Challenge Card: How to Hit 100K Using Five Of Swords

Challenge card
How to hit high score in nightfall using a challenge card

Challenge cards in Destiny 2 are items that allow you to choose and equip modifiers in your Nightfall strike. These modifiers not only mold the gameplay experience for that particular strike but also change the score multiplier. This allows you to reach a high score that you may be targeting for a long time. It also allows you to complete challenges more easily. The more difficulty the modifiers apply to the game, the greater the score multiplier and the bigger the score that you can reach. This is completely reversed in the case of modifiers that make things much easier for you, decreasing the multiplier at the same time to keep the field level. In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to get a challenge card and what is the best set of modifiers you can run to reach a certain desired target score. 

Key Points

  • The Five of Swords Challenge Card can modify the Nightfall strike and change the score multiplier to your liking.
  • The card can be purchased from Xur, a weekend vendor in various locations in the game.
  • The Five of Swords Challenge Card can only be used for the Nightfall: The Ordeal mission, which is a weekly changing mission with specific tasks and strikes for rewards.
  • To get a 100K score in Nightfall strikes, the recommended modifiers are Match Game, Momentum, Blackout, Extinguish, and Solar Singe.
  • The Match Game modifier requires you to use weapons that match the element of enemy shields and can increase your score multiplier by 1. Coordinating with your team and using weapons that offer multiple damage types can help manage this modifier.
  • The Momentum modifier disables health regeneration while standing still but provides faster regeneration while sprinting. This modifier encourages players to stay on the move and can benefit those who prefer an agile playstyle.
  • The Blackout modifier makes enemy melee attacks more powerful and disables your radar. It can be helpful in strikes with open areas and long-range combat, as well as by keeping a rocket launcher handy to deal with close enemies.
  • The Extinguish modifier can be used in the place of Blackout. With this modifier, if the player or teammates die, Nightfall strike can be started from the beginning.
  • Solar Singe is a compulsory modifier that should be used in all scenarios. This modifier gives 25 percent extra damage to every element which is also applicable for received damage. Using some unique element that the minimum number of players are using is recommended.
  • The use of Heavyweight modifier should be avoided as it only increases the dealt damage but does not actively help in achieving a good score and decreases the score multiplier by one point.
  • Using the above mentioned modifiers, the multiplier rises to 2.6x that can help in achieving a good score while also maintaining the difficulty of gameplay.

How To Get Five of Swords Challenge Card 

Destiny 2 “Five of Swords” challenge card is pretty easy to obtain. All you have to do is visit Xur, the vendor, and buy the card from him. The card allows you to modify the Nightfall strike on your own and change the multiplier accordingly as well. If you want to get a higher score, you get more modifiers that limit your abilities and increase the multiplier. On the other hand, if you are looking to complete the strike quickly for certain rewards, you should apply the modifiers that make the game a teeny bit easier for you, despite decreasing the multiplier. 

Xur selling Five of swords challenge card.
Buying Of Swords challenge card from Xur.

Nightfall: The Ordeal 

The challenge card can be used for Nightfall: The Ordeal mission only. This mission changes every week, changing the specific strike that needs to be played and completed. Completing the tasks mentioned along with the strike, you will get rewards accordingly. You also get drops at the end of every strike you play. In this way, Bungie has formulated a mighty fine system of rewarding players appropriate to the level of the game they are playing while also not absolutely depriving us noobs of all and everything.

How To Get 100K score in Nightfall Strikes Using Challenge Card

Reaching the 100K score mark in Destiny 2 is a pretty decent achievement. What’s better is that you hit that score consistently over multiple games over a longer period of time. We have tried and tested several combinations of modifiers and perks using the Challenge Card to compile the best set for you. This will help you achieve good scores, using a good score multiplier, much more consistently, while also making sure that you are not absolutely handicapped in this pursuit. So, here we mention the best modifiers first and the one that is not good for you after that.  

Nightfall: the ordeal gameplay screenshot.
Gameplay from a Nightfall strike.

1.Match Game 

This modifier says,

“Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.”

This essentially means that if you see an arc shield, you should use an arc weapon to break it. Otherwise, it is going to take a lot of damage to break the shield. A tip that will be much helpful for you is that each player can choose two different weapons with different damage types. In this way, you can get a variety of damage types, and a little bit of coordination can help you manage taking down enemies. You can also use a weapon, such as the Hardlight (with the catalyst of course) that allows you to switch between damage types that are solar, arc, and void. This will prove quite useful for you as an individual player, especially when playing with randoms.

