Dead Space Remake: All Side Missions Guide

A complete step-by-step Walkthrough on Side Missions in Dead Space Remake

collect audio log from location
Final audio log of this side mission

The remake of Dead Space introduced some new side missions that are optional to play along with the main story chapters. You can take part in these side missions after chapter 2.

Before ending the 11th chapter and leaving the USG Ishimura ship, a warning will be displayed saying that beyond this point, you will not be allowed to complete side missions. So, it would be best if you ended them before reaching there.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three new side missions added to the Remake of Dead Space.
  • Every side mission should be completed before Chapter 11 when you leave the Ishimura ship.
  • These side missions can take more than one chapter to end, so you must check every corner when discovering new areas.
  • Completing every side mission rewards you with a new Achievement.
  • It is not mandatory to complete the side missions in the given order. Therefore, it completely depends on how you want to act on it.

There are three side missions in Dead Space Remake: Scientific Methods, Premeditated Malpractice, and You Are Not Authorized. They can take more than one chapter to finish and require you to complete different objectives related to other in-game characters.

Additionally, your main character, Isaac can activate any side mission from his Wayfinder.  The Yellow line over there will be followed for these side missions. Furthermore, you can start these missions by picking up voice logs of certain characters or by interacting with a unique item between chapters.

The side missions in Dead Space Remake are divided into parts, and these parts are completed in different chapters. That is why every side mission will be completed by visiting other chapters.

Scientific Methods

This side mission can be unlocked during the early phases of chapter 2. Although every side quest should be completed before chapter 11, you can complete Scientific Methods in Chapter 10. Please note that throughout this side mission, you must keep it as an active quest on your Wayfinder.

Investigate Emergency Room

As already discussed, you must interact with any item you find or collect an audio log to activate your side mission. In this case, we will locate a log in Dr. Nicole Brennan’s office. You can find the office from Isaac’s Wayfinder or discover every corner of that place to get there.

When entering the required area. You will find a room with Dr. N. Brennan written on top of it. It will be to the left after you enter the emergency room. Open the door and head inside.

Nicole Brennan's Office
The door to Dr. N. Brennan’s Office

Isaac will look for Nicole; instead, he will find the log on the table in the center of the office.

Recording of Nicole Brennan
Collect log to start side mission.

After you have collected the log, your side mission will be activated, and you will be asked to Investigate the Room. Upon investigating, you will find a medical bed that will start a recording of Nicole and her patient.

After the holographic scene, your 1st objective will be completed, and you will see Nicole running toward a door.

Follow Nicole’s Hologram

Holographic recording playing
Following Nicole’s Hologram

This is when your 2nd objective starts: to Follow Nicole’s Hologram. We will locate a circuit breaker close to that door so that we can open it. 

The circuit breaker will be to the right of that closed door. Open the shutter from the breaker switch, then open the door to proceed. Use Kinesis to slide open the Emergency Shower Room.

door leading to your 2nd objective.
Opening the emergency shower room

You will find another log by the name of Dr. N. Brennan. This is where your 2nd objective completes.

Find Autopsy Location In Engineering

reaching the autopsy location
Wayfinder location leading to Autopsy

The audio log will direct you to the autopsy location, which will be found in the next chapter, Activate the Security Console. Now, the autopsy location will be inside Engineering. After reaching there, leave any other attractions and head toward the Security Station.

Open the door to the Calibration Room. There, you will find another Holographic scene of Nicole identifying her patient.

holographic recording at the autopsy location
Nicole identifying Brant Harris

When the recording ends, your 4th objective will be unlocked, requiring you to Find Kyne’s Mining Deck Hideout.

Find Kyne’s Mining Deck Hideout

You can only continue once you have reached chapter 7, Installing the Data Board. To continue, use your Wayfinder to get to this point.

how to reach the mining deck hideout
The Mining Deck Hideout Location from Wayfinder

Open the door in front of you that says To the Elevator. Make a sharp left turn and walk some steps to find the room to Secure Storage. Keep walking straight until you reach the circuit breaker. Open the door to Storage 02 from there, to the left of the circuit breaker.

