Dead Space Remake’s Length For All Playstyles

Dead Space Remake Game Length

Dead Space’s Remake enhances the original’s visuals and graces it with additional content. On average, it’ll take players around 13 to 16 hours to finish the Remake. Dead Space Remake’s length exceeds the original 2008 entry, which lasted 10 to 12 hours. The time taken to complete Dead Space Remake is highly variable and dependent on playstyles. We’ll go over how long it takes to complete Dead Space Remake for all playstyles and why it is longer than the original below.

Key Takeaways

  • The Main Story has 12 chapters averaging around an hour or so each.
  • Chapters 2 to 11 are the longest and where players will spend most of their time.
  • It will take Casual players 13-14 hours to complete the main story of Dead Space Remake.
  • Completionists should expect multiple playthroughs and 30+ hours to 100% Dead Space Remake.
  • Speedrunners can finish the main story of Dead Space Remake in between 3-6 hours.
  • The addition of Side Missions extends the average playtime by a few hours.
  • Players that want to unlock the Alternate Ending will have to replay the Dead Space Remake in New Game Plus and gather Twelve Marker Fragments.
  • While there are few Level Design Changes, the Remake makes the USG Ishimura seamless to explore without loading screens.
  • Fewer glitches and exploits increase the time taken to complete the main story for Speedrunners.

How Long To Beat Dead Space Remake For All Playstyles

Dead Space Remakes’ main story spans 12 chapters, with each Chapter roughly adding an hour of content. Keep in mind that while Chapters 1 and 12 are relatively short, Chapters 2-11 are longer. The length to complete the entire Remake will depend on whether players are completionists, casuals or speed runners.

Dead Space Remake USG Ishimura
Dead Space Remake’s Tight Environments

Casual Players

Players that play Dead Space Remake mainly for the story will complete the game in around 13-16 hours. This is because the level design in Dead Space has not been completely revamped and is still recognizable, minus the loading screens. There aren’t many puzzle-solving elements, and most explorable areas are dense and tightly packed instead of vast spaces.

Apart from the main story, the horror elements in Dead Space hold up exceptionally well and will influence how players traverse the environments. It won’t be uncommon for players to progress through the story slowly because of the imminent threat of Necromorphs. As the game introduces newer and more formidable enemies, players must be careful to and from places.


Players looking to 100% the game and unlock every trophy, including the hidden ones, will play between 30-35 hours. Dead Space was not a completionist-friendly game, and the Remake is no exception. To 100% Dead Space Remake, players must improve their combat skills, get the proper upgrades and spend multiple playthroughs collecting the 39 trophies.

The toughest of the 39 trophies is finishing the game in New Game Plus and Impossible Mode, which will significantly add to the length. Completionists may also need to spend multiple playthroughs to revisit previous story areas, as there are a few missable trophies.


Players that want to get through the main story content as fast as possible may be able to do so in around 5-8 hours. Speedrunners completed Dead Space (2008) between 2-4 hours, provided no glitches were used. Speedrunning attempts only get shorter with time as more Speedrunners practice the optimum path to take throughout the 12 chapters.

We believe it will take Speedrunners a bit longer to complete the Remake due to fewer exploits and glitches this time around. Moreover, while the roamable areas in the Remake are essentially unchanged, there are a few short tweaks to paths. These changes will effectively mean that Speedrunners will spend longer to complete the game; however, the numbers may change over time.

Dead Space Remake Side Objectives
Side Objectives

Why Is Dead Space Remake’s Length More Than The Original

The extended average completion time for Dead Space Remake is primarily credited to the additional content. While Dead Space (2008) only had the 12 main chapters, the Remake also has Side Missions scattered throughout.

Side Missions are a great way for returning players to enjoy new parts of a game they already loved. Newer players may take on a few side missions to improve their combat skills and upgrade weapons such as the Plasma Cutter.

Another reason why Dead Space Remake sees a lengthier completion time than the original is due to the new Alternate Ending. Players wanting to see the alternate conclusion will have to complete the game on New Game Plus and gather all Twelve Marker Fragments.


Dead Space was a game that defined horror in video games for an entire generation. This is why most of the content in the Remake was kept the same and only improved upon. The Remake has minimal loading times, a seamless USG Ishimura, and plenty of fun. Dead Space Remake’s length will vary, though we urge players to explore as much of the Ishimura as possible.

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