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Death Loop - State of Play

Deathloop is Looking Classy Once Again| State of Play

If there are any themes to this State of Play event, it’s time hopping and fox masks. And if that sounds like a weird comment, you might be new to gaming.

But it’s unlikely you are new to gaming, so you’ve probably been anticipating an update on Deathloop, the cool and classy shooter from Arkane and Bethesda. Well, wait no longer. Or go back in time and wait longer. The choice is yours.

This time around we got a whole lot of gameplay, including seeing how both main characters interact with the off-kilter world around them. The gameplay’s fun, the dialogue is charming, and the song used in this trailer had better be used through the soundtrack, because it is fantastic.

I don’t think I’ve ever particularly wanted the opportunity to call a shooter pretty damn sexy, but Deathloop has a vibe that’s tough to quit – hopefully the same can be said about the plot (though with everything we’ve seen so far, hopes are high).

The game certainly looks engaging, full of shooting, looping and dodging, with plenty of near-escapes and awesome kills.

And this is the second game we get to see that includes a fox mask, as foxes seem to be the emblem of what might be some other sort of baddie in Deathloop.

With every trailer we see, it becomes clearer and clearer that Deathloop is going to be one of the coolest games to come out this year. At this point, we’re just watching to see all the different ways it astounds us. It’s been pushing boundaries and looking sleek since its reveal in 2019. The time has finally come to get playing.

Deathloop will be coming not only to PlayStation 5 but also to Steam May 21st 1975 – I mean 2021. You can Pre-Order Now.

So that’s our news regarding the announcements at State of Play. what do you make of the news? let us know in the comments. Plus, if you liked this piece, be sure to check out the announcement for Oddworld: Soulstorm. Or alternatively, the news regarding Returnal. Thank you for reading VeryAli Gaming.

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