Circuit breaker to storage 02
Set the circuit breaker to open Storage 02

Pick up the log lying on the ground. When the audio ends, your 4th objective will end, leading you to Investigate Mercer’s Quarters.

audio log inside the hideout
Listening to this audio log will start your last objective

This will be your 5th and final goal, and you will complete it in the 10th chapter: Go to the Medical Deck.

Investigate Mercer’s Quarters

Make your way to the location in the image below by following the path on your Wayfinder or simply progressing through the main story chapter and stopping when you reach here.

this is how you reach mercer's quarters
Reach here to continue path to the Mercer’s Quarters

This is the Crew Quarters. And only one door leads you out of it. Go straight and open that door.

One of the Ishimura Computers will contain the final log. Collect and listen to Nicole to see what she has to say. Dr. Mercer and Dr. N. Brennan will briefly discuss their patient and what was wrong with him.

see what the holographic recording has to display
Final Holographic Recording of this side mission

This will be the end of Scientific Methods, and you will receive Whole Again Trophy. This is for those gamers who are on their journey of trophy hunting and being a completionist.

You Are Not Authorized

The first time you come close to activating this side mission will be in the 4th chapter, and you can finish it as early as in the 10th chapter. Exact instructions as before, complete all parts of the side quest before the 11th chapter; otherwise, you will miss the chance of getting Master Security Override.

This side mission aims to collect all seven RIGs from different locations. Firstly, we will activate the side mission. For that, interact with a Bridge Security Console in the Captain’s Nest and start the task.

activating side mission you are not authorized
Side Mission activated on the Captain’s Nest

Now that we have activated it, we will find the discreetly placed RIGs.

Collecting these RIGs will also increase your security clearance level, giving you access to more areas on the map.

Voelker’s RIG

We can find the RIG on the Flight Deck from Chapter 3 onwards, as we will have the security clearance from there. Your Wayfinder should be showing your location like this.

voelker's rig is close to this location
Find your way up to this location

At the hangar bay, boost toward the vacuum area where gravity is zero.

The Ishimura Computer will also narrate when you reach. Go to the end of the bay, where you will see a refill tank in the dark. Look a little to your left and see a purplish glowing light. That is the Voelker’s RIG. Grab it to complete the job on Flight Deck.

finding voelker's rig
Grab the Voelker’s RIG

White’s RIG

First Officer White’s RIG can be obtained from Chapter 4 onwards on the Bridge Deck ADS Section.

location close to white's rig
Find your way up to this location

Once again, you will have to enter the vacuum area and move yourself to the zero-g mode to levitate and move forward.

You will see asteroids all around you once you reach here. That is how you indicate that this is the right path. Keep moving forward and look for the RIG. You will locate it to your left, close to the end of the ship. Identify it by the same purplish glowing light.

locating white's rig
Grabbing White’s Rig

Holt’s RIG

To reach Lieutenant Commander Holt’s RIG, you must be in Chapter 6. Over there follow the map location from your Wayfinder as shown over here.

getting close to holt's rig
Find a way to the position shown by Wayfinder

Reach the Hydroponics Section after getting access to the 6th Chapter. You need the East Grow Chamber door opened, but some infected blockage covers it. To remove that, you must find a bright yellow spot and shoot it with your pistol.

clearing blockage
Shoot the blockage on yellow points

The blockage will vanish once you do that. Open the door and continue forward. On the other side, you will see similar blockages that need to be cleared. Find more bright yellow spots around you and shoot them to clear your path to Holt’s RIG.

