Dead Space Remake: How To Unlock Military Suit

Here You go with the complete Guide regarding Dead Space Remake Military Suit and how you can unlock it. This also explains the benefits.

Military Suit
Military Suit Unlock

The dead space remake has a wide range of suits, but today’s topic of discussion will be the military suit. It has a different unlock procedure that may seem confusing or arduous to the players. So, if you also have been finding it hard to get this suit, we will help you through our guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The Dead space remake’s Level 6 military suit is an all-rounder and has advanced capabilities and features.
  • Complete the main story to unlock the Level 6 military Suit.
  • Access the New Game+ Mode after completion to finish chapter 1 again. This will enable you to purchase the suit from a shop at the station.
  • Dead Space remake’s Level 6 military suit costs you 99000 Credits.
  • It has many advantages and offers you great assistance in crucial situations.
  • The suit will give you increased protection, 30 inventory slots, and greater durability in combat.
  • The military suit got a unique appearance which is valid for its price.
  • Lower Level Military suits are also available in the game.

Military Suit

In the dead space remake, we have the advanced military suit of level 6. The method of getting this suit can be complex, but why worry when we are here to guide you? So without any further Ado, let’s get into it thoroughly.

What Is The Military Suit?

This is the most advanced suit in the Dead Space Remake and has many benefits. It is considered the most powerful suit because it offers impressive damage resistance. The military suit also has a wide range of features and upgrades that allow the players to survive in a hostile environment.

How To Unlock

Unlock Military Suit
How To Unlock (Image Credits: Commander Raz Gaming)

The first step towards unlocking the military Suit Demands you to play through the main story and complete it. Also, you don’t have to look for schematics for this one. After doing this, you will be notified about the credits, text logs, military suits, and more.

Beating the game will give you access to the New Game+ Mode. Then you will have to finish chapter 1 of this game, enabling you to purchase from the store. Repair the tram first, and then there will be a shop at the station from where you can buy the suit.

Military Suit Purchase
Purchase Military Suit

It will cost you 99000 Credits, but the suit is worth spending as it gives you significant protection and other advantages. the credits you will all this time make it possible for you to purchase it. Furthermore, you can sell the items anytime to cover your credit needs.

No doubt that the whole process won’t be that simple, But valuable things require maximum effort. Right?

Pros Of Military Suit

The Advanced Military suit is not only liked due to its appearance but also got the benefits that make this one stand out among the rest of the suits.

  • Increased Protection: Players attain the enhancement of armor damage resistance by 30%. This helps you to play through difficult modes.
  • Inventory: You get the 30 inventory slots for this suit as well, but still, it doesn’t affect its overall worth.
  • Greater Durability: The suit offers you unmatched durability due to its high protection.


Military Suit Appearance

The colour scheme and combination of the military suit in the dead space remake are appealing enough. The white-coloured plates over the black outfit give it a splendid outlook. It appears more like a skeleton but is distinctive from the other suits’ appearance and performance.

Other Levels Suits

Level 1 Suit

Unlocking this suit demands no effort, as you will have it since the beginning of the dead space remake. Unfortunately, it got no damage resistance. It comes with 12 inventory and costs you 10000 credits.  

Level 2 Suit

This suit will get unlocked as you begin chapter 1. You can purchase it from the first store in the game for 10000 credits. It offers 5% resistance and has 18b inventory slots.

Level 3 Suit

the level 3 suit will be available in chapter 4 of the dead space remake. You will need to get the schematic to purchase this suit. Look for the EVA Prep room; there will be a schematic on the bench.

Then head to the store, upload it, and buy the suit for 20000 credits. You get 10% resistance and a big space for inventory with 22 slots.

Level 4 Suit

In chapter 7, you can search for the schematic for the level 4 suit. Make your way to the Equipment Workshop, look around, and you will be able to see the schematic placed on a desk. Find any shop near you and spend 35000 credits to purchase the suit.

It has 15% resistance against hurt and 26 slots.

Level 5 Suit

This one is in the 10th chapter, so go to the standard bathroom, and the schematic for the level 5 suit will be there. Get the suit by spending 60000 credits, and it will provide you with 20% resistance and 30 inventory slots.

Closing Remarks

Now it’s time to wrap up our dead space remake how-to unlock military suit guide. We hope you may have got your most outclass dress by following our steps. Don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can get it easily.

We’ll catch you up in the next article; until then, you can enjoy playing the dead space remake and its intriguing story and keep discovering new challenges.

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