The best thing about this modifier is that increases your score multiplier by 1 so that if you have 1x, it becomes 2x. This, on top of being not as limiting as other modifiers, makes Match Game a great choice among the Challenge Card modifiers. 

Match game modifier.
Match Game modifier card.


The Momentum card reads,

“Regeneration is disabled while motionless, but faster while sprinting.”

So, this modifier is great for players who love to always be on the move. The thing with momentum is that you kind of need to get used to it. Once you do though, it will seem very difficult to play without it. This is because you make a habit of constantly being on your feet. This modifier is much better than it actually sounds and to some players, it just falls right into their game style. It comes with a 1x multiplier. However, the perk itself provides a good enough reason to always use it from the challenge card while playing Nightfall.

Destiny 2 Challenge Card
Momentum modifier in Five of Swords.


This modifier goes,

“Enemy melee attacks are significantly more powerful, and radar is disabled”.

I know, I know! We have all been frustrated using Blackout in the past when every attack got you killed in one hit. But now, everything’s changed and with that, it takes around 3 shots to get killed.

You also don’t have a radar with this modifier. This can be a little annoying for the players who are used to jumping their eyes between the game and the radar. But hear me out. Depending on the strike you are playing, this modifier can actually turn out to be great. In strikes that have wide-open areas with fewer chokepoints and not many enemies in close combat, this modifier works perfectly fine. You can take long-range fights while avoiding melee attacks from close enemies. In such a scenario, this can help as a significant increase in your score without proving to be a handicap.

For a situation where you are using this perk and are stuck with a ton of enemies close to you, you might wanna keep a rocket launcher to blast them off and get the pressure off of yourself.

Blackout modifier in challenge card.
Blackout modifier in challenge card.


“If your fireteam falls in a restricted zone, everyone falls back to the orbit”, reads this modifier’s card. So, with this modifier, if you or your teammates die, you have to start the Nightfall strike from the start. This is another great option that provides almost a free increase in the points scored. As long as you do not die (easier said than done) and are running around killing enemies, you are getting increased points with nothing really holding you back. None of your abilities, tools, or HUD is taken away from you and you are free to play the strike. This Destiny 2 modifier is much more dependent on how decent you and your teammates are. It does not affect your gameplay in any way possible and also increases your score. Extinguish can be used in place of Blackout if you are not a big fan of the latter.

Destiny 2 Challenge Card
The Extinguish modifier.

5.Solar Singe

“Solar damage increases slightly from all sources”. 

Now, this is a must-use modifier. You should always be running Solar Singe no matter what. It is 25% extra damage to whatever element you choose; Solar, arc, or void. This is true for damage received as well. This means that you should be choosing the element that the least number of enemies must be using. Once you deal with those, only you have the extra 25% damage and can easily mow down the rest of them.  

Again, this is situational as you want to select the element according to the Destiny 2 strike that you are playing.     

Destiny 2 Challenge Card
Solar Singe modifier.

Why Not To Use Heavyweight

The Heavyweight modifier card says,

“Power weapons deal more damage and more ammo is available.”

Now this perk, on its own, is absolutely great. no doubt about that. What it does is that it increases all the damage you deal using heavy weapons and also increases the ammo drops available. Everybody loves using this modifier as a gameplay improvement of significance. But the main point is that this does not fit well into the equation that equals a score of 100K or above. The modifier decreases the score multiplier by a whole point and does not do any good to you if you want to achieve a solid score. Therefore, as its con outweighs its pros, Heavyweight is not a good modifier to use.

Also if you are not using heavy weapons, you must be using the Fusion rifles as they are great for Nightfall.

Destiny 2 Challenge Card
Card for Heavyweight modifier.

Why These Modifiers In The Challenge Card?

Using all these modifiers that have been mentioned above, you get a multiplier of 2.6x. This is the best set of modifiers as it not only adds up to a good multiplier but also limits the handicap that these perks add to your gameplay. Using such a set of modifiers in the challenge card can help you achieve a good score while not making your life a hell in the game.

Destiny 2 Challenge Card
This is how the challenge card will finally look.

Challenge Card Concluded

Challenge card has proven to be a great addition to our beloved game. Not only does it improve the gameplay experience, for veteran and newer players alike, but also balances out the game pretty well especially for Nightfall strikes. Applying our suggested modifiers a=when using a challenge card will help you consistently hit great scores and achieve whatever challenges you are grinding for.

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