On the bridge, continue toward the left connector. When you clear that path, you will see the purplish glowing light, which will be the RIG you seek. Please take it to proceed further.

holt's rig has been found
Collect Holt’s RIG

Dallas’ RIG

Next, we have Dallas’ RIG, which can be collected in Chapter 7. No alternate path will be followed to acquire this RIG, as we have been doing previously. Following the main storyline, you will find Mining Supervisor Dallas’ RIG on your path.

finding dallas' rig
Take Dallas’ RIG from the ground

Rousseau’s RIG

We are down to the last three RIGs, which are close to Dead Space Remake’s endgame. Rousseau’s RIG is found in the 8th Chapter in the Fuel Storage area on the Engineering Deck. It would be best if you made your way to this location following your Wayfinder.

finding Rousseau's Rig
Start your journey from here

Open the door to engineering and shoot a zombie on the other side. After that, take a right turn and cross a narrow path to open a circular entrance to Isaac’s left. There will be another circular door behind this one. Open that as well.

Walk on the linear bridge where you will be entering the zero-gravity region. The region will finish on the other side of that bridge. Open the door to the right, and the platform will start to shake at this point.

Make your way across a slimy zombie-infected tunnel and then take a right. You will see a door over there, and to open it, you require level three clearance which you already got when you collected Dallas’ RIG.

Up till now, you must be somewhere around here. 

rig is at the other end of the door
End your journey over here

After opening the door, you will see Chief Engineer Rousseau’s RIG by making a slight right turn at the end.

rousseau's rig has been found
Collecting Rousseau’s RIG inside Hydroponics

Note that a monster might spawn behind you, so don’t forget to wipe it out. It can hurt with its long claws, so try to avoid them.

Isaac vs zombie
Remember to stay alive by avoiding its claws.

Bailey’s RIG

This second last RIG is also discovered in the 8th chapter in the Communication Hub. It would be best if you found your way to the Third floor.

location leading to bailey's rig
Pathway to Bailey’s rig

Then, look for an entrance to the Control Room. You will see three doors; you must open the door to your right, displaying the name Bailey on top of it.

You will see a dead body on a chair behind the desk. The RIG will be behind that body glowing in a purple light. You can collect Comms. Officer Bailey’s RIG from there

bailey's rig has been found
Grab Bailey’s rig behind the body

Benson’s RIG

Lastly, we will come across Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG in the 10th Chapter somewhere in the Tram Tunnels.

get close to benson's rig by following this path
Follow the path shown by this Wayfinder

Finding a door leading you to the Crew Deck would be best. Open the door to find yourself surrounded by dark light.

Use Aim Down Sights (ADS) on your weaponry to turn on the torch. Keep moving straight until you see a door at the end and to the right. That door will lead you to the Tram Tunnels. Make a quick left and hurry down the stairs.

At the end of the stair slope, make a U-turn, then keep moving. Benson’s RIG will be located to the right of the tunnel. Keep the torch on so you can find it easily. This is the last RIG that you will collect on your journey.

benson's rig located
Successfully finding Benson’s Rig in the dark

Ending The Side Mission

To end this, you must go back to where you started it all, to the Captain’s Nest. Head back up the stairs and retrace the path you just came from. Open the two doors leading you to The Atrium.

On the main deck, walk to the other end close to the windows, then make a 180-degree turn to see the elevator toward the Captain’s Nest. The lift will take you down to the Atrium Escape Doors.

Go back to the same Bridge Security Console you started the side mission from. Use the Crew RIGs to activate Master Override. After you do that, you will be given access to everywhere, and Full Clearance Achievement will be unlocked.

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Premeditated Malpractice

Moving to the last side mission of Dead Space Remake, you can start this one in Chapter 6, and it will end in the 7th Chapter. This is shorter than the previous two side quests.

This is the type of mission that you can start by interacting with a unique item. The particular thing in our case is a Tissue Sample that will be located in the Cryogenic Chamber. This is in the Main Lab at the Medical Tram Station.

the frozen tissue sample
Tissue Sample to be taken for scanning

The Tissue Sample you will find is the same one you froze at the end of the 5th Chapter. This was part of the main story, so you don’t have to worry about skipping it. Premeditated Malpractice will be chosen as your active quest as soon as you collect it. You can check on your Wayfinder as well.

