Dead Space Remake Plasma Cutter: Location & Upgrades

Having Difficulty finding plasma cutter upgrades? my guide will help you find them easily.

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Dead Space Remake: Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutter is one of the iconic weapons in the game series that has been brought back in the remake version. The gun gained high importance due to its ability to shoot horizontally and vertically.

Key Takeaways

  • Plasma Cutter is the first weapon you unlock in Dead Space Remake.
  • It has three different upgrades you must collect in different chapters.
  • You can also upgrade the cutter through the node slots; there are, in total, 23 node slots.
  • The first upgrade will be on a bench inside the Ishimura clinic in the second chapter.
  • The second upgrade can be bought from the store for 11,000 credits in chapter three.
  • The third and final upgrade will be collected from a seat in the maintenance locker room in the eighth chapter.
  • Along with these three upgrades, you can max out six damage nodes, eight capacity nodes, three reload speed nodes, three rate of fire nodes, and three special nodes.

Plasma Cutter Description

The game describes Plasma Cutter as a Standard-issue CEC mining tool that fires precision shots that slice through most materials. It uses the Plasma Energy ammo, which costs 1200 credits for six rounds.

Here are some key statistics for the Plasma Cutter:

  • Base damage: 100 (without any applied upgrades)
  • Base capacity: 10 rounds
  • Base fire rate: 150 rounds per minute (rpm)

As mentioned, the gun can be used in horizontal and vertical modes. The switching can be helpful to slice gigantic necromorph arms and other body parts, making it a potential weapon for your inventory.

If you ever run out of ammo during combat, you don’t have to worry about dying or switching to another gun because the Plasma Cutter can also be used as a melee, a bonus attribute. I also have a melee upgrade for it that will be discussed later.

You will get the One Gun Achievement if you can complete the campaign using only a plasma cutter in your weapon inventory. This can be tedious if your cutter is not upgraded, as necromorphs are harder to kill toward the end of the game.

Plasma Cutter Location

You will acquire the Plasma Cutter as your first weapon in the first chapter, titled “New Arrivals.” Here’s how to find it:

  1. Proceed through the game until you reach an elevator that leads to a workshop. This elevator will take you down to the workshop entrance.

    taking an elevator
    This elevator will directly take you to the plasma cutter
  2. While closing the elevator door, a Necromorph will attempt to attack you but will be sliced by the elevator doors.

  3. After the elevator stops, make a quick left turn and examine the table at the other end of the room. On the wall behind the table, you’ll see the words “Cut off their Limbs” written in blood.

  4. The Plasma Cutter will glow yellow on the wall, making it easy to identify. Pick it up to acquire the weapon.

    collecting plasma cutter
    Pick up the cutter glowing in yellow
  5. When you collect the Plasma Cutter, an animated scene will demonstrate how to assemble its parts. Upgrades for the weapon become available starting from the 2nd chapter and continue through the 8th chapter of the game.

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Plasma Cutter Upgrades

The gun offers three unique abilities that make the weapon more powerful and overkill. These are Cartridge Pack, Heat Accumulator, and Weighted Blades. They can be obtained in Chapter Two, Chapter Three, and Chapter Eight, respectively.  

These upgrades will significantly make the gun more robust, and killing zombies will be easier and more fun.

Cartridge Pack

map leading to the cartridge rack
Start walking from this point to reach cartridge rack

The cartridge pack upgrade will Greatly increase ammunition capacity. To find it, you must go to the Ishimura Clinic and head inside. In there, you will observe a bench. Furthermore, the cartridge pack will be on top, waiting for you to collect it.

It would be best if you exploded the barricade to reach the clinic by planting an explosive charge.

making path through the barricade
Planting charge to explode the barricade

A necromorph will be waiting for you behind the obstacle. Kill him to proceed. After the door opens upwards, take a left and collect the weapon upgrade on the bench.

cartridge rack has been found
Collecting Cartridge Rack Upgrade

Heat Accumulator

The Heat Accumulator will be our second significant upgrade. It applies Damage over time to each shot.

You can get it as early as Chapter Three. Unlike with the previous upgrade, you do not need to find it. You can buy it from the store for 11,000 credits.

go to the store to buy plasma cutter upgrade
Buying Heat Accumulator from the store

Weighted Blades

This is a melee upgrade for the cutter that can knock enemies prone. It will be found in the Communications Hub’s 8th Chapter in the Maintenance Locker Room. Inside that room, you will find the upgrade on a seat.

To reach the target, you first need to reach this location.

finding weighted blades location from map
Start walking from here to get to weighted blades

Continue straight and open two doors in your line of sight. Another word of warning: here a necromorph will spot you, which again calls for a strong combat to keep a safe side from incoming strikes.

use gun to kill necromorph
Kill the necromorph by using any gun to proceed

After the second door is opened, the Weighted Blades will be on a seat to your left glowing in yellow.

weighted blades have been found
Grab weighted blades from the seat

Bench Upgrades

bench upgrade pattern
upgrade every node to max out the plasma cutter

If you have specific power nodes, I recommend upgrade Plasma Cutter even further. You can increase weapon damage, the ammo it holds, and the fire rate with them. These mini upgrades are completed by fulfilling their node slots.

Following the image, there are, in total, 23 node slots. I have six Damage slots, eight Capacity slots, three Reload Time slots, and another three Rate of Fire slots. The remaining three slots are more special upgrades.

My Experience With Plasma Cutter

Being one of the badass and early-game weapons, Plasma Cutter is a good addition to Dead Space Remake. Plus, I was surprised at how easy it was to upgrade with the directly pointed spots around the map. You can refer to my mentions of locations above and easily upgrade your piece of weapon to the maximum level. 

If you have more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below, and I will try to answer them for your ease. 

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