Dead Space Remake Secret Trophies

This guide contains information on the Nine Dead Space Remake Secret Trophies and tips on how to unlock them.

Dead Space Remake Secret Trophies

Dead Space Remake has 38 trophies which players can unlock, exploring the USG Ishimura and progressing through the main story. Moreover, after completing all others, a final Platinium trophy is unlocked for Dead Space Remake on consoles. Apart from the visible achievements, there are also Nine Dead Space Remake secret trophies. Below we’ll go over how to unlock these nine secret trophies and how difficult they are.

Key Takeaways 

  • There are Nine Secret Trophies In Dead Space Remake.
  • The Secret Trophies include Six Bronze and Three Silver Trophies.
  • The Secret Trophies are relatively easier to unlock than the Gold Trophies in the main game.
  • Four Secret Trophies are Missable and not tied to the main story.
  • Players must complete the Remake in a New Game Plus playthrough to unlock some of the Secret Trophies.
  • Reunion and Marked are the most time-consuming of the Secret Trophies.
  • Z Baller is an unorthodox mini-game-like trophy which involves shooting basketballs.
  • Front Towards Enemy needs special attention as it is located in an area which cannot be revisited.

Dead Space Remake’s Secret Trophies

Trophies in Dead Space Remake are categorized into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinium levels depending on how difficult they are to unlock. Fortunately, the 9 secret achievements include Six Bronze and Three Silver trophies, making them comparatively easier to unlock.

Summary Table

Below is a summary table of the 9 Dead Space Remake secret trophies, including their names, difficulty levels and how to unlock them.

Trophy Name How To Unlock Difficulty Level
Brute Force Kill a Brute Bronze
Exterminator Kill the Leviathan Bronze
Get Off My Ship! Kill the Leviathan Remnant Bronze
Front Towards Enemy Survive the Shooting Gallery Bronze
Marked Pick up a Marker Fragment for the First Time Bronze
Mindless Prey Kill The Hive Mind Bronze
Reunion See the Alternative Ending on any difficulty Silver
Z Baller Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball Silver
Full Clearance Create the Master Security Override Silver

Dead Space Remake Secret Trophy Guide

Most of the secret trophies are tied to the main story and easily achievable. However, Four trophies are Missable and may need special attention. Nonetheless, we’ve included a detailed guide with tips on efficiently unlocking every secret trophy.

Dead Space Remake Brute Boss Fight
Brute Boss Fight Chapter 4

Brute Force

The Brute Force trophy is tied to the main game and is arguably the easiest trophy to unlock on the list above. Players encounter the larger, more dangerous Brute enemies in Chapter 4. The most effective method to kill one is to shoot the pus sacks on its body after slowing it down via stasis. Brutes aren’t the most formidable enemies to kill in the game, making this a simple trophy to unlock.


Exterminator is another of the main story trophies that can’t be missed and involve killing the Leviathan in Chapter 6. Players face the Leviathan in Zero-G combat and must avoid its tentacles and, later on, the pus balls it throws. Killing the Leviathan isn’t challenging, and players can use the Plasma Cutter or Rifle, depending on which they’ve upgraded on the pus sacks on its body.

Get Off My Ship!

Piggying back on the earlier boss fight against the Leviathan in Chapter 6, players must once again finish it off in Chapter 8. Defeating the Leviathan once and for all involves firing the three ADS Cannons on the Ishimura on the Leviathan’s pus sacks. Players must finish the Leviathan off with the Plasma Cutter or Rifle upon interacting with all three cannons.

The second boss fight against the Leviathan is comparatively more manageable than the first as the Leviathan’s pus mines are effortlessly avoidable. The only thing to keep in check is the Oxygen Levels. Players can refill their oxygen via two O2 tanks near the airlock they exit or two near the ADS Cannons.

Dead Space Remake Leviathan Boss Fight
Leviathan Boss Fight Chapter 8

Front Towards Enemy

Front Towards Enemy is a missable trophy and involves surviving the shooting gallery on the USM Valor in Chapter 9. To face the Necromorphs, players must visit the shooting range near the infirmary and wait for them to attack after starting it up. Defeating the Necromorphs won’t be too challenging as, by this point, players should already be well-equipped and skilled.


To unlock Marked, players need to pick up at least one Marker Fragment scattered across the Ishimura. Marker Fragments can only be found on a second playthrough after completing the main story. Players only need to pick up one out of twelve fragments though picking up all of them is necessary to view the alternate ending.

Mindless Prey

Unlocking Mindless Prey involves defeating the Hive Mind boss in Chapter 12. The Hive Mind boss fight is a two-phase battle however is arguably the most straightforward boss fight in Dead Space Remake.

The Hive Mind attacks with its tentacles in the first phase, which players must dodge by moving left and right. During the first phase, the Hive Mind has weak spots around its mouth that players must shoot with the Plasma Rifle or Cutter before moving on to the next phase.

The Hive Mind attacks in the second phase are similar to the first, albeit with faster movement and acid spits. Alongside dodging the tentacles, players must also avoid the avid on the ground that the Hive Mind spits. Progressing through this phase involves shooting the five weak spots after dodging the attacks.

After completing both phases, the Hive Mind’s tentacles will pick Isaac up, and players must land one final shot on the Hive Mind. Keep in mind the camera angle complicates the accuracy of the shot, and hence players should use the weapon they are most familiar with.


Reunion takes the longest to unlock out of all the Dead Space Remake secret trophies. Players must view the alternate ending of the remake, which takes multiple playthroughs to view. After completing the remake once, players must start a new game + run with all twelve marker fragments found.

Z Baller

Z Baller is an unorthodox and surprisingly mini-game-like trophy to unlock in Dead Space Remake. Players must earn more or equal to 220 points in the Zero-G Basketball court which can be found in Chapter 10.

Basketballs will be ejected from one of three pipes, and players need to use their Kinesis ability to fire them into one of four rings. Players must get as many baskets as possible in a short amount of time to get to higher levels. In our testing, we found tackling the challenge in Zero-G much more beneficial than standing still. Keep in mind players may need to retry the course more than a few times before they can complete Level 6.

Full Clearance

Getting the Full Clearance trophy involves creating the Master Security Override. Moreover, to get the Override, players must complete the You Are Not Authorized Side Quest which can be started in Chapter 4.

Utilizing the Mission tab in the Menu, players can progress through the quest and complete more objectives as newer areas open up. The Master Security Override is a powerful tool that grants players access to new containers. Moreover, specific weapon upgrades are also locked in containers requiring the Master Security Override.


Players may need to spend multiple playthroughs unlocking Dead Space Remake’s secret trophies. We believe Reunion and Marked to be the most time-consuming out of the Nine secret trophies as they require a New Game Plus playthrough.

While some of the Nine trophies prove challenging, they are still nothing compared to finishing the Remake in Impossible Mode. Pay extra detail on the Missable trophies and get the weapon upgrades needed to streamline your trophy-hunting experience!

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