Dead Space Remake Shooting Range Guide

Want to know how to get to shooting range and unlock extra achievement? Read this guide to find out.

Dead Space Remake has brought many surprises and the Shooting Range is one of them. It is amusing that you can earn a trophy by doing a simple side activity. This article will guide you on how to discover the Shooting Range, how to deal with ammunition scarcity, and which trophy will unlock if you do this activity.

Key Takeaways

  • You can access the Shooting Range in Chapter 9 of Dead Space Remake.
  • Shooting Range is located inside the Armory in USM Valor.
  • When you start the Shooting Range activity, you need to shoot the red holograms and avoid the blue ones.
  • During the shooting practice, the Necromorphs will start attacking you, and the doors will close.
  • You need to kill all Necromorphs to complete this challenge.
  • After you have survived, you’ll unlock the “Front Toward Enemy” trophy.

Finding the Shooting Range

In Chapter 9 of Dead Space Remake, after the USM Valor crashes, Isaac decides to get the singularity core of the crashed Valor for the escape shuttle. Here, if you explore the area, you will find an Armory.

Armory Vault image.
Armory Vault that leads to Shooting Range.

After you get inside the armory, you need to go straight. On your left, you’ll see a door saying, “Shooting Range.”

Image shows door leading to Shooting Range.
Shooting Range door.

After you enter this door, you’ll get inside the shooting range.

Surviving the Shooting Range

Once you enter the Shooting range, you’ll see a little screen there.

Image showing screen in Shooting Range.
Start shooting practice by interacting with the screen.

Near this screen, you will also find pulse rifle ammo. Take it as it’ll be helpful later. Start the shooting practice by interacting with the screen. The shooting practice will start once you see the countdown on the screen followed by a robotic voice saying, “Shooting range online. Caution: Live fire exercise.” Shoot the red holograms until the system detects an anomaly.

Image shows Isaac doing shooting practice.
Isaac is shooting the red holograms at the Shooting Range.

After the system enters a lockdown state, Necromorphs will start coming from the ceiling. You need to kill all of them.

Image shows Isaac shooting Necromorphs.
The Shooting Range detects Necromorphs.

If your plasma cutter is upgraded enough, you can kill all the Necromorphs with it otherwise you can use other weapons that you have in your loadout. You’ll have to kill one Enhanced Necromorph, one Slasher Necromorph, 2 Lurker Nacromorphs, one Exploder Nacromorph, and one Twitcher that you can defeat with your Stasis.

Image shows that Isaac can no longer access the Shooting Range.
The Shooting Range Challenge Ends.

After you have killed all the Necromorphs, the shooting range will show an “Out of Service” message.

Secret Trophy of Shooting Range

After you have survived the shooting range in Dead Space Remake, you’ll get a trophy called “Front Toward Enemy.”

Image shows Isaac unlocking Front Toward Enemy trophy.
Front Toward Enemy Trophy unlocked.


This was all about Shooting Range in Dead Space Remake. This guide has covered all the ammunition you need to survive the shooting range and the trophy it unlocks. For more information about secret trophies in Dead Space Remake visit our guide here.

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