Dead Space Remake Wishbone Trophy [Guide]

In this article, we are going to guide you on how to unlock the Wishbone trophy in Dead Space Remake.

Wishbone Trophy Unlocked

Want to get the Wishbone trophy for the Dead Space Remake? Here’s an in-depth article to unlock the wishbone trophy accomplishment in the new Dead Space Remake, which has finally been released.

In Dead Space Remake, you receive trophies/achievements for completing certain tasks just as in the original game. Follow the guide to quickly obtain the wishbone trophy!

Key Takeaways

  • You have to rip off a dangling limb to obtain this trophy.
  • You can do this as soon as chapter 2 in the game.
  • Use a pulse rifle to damage a necromorph then use your Kineses ability to rip the limb off from the necromorph’s body.
  • You don’t need to throw the leg back at the necromorph for the trophy.

How To Unlock The Wishbone Trophy


To get this trophy you simply need to use kinesis and rip off/sever a dangling leg. Now, where can you find yourself a dangling leg in the first place?  Those are common in undead creatures so you need to find yourself a Necromorph!

What are Necromorphs?

a necromorph in action
A Necromorph in action

If you are unfamiliar with the term “Necromorph” then you probably haven’t played the original dead space. We’ve got you covered even if you are new to the game! 

Necromorphs are deformed corpses in the Dead Space game series. They were present in the original game and the remake wouldn’t be complete without them. Necromorphs are zombie-like creatures that have undergone horrifying transformations thanks to an alien recombinant infection. The necromorphs are ferociously hostile and will immediately attack any uninfected entity.

The purpose of a necromorph is to seize other corpses, convert them, and spread the illness in Dead Space. They are the highly harmful outcome of exposure to Markers. However, other people think they are signs of humanity’s ascension! Enough about the undead monsters, get you the trophy!

Instructions For The Wishbone Trophy

Using kinesis to get the wishbone trophy
Using kinesis to get the wishbone trophy

You can unlock this trophy quite early on in the game as it only requires you to find an injured necromorph and certain tools. We managed to pull this off after blowing up the barricade in chapter 2. A necromorph will drop down as soon as you start getting close to the entrance in that chapter.

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Recommended Requirements:

We recommend that you do it our way just after the start of chapter 2. That is the fastest way to get this trophy. Additionally, we recommend you use these tools to complete this task and get the trophy! Check them out below:

  • Pulse rifle (default), no need to upgrade it.
  • Kinesis (already unlocked ability)

Guided Steps 

Finally, we can move on to the steps to getting this achievement. Here are the steps to follow below:

Dangling limb
Dangling limb
  • Cross the barricade in chapter 2 and move forward.
  • Wait for the necromorph.
  • A necromorph will come in your direction as you go towards the entrance. Try to keep it away so you can aim with the rifle without any problem.
  • Start firing at its limbs immediately. We recommend aiming at its arms as they are easier to rip off.
  • Its arm will start dangling after taking quite some damage. You’ll need to be quick because you need to use kineses before it falls off.
  • Use your kinesis ability to take a hold of its arm and rip it off yourself. 
  • Congrats! You now have the wishbone trophy.

Moreover, some people might say that you need to use a cutter because they think that you also have to sever the leg, You will get the trophy after you use kinesis to adhere off a dangling limb. You don’t need to do anything after you are done with that.

Additionally, there is nothing to worry about if you are already done with chapter 2. This guide shows the fastest way to get the trophy and that was in that chapter. You can find a necromorph and follow the steps above to unlock the trophy for yourself at any time in the game!


Finally, you will be able to add additional trophies to your list of achievements in Dead Space Remake after getting the Wishbone Trophy.

Ultimately, this concludes the information on obtaining the Wishbone accomplishment in Dead Space Remake. You can follow and share us with your friends if you found the article helpful. Don’t forget to provide us with your feedback!

We will be adding more guides and information on the Dead Space remake, so be sure to keep checking us out!

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