Scan The Tissue Sample

Your 1st objective will be to Scan the tissue sample you just picked up. You can track the objective’s location from your Wayfinder; the path will be marked in yellow. The scanner can be found in the area shown below.

Scanner location
Find scanner on this location

The Scanner will identify that the tissue belongs to the body of Brant Harris and that Dr. Mercer stored it. Now, we will Find Harris’ ICU Bed.

scan the tissue in this
This will identify the host of the Tissue you found

Find Harris’ ICU Bed

The bed will be in the intensive care unit area. To go there, look back and then to your left to see the elevator. The elevator will lift you. Keep following the yellow track line to proceed further. Stop when you reach this point on the map.

You will see a panel before Harris’ bed. Play the holographic recording from there. It will briefly show what Mercer did to Harris so Isaac gets a hint of what’s happening.

watch the recording of patient
Recording reveals what happened between Mercer and his patient

Investigate Ore Storage

Our 3rd Objective is to Investigate Ore Storage. For that, we need to find a way to Ore Storage. Head over to the Mining deck and reach here.

Wayfinder showing mining deck location
Make your way over here inside the Mining deck

Use your telekinesis ability to lift the box at your left and cut the red laser pathway in front so you can pass through. A similar type of laser will be seen again just after you cross the previous one.

Telekinesis is used to lift boxes
Using Telekinesis to block lasers

Lift another box from beyond the lasers and bring it toward you and then onto the lasers to create a path through. After that, you will see a door to your left that will take you to Ore Storage. Finding an audio log behind several stacked boxes to your left would be best.

Use telekinesis repeatedly to pick them up and place them somewhere else. After listening to the log, your 4th objective will unlock, asking you to Find a Report on the Bridge.

audio log found behind stacked boxes
Audio log found upon investigation of Ore Storage

Find A Report On The Bridge

To reach the bridge, find a door leading you to the Main Atrium, just like the one shown below.

you have to go to the main atrium to proceed
Following this path will take you to the Main Atrium

Observe an Ishimura Computer to your close right, which contains another log about Capt. Mathius and Dr. Brennan. 

recording about brant harris
Conversation between Capt. Mathius and Dr. Brennan

During their conversation, they discuss that Dr. Mercer keeps taking the patient, Harris, to Hydroponics. This unlocks your next and final objective to Investigate Hydroponics.

Investigate Hydroponics

Our main track should be toward the Hydroponics area, where we will look for a Diagnostics Lab. Use the elevator after reaching this mark on the Wayfinder.

reach this location by following wayfinder
Use your Wayfinder to reach here

The elevator will lift you to a bridge. At the end of the bridge, you will see a door leading you to West Grow Chamber. You will face a monster there that spawns mini-monsters upon getting shot. Kill all of them and then use another lift inside. Choose Floor two on the Elevator.

Take a U-turn after you reach the second floor, and you will see the door to Hydroponics Control. Please open the door to your left. It contains Toxic air on its other side.

mission objective lies across the toxic hazards
Moving past the toxic hazards

Another similar monster will spawn; kill it the same way. Finally, the next door will take you to Diagnostics Lab.

Toxic Hazards will be cleared by this time. Retrieve the audio log from Dr. Mercer. It will be to your right.

collect audio log from location
Final audio log of this side mission

Another creepy monster will spawn over here that will blast out of a fan. After you kill it, you will end your side missions hunt and receive Final Regeneration Achievement.

kill zombie that will come out of fan
A zombie will crawl out of here after audio ends

Summing It Up

This sums up the guide on side missions in Dead Space Remake. Remember to end them all before you are close to the end of Chapter 11, as you will not be allowed to take part in them after that. Moreover, on average, these side missions take 10 minutes to complete, so that it won’t take much of your time. 

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