Destiny 2 Precision Final Blows [Farming Guide]

Here is everything you need to know about Precision Final Blows and how to farm it.

Destiny 2 Precision Final Blows
Destiny 2 Precision Final Blows Guide

A Precision Hit is a critical hit that displays a yellow-colored damage value on the screen when an enemy is shot at their weak point. While this weak point is quantified as the head of many enemies, its location differs from enemy to enemy.

Destiny 2 Precision Blow
Shooting the white core of a Vex enemy counts as a Precision Blow.

Therefore, by extension, Precision Final Blows in Destiny 2 is defined as killing an enemy with a precision hit – even if you commit to a flurry of body shots, as long as the final killing blow is a precision hit, it will be counted as a Precision Final Blow!

Key Takeaways

  • Precision Final Blows are defined as killing an enemy with a precision hit.
  • Precision Final Blows can be farmed in a variety of ways. Early-game, Mid-game, and late-game farming.
  • Early game farming can be done by participating in public events on Earth, Titan, and Nessus, which include Fallen Walker, Witch Ritual, Glimmer Extraction, Cabal Excavation, Injection Rig & Vex Construction.
  • Mid-game farming can be done by going to the Thrall Room in the Shattered Throne Dungeon, where you need to clear all enemies in the area & follow the symbols to navigate through the level.
  • Late-game farming can be done by playing through specific activities & quests.
  • Knowing enemy weak spots is critical in achieving Precision Final Blows as it makes it significantly easier to kill them.

How Does Precision Blows Work?

Precision blows work by targeting specific weak points on enemies to deal increased damage. In Destiny 2, for example, shooting at the white-colored core of Vex enemies, regardless of where it’s located on their body, counts as a Precision hit, indicated by yellow damage numbers.

To identify weak points on unfamiliar enemies, players can experiment by shooting different parts of their bodies. Higher yellow-colored damage values indicate the weak spot.

Knowing enemy weak spots is crucial for efficient killing, thanks to Destiny 2’s Precision Hit system.

Players can farm Precision Final Blows by focusing on getting kills with Precision hits, regardless of the enemy type. Here are three methods for farming Precision Final Blows efficiently.

Early Game Farm 

New players can efficiently farm Precision Final Blows by participating in public events on various planets. Earth is a recommended starting point due to its size and accessibility, ensuring frequent public events. Expect competition from other players during these events.

Alternative planets for farming public events include Titan and Nessus. Look out for events like Fallen Walker, Witch Ritual, Glimmer Extraction, Cabal Excavation, Injection Rig, and Vex Construction. These events provide ample opportunities for Precision Final Blows farming.

Mid Game Farm

  1. Prepare Equipment: Equip a shotgun, sword, and long-range weapon (sniper or bow) for safe traversal.
  2. Clear Enemies: Eliminate the ads that spawn as you enter the Restricted Zone of Erebus, clearing at least half of their numbers before advancing.
  3. Follow Symbols: Navigate through the area following symbols that appear after clearing enemy groups, repeating the process until all symbols are exhausted.
  4. Drop into Circular Floor: Drop into the circular floor that opens up in the main room to progress to the next level.
    Destiny 2 Precision Final Blows
    A symbol on a glowing white plate should appear after you’ve cleared all the enemies at the main entrance.
  5. Thin Out Enemies from Above: Before dropping down to face enemies below ledges, thin out their numbers from above to make clearing easier.
  6. Take Cover and Eliminate Snipers: When facing vandal snipers in a large open room, take cover behind a door and eliminate them one by one before progressing.
    It’s better to take cover when taking out those vandal snipers.
  7. Platforming and Avoiding Ogres: Navigate through platforming sections, avoiding ogres’ projectiles that can inflict knockback.
  8. Enter the Thrall Room: Once at the end of the area, pass through a barrier to enter the Thrall Room.
  9. Prepare for Precision Final Blows: Equip preferred weapons and ammo mods before entering the Thrall Room.
  10. Farm Shadow Thralls: In the Thrall Room, stand on a ledge where an endless stream of Shadow Thralls will spawn, making precision final blows easy to achieve.
Precision Final Blows
Precision Final Blows made easy!

Late Game Farm

Destiny 2 Quest
Starting the Last Wish raid.
  • Stock up on Raid Banners from Hawthorne in the Tower before starting the Last Wish raid.
  • Upon launching the raid, progress through the big door to reach the Tower of Opened Eyes area.
  • Move left instead of engaging in the raid encounters.
  • Continue forward and upwards until reaching the Wishing Wall.
  • Shoot the plates on the wall to input a specific code.
  • Save the code for future reference.
  • Step onto the platform to respawn into the farming area.
  • Place Raid banner near the spawn point.
  • Proceed through the door and prepare to encounter Taken Thralls.
  • Eliminate enemies to farm Precision Final Blows.
Destiny 2 Quest Guide
Do NOT go in there – keep moving along to the left!
  • Destiny 2 Quest Guide
    It’s better to save this code somewhere since you’ll need it whenever you want to get to the farming spot.
Destiny 2 Precision Final Blows
Moments before the Taken Thrall starts swarming in!

My Recommendations For Precision Final Blows Farming

Remember that, like the Thrall Room grinding spot, dying is no big problem. You will spawn right back there, after which you can place down your raid banner and get to work again.

If you’re a new player who wants to get some Precision Final Blows in Destiny 2, it’s better to start small. Go for Public Events on either Earth, Titan, or Nessus (sorted from most preferred to least preferred) and grind out as many Precision Final Blows as possible.

Once you’ve leveled up quite a bit and meet our requirements for the Thrall Room grind, be brave and take the plunge. You will find yourself easily getting Precision Final Blows for Hand canons and Scout Rifles, which are somewhat difficult to grind with.

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