Dead Space Remake Secret Ending Guide

This guide covers Dead Space Remake Secret Ending and locations of marker Fragments in this game. It explains each aspect in detail.

Remake Secret Ending
Dead Space Remake Secret Ending

We are back with another informative guide regarding the dead space remake’s secret ending. This process to unlock it is not that simple, so that’s why we are here to make it convenient for you. We will explain everything step-by-step, so let’s begin.

Key Takeaways

  • You will have to play the New Game Plus mode for the secret ending.
  • The Dead Space Remake Secret Ending’s activation requires you to collect 12 Marker fragments.
  • Almost every chapter has a fragment location and some even have more than 1.
  • Place all fragments on the table at Captain B. Mathius’ Office to unlock the secret ending.
  • What happens in the remake’s secret ending is also discussed lightly.

    Secret Ending

    Dead Space Remake Secret Ending
    Secret Ending (Image Credits; Very Ali Gaming)

    Players need to play New game plus mode in order to unlock the Dead Space remake secret ending. The difficulty level completion is compulsory to access the New Game Plus mode. You can choose any difficulty level to play and complete.

    It enables you to carry your suits, weapons, and more stuff. Well, this doesn’t end here, as to reach the secret ending, you will have to assemble Marker Fragments. There are 12 in total, and they are placed at different locations.

    Marker Fragments Locations

    The 12 fragments are only available in New game plus mode. And each chapter contains a fragment except chapter 9. Now let’s move to the locations.

    Location 1

    Head to the Maintenance Bay Office in chapter 1. Open the entrance and look for the data board after getting inside. There will be a bookcase next to it; go near and make an attack, and then you will get the first marker.

    Location 2

    Now you have to get into Dr. T. Kyne’s office. This is available in chapter 2. On reaching there, look for another book self. Now behind this shelf, there is a room from where you will get your second fragment.

    Use your kinesis power to move the shelf aside and get in there to attain the item that will be placed at the right corner of the tables.

    Location 3

    Now let’s move to chapter 3, as our third marker will be inside the engine room. You will have to look for power sub-station 3. This will be written on the top wall. Go to the area on its left and then to the right, and by moving further, you can spot the fragment on the floor.

    Location 4

    The 4th chapter encloses the next fragment. There will be a break room on the bridge’s third floor. You can use the elevator to go up there. Now there will be two entrances, one of which will have a “break room.”

    As soon as you enter, look at the floor on your left, and the marker Fragment will be next to the candles.

    Location 5

    Players will get to find two marker Fragments in chapter 5. Let’s learn what you must do to activate the secret ending ASAP! You will attain the first fragment while doing the task “Lift the lockdown,” as it will be on the table inside Dr. C. Mercer’s room.

    Location 6

    This location will also be in chapter 5. The second objective will ask you to attain liquid nitrogen by going into the cryogenic room. Look around; the fragment will be on the top of the chamber. Again use your kinesis ability to acquire it easily.

    Location 7

    In the 6th chapter, you will be asked to inject wheezers. For this, you will have to head towards the East Grow chamber, and then reaching the sixth or seventh wheezer, you will be able to spot the fragment in the room’s corner.

    It can be a little bit hard to find, but you can spot it by looking around. Turn down gravity to reach it easily.

    Location 8

    To find this fragment, you will have to do some tasks. First, upgrade your security clearance level 3. Then make your way to the Mineral Samples room, and the 8th fragment will be on the shelf. This all will be in chapter 7.

    Location 9

    The next location is the communication array room. You will get there while doing the objective. On the left wall of the communication panel, there will be a section covered with corruption or infection. The fragment will be inside the hole.

    Location 10

    For this fragment, you will have to move to chapter 10. Begin the objective: “Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters” and pick up the power source by entering the Deluxe Quiet Bunks room. Now reach level B to unlock doors by using the circuit breaker.

    This will eventually open the doors, including the Deluxe Shit Bunks room door. Get inside it, and the fragment will be on the desk and visible to you.

    Location 11

    You will also find this fragment in chapter 10. You will have to enter the Inquiry Desks room, but it will be unlocked. To open it, you first must communicate with Terence Kyne, which will unlock the room. Move inside and pick up the fragment from the desk.

    Location 12

    This will be our last fragment’s location. Go to the Cargo Bay room, and before initiating the objective, move to the southern area and on the self, you can see the 12th fragment.

    Active The Secret Ending

    You are moving to our next step, activating a secret ending in a dead space remake. After gathering all Marker Fragments go to the Executive Quarters. Do this before continuing to chapter 12. First, get through the “Crew Deck” door, then pass through the one named “Common Area.”

    Keep going until you see the “Central Nexus” door, and then go to floor 1 by using the elevator. Move upside by using a cargo lift, then move to the right and again take a right, and there will be the door that will lead you to Executive Quarters.

    Your last destination will be Captain B. Mathius’ Office. There will be a large table inside, and you will have to place all fragments there. Finally, this will unlock the secret ending.

    Dead Space Secret Ending Explained

    Secret Ending Explained
    Dead Space Secret Ending Explained (Image Credits: Very Ali Gaming)

    First, look at the secret ending of the original game in which Issac returned to the ship after turning down Hive Mind. Then Nicole attacked him, and afterward, he started experiencing hallucinations as Nicole was mutated.

    Now in Remake Secret Ending, we get to see that the beginning part was similar that Issac defeats Hive Mind and then gets back to the ship to escape. But this time, Nicole doesn’t attack him; instead, they exchange some dialogues regarding going back,

    And Issac says about building something. And when Nicole asks him to explain, he ends the conversation by telling her it’s a surprise.  Well, later, it became clear that it was all in his mind and due to hallucinations, and in reality, Nicole never attacked him.

    Then after three years, he wakes up in the hospital and remembers nothing. In general, we can say that this remake linked the dead space ending with dead space 2 so far as it shows that Markers were controlling him to make him do the actions in their favor.

    Closing Remarks

    This was all for today’s guide, and we hope this article helped you understand the dead space remake’s secret ending. You will also face certain challenges, but we are sure that our article will help you deal with them.

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