Dead Space Remake Prototype Stasis Module Guide

Learn everything about the prototype stasis module in this guide

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Dead Space Remake Prototype Stasis Module

The all-new dead space remake has continuous suits and weapons progression in this fast-paced horror and action gameplay, also consisting of the prototype stasis module, which is considered a very significant part of the playable and main protagonist’s (Isaac) weapon arsenal.

This guide explains everything we know about the prototype stasis module, so let’s get started with the guide without wasting further time!

Key Takeaways

  • The prototype stasis module is an upgraded version of the default stasis module Isaac has worn since chapter 1.
  • The prototype stasis allows Isaac to completely root along slowing enemies in one place for a short duration.
  • The prototype stasis module can be located and unlocked in chapter 5, Lethal Devotion, by completing its side mission, Premeditated Malpractice.

What Is The Prototype Stasis Module

This prototype version is an unregistered automatic upgrade of the default stasis module. Like the default, this stasis module uses time as its strongest ally. However, it possesses a certain attribute that distinguishes it from the original stasis you obtain in the first chapter.

Usage of The Prototype Stasis Module

Unlike the default version, this enhanced prototype feature of stasis completely stops the enemies in one fixed place for a short duration. This buys you enough time to escape or kill off enemies quickly.

Furthermore, according to this Reddit thread, the prototype stasis module also seems to do a little bit of shock damage to the enemies affected by its stasis. This stasis has no upgrades or usual stats in-game like the rest of Isaac’s arsenal.

prototype stasis module in action
The prototype stasis module locks enemies in one place | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Unlocking And Location Of The Prototype Stasis Module

To get the prototype stasis, you will have to go through the end objective, Investigate Hydroponics, which you will find in the secondary mission, Premeditated Malpractice, in chapter 5, Lethal Devotion.

To reach the final objective, you will first have to complete the following 4 objectives in Premeditated Malpractice:

  • Scan The Tissue Sample
  • Find Harris’s ICU Bed
  • Investigate Ore Storage
  • Find Report On The Bridge

If you need assistance in clearing these objectives since it is seemingly quite a challenge, in that case, we recommend you check out our Premeditated Malpractice walkthrough guide, which has covered all of the objectives mentioned above (including Investigate Hydroponics) in detail and thoroughly.

Once you start and progress through Investigate Hydroponics, reach the now accessible Hydroponics Diagnostic Lab through the Hydroponics Bay, where you can locate the prototype stasis module placed on a working station built inside the lab. Aside from getting a trophy upon finishing the objective, your default stasis will instantly transform into the prototype model as you equip it.

prototype stasis module location
The prototype stasis module is on this workstation in the Hydroponics Diagnostic Lab | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Conclusive Remarks

To sum it up, we now reach the end of our guide on the dead space remake prototype stasis module and everything we know about it so far. We hope you found this guide useful, and if you did, please give us feedback below!

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