Destiny 2: A Weapon of Hope Quest [Quick Guide]

A Weapon of Hope quest is one of the longer ones in Destiny 2. This guide walks you through it step-by-step, to unlock the new weapon Lumina.

A Weapon of Hope Quest Guide
Destiny 2: A Weapon of Hope Quest - Complete Guide

Have you been grinding quests to get your hands on every new weapon that the devs have put out since the game’s advent? Then you must be aware of the new exotic hand cannon, Lumina, that has recently made waves through the community. First, you have to complete the “A Weapon of Hope” quest to try out this new weapon. This quest challenges players in a long, grinding, and draggy way, with several minute details. But you need not worry, as we have got you covered with a step-by-step guide through this quest with many small, helpful tricks to ease your way through it.   

Key Takeaways

  • Destiny 2 quest “A Weapon of Hope” unlocks Lumina exotic hand cannon.
  • Quest starts in the salt mines in European Dead Zone (EDZ).
  • First step: Use System Positioning Device to locate original Thorn.
  • Generate 250 orbs of light with allies for “Bearer of Evils Past” step.
  • Completing steps rewards perks for the Rose hand cannon.
  • “Fireteam Leader” step: Complete activities across solar system with Rose, faster progress with other Rose users.
  • “Strength In Numbers” step: Defeat Guardians with hand cannons, generate orbs, and defeat invaders in Gambit.
  • “Bloom” step: Enter “Will of the Thousands” strike with Rose equipped, destroy crystals, charge super, defeat Xol.
  • Lumina stats: Impact 84, range 44, magazine holds 13 bullets.
  • Perks: Noble Rounds, Blessing of the Sky.

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A Weapon is a quest that is meant to be played and completed with friends. Just like the quest for Randy’s Throwing Knife, we have compiled a bunch of tips and incorporated them with the steps for this quest in order as:

Step By Step Guide To Complete The QuestStarting A weapon of hope.

Here is my step by step guide to completing the quest, keep in mind, this is the most effective method:

  1. Location:

    • Head to the same location where you initiated the “Thorn” exotic quest in the salt mines in the European Dead Zone (EDZ).
  2. Teleporter:

    • Take the teleporter that transports you to a different area, a hillside with a path leading upward.
  3. Chest:

    • Ascend the path and pass through a barrier wall until you reach a chest located beyond where you found Thorn previously.
  4. Rewards:

    • Opening this chest will yield two items:
      • The Exotic quest step named “A Fateful Gift.”
      • System Positioning Device.
  5. Quest Step – A Fateful Gift:

    • This step requires you to identify the location of the original Thorn using your System Positioning Device.
    • The device provides a constantly changing location for your quest, leading you to Shaft 13 in the EDZ or another designated area.Menu showing a Fateful gift quest step.“A Fateful Gift” quest step.
  6. Next Steps:

    • Once you arrive at the designated location, open another chest to receive the next quest step, “Bearers of Evils Past.”New quest step reward from chest.Opening the chest at the location described.
  7. Quest Step – Bearers of Evils Past:

    • Neutralize the Thorn’s darkness with your intrinsic light.
    • Generate 250 orbs of light, preferably with allies, by completing activities like the Blind Well or using Masterwork weapons.Menu showing Bearer of Evils Past quest step.“Bearer of Evils Past” quest step.
  8. On Completion:

    • Completing this step rewards you with the legendary hand cannon named “Rose” and unlocks three quest steps:
      • Band Together: Complete a Nightfall strike with a score of 50,000 or higher.
      • Face the Hordes: Complete encounters at the Blind Well, Black Armory forges, or Escalation Protocol.
      • Defend the Light: Defeat multiple enemies without reloading your weapon.Gameplay from the Blind Well.The Blind Well gameplay.
  9. Subsequent Steps:

    • Complete these steps to unlock additional perks for the Rose hand cannon and progress through the quest.Menu showing Fireteam Leader quest step.“Fireteam Leader” quest step.
  10. Final Step – Bloom:

    • Enter the strike “Will of the Thousands” with Rose equipped, reclaim lost light from hive crystals, and defeat Xol in a single run through the activity.Menu showing the Strength in numbers quest step.“Strength in Numbers” quest step.
  11. Reward:

    • Upon completing “Bloom,” you will obtain the Lumina hand cannon, the culmination of your quest for A Weapon of Hope.

Menu showing Bloom, the final quest step.

The Weapon Of Hope – Lumina

Lumina is an exotic hand cannon. This weapon carries some pretty decent stats. An impact of 84, an impressive range of 44, a 140 rpm with 13 bullets in the mag. I would say that it packs quite a punch. Statistically, although there are better hand cannons in the game, this weapon still ranks at a nice place on the list. For more in-depth stats, for Lumina and other weapons as well, you can click here.

Menu showing Lumina, unlocked by completing A weapon of hope quest.
Lumina hand cannon.

In terms of perks, Bungie has blessed Lumina with a very good set:

  • Noble Rounds: Kills with this weapon leave behind Remnants. Absorbing a Remnant converts your next hipfired shot into an ally-seeking Noble Round and partially refills the magazine.
  • Chambered Compensator: Stable barrel attachment. Increases stability. Moderately controls recoil. It slightly decreases handling speed.
  • Accurized rounds: This weapon can fire longer distances. Increases range.
  • Blessing of the Sky: Using a Noble Round on an ally heals them and grants both you and them a weapon damage bonus for a short time.
  • Polymer Grip: This weapon is made of lighter material—increases handling speed.

Used with a good choice of perks, I believe you will enjoy this weapon a lot, especially if you are a fan of hand cannons like me. I had a good time using it for a good few days. If you enjoy playing with your friends, then A Weapon of hope quest is worth it for you to complete.

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