Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster Guide

The Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster is easily one of the best mods in the game. Let's uncover what makes this weapon mod so good in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster
All About Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster

In Destiny 2, players become guardians to defend the Earth and other galaxies from various threats. In doing so, it’ll mark a huge target on your back, and the enemies are only going to become tougher from there. As the enemies scale in difficulty, so will their maneuverability. For guys who love to play on a controller or have trouble aiming onto enemies through a mouse, I have a solution for you. Something that will help you land quick shots on enemies in Destiny 2 is the Targeting Adjuster mod.

Key Takeaways

  • The Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster is a legendary weapon mod that enhances aim assist and bullet magnetism.
  • Hand cannons benefit most from Targeting Adjuster due to their already high aim assist.
  • Obtain the Targeting Adjuster mod by collecting mod components through gunsmith bounties or dismantling legendary weapons.
  • Spend mod components to purchase armor and weapon mods, including Targeting Adjuster, from Banshee-44.
  • Targeting Adjuster is a versatile mod helpful for players struggling with weapon aiming.

Now for people unfamiliar with Targeting, the adjuster weapon mod will be confused about how a weapon mod affects aim. Well, let me explain it further.

What Does a Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster Do?

Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster
The Targeting Adjuster

Targeting Adjuster in Destiny 2 is a legendary weapon mod that increases the aim assist and bullet magnetism of a gun.

Bullet magnetism is a phenomenon that enables bullets to curve towards an enemy even if your target is off slightly. Now, this already happens when you turn on aim assist. But this effect is cranked to 5 points when you use the Targeting Adjuster mod on a gun of your choice.

Best Weapon for Targeting Adjuster

Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster
Hand Cannons

There are a plethora of weapons in Destiny 2, and it can become really hard to choose the best one. But our top pick for Targeting Adjuster is the hand canons.

There are 100+ hand cannons in the game you may have one lying around anyway. All hand cannons in the game already have high aim assist to begin with. When you couple that with the Targeting Adjuster mod, it almost feels like cheating.

Just find a hand cannon that has good rolls, and you are comfortable using it. Attach a Targeting Adjuster mod to it, and there you go. Now, your weapon’s reticle will stick to enemies a lot more, and your bullets will curve towards them too.

How to Get Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster Mod

Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster

To get the Targeting Adjuster weapon mod, you’ll need mod components. Mod components are an important currency in destiny that enables you to buy mods from Banshee-44 Gunsmith.

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Farm Mod Components

One of the most common ways to farm mod components is through completing bounties from the gunsmith. You can purchase these bounties from Banshee-44.

You can also get a decent amount of mod components just by dismantling your legendary weapons. The deconstructed weapons give you shards, glimmer, and even a chance to get mod components.

These are a few ways you can get a decent amount of mod components. They aren’t a hard currency to get your hands on in the first place so farming for them won’t be a hassle.

Spending Mod Components for Gear Mods

Now that you have mod components return to banshee-44 and buy the armor and weapon mods you want.

The stock at Banshee refreshes daily, so better keep a lookout for Targeting Adjuster mod. Even if you don’t find the Targeting Adjuster mod, there’s still a high chance to acquire another mod you might be on the lookout for.


Destiny 2 Targeting Adjuster is an amazing weapon mod that gives you an edge against enemies. Due to the nature of providing aim assist to a weapon, it’s also one of the most versatile mods to exist. Targeting Adjuster will do the trick just fine if you are having trouble aiming with a weapon and need something to help you out.

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