Tram Station

The Master Override Chest is situated within the Hydroponics Central Hub. You can access it by entering the hallway through the door that leads to the Mining Tram Station.

line gun upgrade hydroponics station
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4. Executive Quarters-Crew Quarters Tram Station

You’ll find the Master Override Chest in First Officer D. White’s room within the Executive Quarters area. To access it, you must first locate the Executive Quarters Keycard in the Quarters Bathroom. Once you have the keycard, unlock the room and retrieve the Gold Semiconductor from the Master Override Chest.

gold semiconductor executive quarters
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  • Gold Semiconductor

5. Deluxe Quarters-Crew Quarters Tram Station

Getting the Master Override Chest on the third floor of the Deluxe Quarters can be a bit challenging. Players need to restore power to the door by using Kinesis to pick up a nearby battery and attach it to the socket.

flamethrower upgrade crew quarters
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  • High-Pressure Nozzle Upgrade For Flamethrower

6. Aegis VII

This Master Override Chest is available at the Transfer Junction. After entering the junction, turn left; the chest should be right in front of you, next to a few boxes.

nodes location aegis 7
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  • Three Power Nodes

Final Remarks

Now that you’ve learned all the locations for the various Dead Space Remake Master Override Locations, you can get the weapon upgrades you’ve been looking for and be on your way to slaying all the Necromorphs that stand in your way. Good Luck!

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