Demon Gates Diablo Immortal
Demon Gates Diablo Immortal

Demon Gates Diablo Immortal: Complete Guide

Demon Gates are the secret Zone event available for players to engage in combat with waves of enemies and a boss. Here is how you can complete the event.

Despite the harsh criticism at the reveal of the latest entry in the series, Diablo Immortal is proving to go above and beyond with the content for the hardcore community. Not just that, but the new game also welcomes new players with a steady learning curve and challenges for everyone. Among the content available in the game, Demon Gates Diablo Immortal is also one of the prominent events that are picking up a lot of heat among players. 

Demon Gates is one of the significant events in Diablo Immortal that offers players prime setting and gameplay content. Not just that, but completing the event will also reward players with extra loot. These aspects of the Demon Gates make it the center of attention among players to find and get their hands on the sweet loot drops. 

If you are also one of these players ready to take on whatever Demon Gates throws at you, then you are at the right place. This guide entails all the details you need to know about accessing and completing Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Demon Gates Diablo Immortal 

Demon Gates are the unique Zone events that occur randomly or with particular interactions. As said earlier, completing these events will enable players to receive rewards. However, the problem’s crux is finding these events in Diablo Immortal. 

Demon Gates Diablo Immortal
Demon Gates Diablo Immortal

In essence, Demon Gates are random portals around the dark world of Diablo Immortal. These portals involve numerous activities and objectives that players must complete to make out alive. Digging deeper into the lore of these portals, players will discover that these gates were created by Skarn, an ancient hell lieutenant and antagonist of the Diablo Immortal. He made the portal to call all the demonic creatures into the Realm of Damnation

After all this time, these portals are still functional and open numerous possibilities for exploration and killing demons. On top of that, these Zone events are entirely random. You might not want to hunt down these events in the realm, as it will feel like a drag to some.

However, the best practice is to play the daily activities, and eventually, you will come across a portal for Demon Gates. At the same time, there are a few requirements that you need to clear out of the way for discovering your Demon Gates. 

Requirements For Demon Gates

Apart from reaching the storyline until Skarn, players seeking Demon Gates must have a character level of at least level 60. With this top requirement, it is clear that Demon Gates is an endgame element in Diablo Immortal. Moreover, players will also need to set their world Difficulty to Hell

It is only possible when players have completed the campaign. So, meet these requirements before logging into the game to encounter your first Demon Gates. 

Discovering Demon Gates

Once these requirements are met, you must hop into your game and wait to encounter the Demon Gates. You can fast travel to the Realm of Damnation, the hotspot for these Demon Gates. 

Many players report they have encountered these supernatural demonic portals during 12 PM, 8:30 PM, or 10 PM on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. It might be possible for you to come across during these times as the Zone events are already active. The cherry on top is that players will be notified with a message whenever a Demon Gate is available. 

It means as soon as the requirements are met, players will never miss a chance to experience the mighty battle of Demon Gates. Play your typical day in Diablo Immortal, and as soon as the notification hits your gameplay, you can use auto-navigation to get to the nearest Demon Gate in Diablo Immortal. 

How To Complete Demon Gates & Collect Rewards?

Once you reach the Demon Gate, you will have to open it to access the hidden enemies and take on the battle of history. You can either open the gate all by yourself or invite up to three friends to help you defeat the monsters on the other side. 

It is worth noting that as soon as you open the gates, you will face hordes of enemies and a Demon Gate boss. For that instance, you might need extra backup to make out alive and earn all the rewards the secret Zone event offers. Pursuing the gates with friends is highly advised to decimate all the enemies and complete the event. 

Demon Gates Boss Fight
Demon Gates Boss Fight

You might also want to push your character’s capabilities with gear upgrades. One of the best approaches is to use Charms and set equipment to upgrade your character’s skills. This way, you will not only be able to make the most out of the gaming experience but also defeat any kind of enemy the game throws at you.  

Here is how you can obtain and use the Diablo Immortal Charms to push your character performance to the next level and complete the Demon Gates. Once you have finished the waves and the demon boss for the event, you will have to collect all the rewards before coming out of the portal. 

Demon Gates Rewards

Completing the Zone event will reward players with some bulky items. These include Enchanted Dust and numerous gear upgrades to assist players in future battles and quests. But still, there is no fixed rewards drop for every player.

Some may receive only a few rewards that may not be useful for their character. Meanwhile, if you are lucky, Demon Gates can drop legendary items. That is why you must never lose hope and always look for potential Demon Gates in the game.

Cooldown for Opening Another Demon Gate
Cooldown for Opening Another Demon Gate

After collecting the rewards, all you need to do is to come out and seal off the gate. It is essential, as the game lore explains failing to seal the entrance will cause Skarn’s demons to pass through and enter the Realm of Damnation. 

Final Words

Demon Gates is an excellent addition to the Diablo Immortal for players looking for an extra payout. The world of Diablo Immortal is as dangerous as it gets with enemies lurking in the shadows. In this case, players will need more rewards and equipment upgrades to defeat all kinds of enemies and dungeons. 

Meanwhile, Demon Gates are available to players three times per day which may assist players to receive a good amount of rewards to pave the gameplay for other quests.

That is about it for completing Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal. What is your approach to finding and achieving secret Zone events? We love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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