Destiny 2 Enhance Quest: Complete Guide With Tips

This quest can be quite troublesome but if you know what you're doing, it is a walk in the park. This guide will give all the tips and tricks you must know in order to complete it.

Destiny 2 Enhance Quest

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a massive game in which millions of players spend hundreds of hours completing quests. Doing so grants players with better loot and weapons. The following guide will be taking a look at the Destiny 2 Enhance Quest.

It is a relatively lengthy quest that is divided into 4 missions. The reward at the end is definitely worth the hassle.

If you have difficulties aiming, try using the Targeting Adjustor modification, which allows you to hit the enemy even if your aim is slightly off. This can help you greatly in taking on massive waves of enemies and even bosses.

Destiny 2 Enhance Quest Walkthrough

Despite being lengthy, the quest is fairly simple if you know what you’re doing. I’ll explain all of the steps in detail so that you can complete this quest without any issues. Without further ado, let’s get started on how to complete the Destiny 2 Enhance quest.

Mission 1: Odd Symptoms

Destiny 2 Enhance Quest
Starting the Enhance! quest

This is the first mission that you will have to do once you start the Enhance quest. Your objective is simple; locate the source of the disturbance in the House of Dusk.

If you want to complete this mission easily, I recommend equipping one source of Arc damage. Firstly, you must locate the Fallen. Destroy them and collect the glowing sample they drop. Once you are done with that, you need to sweep the area and find more of these odd creatures. To make this process convenient, patrol around the church and kill five glowing Fallen.

When you’re done with that, you will be asked to search the surrounding building and find the unknown signal. Go northeast of the church, and you’ll reach your mark. Once you enter the Terminus East, your objective will update.

This Terminus has three barriers which you’ll have to deactivate to move ahead. Keep in mind that enemies near the first barrier will attack you. Here you can also find the void charge. You have to insert the void charge in the marked device to deactivate the first barrier. This will allow you to move ahead to the next section, where you’ll find more enemies. Repeat the process you did before; kill the enemies, get the void charge, and insert it in the device to proceed. The third barrier has the same process as well. Repeat the steps, and you’ll deactivate the third barrier in no time.

Once you are done with all of this, take out any remaining enemies. Be careful; however, Canix – the Fallen Captain, patrols the nearby area. He isn’t challenging to take out, but he can be somewhat of a challenge, so be careful when engaging him.

After you deal with him, you will be asked to use the panel to remove the force field. Lastly, you have to take down the Cabel tech sitting at the corner of the room. I would advise that you move to the adjacent room before blowing it up because the explosion can deal a lot of damage.

Mission 2: Show and Intel

Destiny 2 Enhance Quest
Devrim Kay is a major character in the story

Once you have completed the previous mission, your objective will automatically update and mark this mission. This one is straightforward, however; all you must do is report back to Devrim Kay.

When you reach him, you have to talk to him to move the objective ahead. He will formulate a plan with you, and the second mission of Destiny 2 Enhance quest will be completed.

Mission 3: Differential Diagnosis

Destiny 2 Enhance Quest
Planting an explosive at one of the barriers

To reach this step, you have to complete its perquisites, mission 1 and 2. When this mission begins, you have to reach Maevic Square. It would be best if you kept moving forward until you hit an enormous energy barrier. You have to destroy it to proceed.

To destroy the barrier, you must plant an explosive at the source and shoot it to blow it up. From here, keep following the marker and keep fighting the enemies along the way. After a certain while, you’ll reach another barrier that will block your path. Repeat the same step as before and move forward. Just keep one thing in mind that you need to steer clear of the explosion or you can be caught in the blast radius.

Eventually, you’ll reach the third barrier but this time you do not need to explode it. There is a conveniently placed device next to it which you must hack. Once you interact with the device, the Fallen will immediately spawn and you must deal with them to continue.

These enemies will come in waves and at the end, the Servitor will appear. He is a tough one, so be careful when taking him on. The chances are that he will take you out if you fight him head-on so keep moving and shooting. After taking him down, use the transmit pad and destroy the cache from a distance to collect the fragments.

After doing so, keep moving forward until you hit another barrier. Careful though, this area is crawling with enemies. Kill the nearby captain, collect his explosives, and destroy the barrier. Keep moving forward until you find more enemies. You can use the flare to draw them out so they are easier to deal with.

When you reach the next stockpile, take out the enemies surrounding them and destroy the caches. It’s easier said than done, however. An Empyrean Fallen will guard each cache. Take out the guard, destroy the stockpile from a distance, and repeat for the next 3 caches. Another thing to keep in mind is that when you destroy the first cache, Commander Kraug and his Red Legion will spawn. They are extremely difficult to deal with but if you use all of your abilities and keep moving around, you will eventually destroy them. The trick is to keep moving so you are harder to hit and constantly use your abilities.

I would recommend taking out the weaker enemies first, so you are not surrounded. Doing so will give you ample space to jump around and shoot Commander Kraug. Once you deal with him, destroy the remaining stockpiles in the area. The mission will automatically come to an end once you destroy the caches, and you will receive the reward.

Mission 4: Experimental Treatment

Destiny 2 Enhance Quest
Fighting the Servitor in Mission 4

You have to enter the Salt Mines for this mission, where you’ll find enemies scattered around. They are relatively easy to deal with so you should have no problems, especially after the last mission, which can be the most difficult one for most players.

The issues arise once you reach the Archon Priest, who is a pain to deal with. He can spawn Empyrean Fallen – which, if you don’t take care of quickly, will soon start to overwhelm you. A tip I can give is to stay behind cover and aim for headshots to deal good amounts of damage. You should also try to keep a high ground so that they can’t surround you easily. Once you deal with the Archon Priest, destroy the Ether supply.

You should check the debris for ether cores which will progress your mission further. Once you are done collecting the cores, you will be told to go back to Trostland.

After reaching your marked objective, you will have to deal with more enemies and use the cores to attract the Attendant Servitor. To make this fight a bit easier, I suggest that you take out the smaller enemies before luring the Servitor. This will allow you to focus everything on him. After taking enough damage, the Servitor will teleport to various locations. You will have to follow him to resume the fight.

I think that this battle is a drag, and you’ll have to deal with dozens of different enemies. The Servitor isn’t necessarily tricky; he is just a bullet sponge who can take a long time to kill. He doesn’t precisely pose any real threat since you can easily dodge anything, he throws at you. The problem is the multiple enemies that keep spawning around you during the fight. Deal with them first and you should be perfectly fine. When you eventually kill the Servitor, the world quest is finally completed.

Return to Devrim and tell him the great news. He will celebrate this victory with you and give you the rewards at the end. You will get an Encrypted Engram, 4 Dusklight Shards, and 2,500 Glimmer.


Overall, the Destiny 2 Enhance Quest is not difficult since you can take out most enemies simply by evading and shooting. You can easily get overrun, but you should be just fine if you manage the waves properly. It is a lengthy quest so be sure to have patience when you start the quest. The rewards you receive at the end are also most welcomed as they are quite useful.
I hope this guide made the Destiny 2 Enhance Quest a bit easier for you. If you have any questions or want to tell me about your favorite Destiny 2 quest, leave a comment below. Keep your head high and happy gaming Guardian!

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