Guide: Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components

Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components
Complete guide on Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components

Destiny 2 has proven to be one of its kind video game that perfectly blends shooting mechanics with the RPG genre. With the endless support from developers and fans, the game’s player base has grown since the release of the first game in the series. Every season brings seasonal delights in the form of costumes, emotes, limited-time events, and currency. Destiny 2 Vex Chassis components were also the currency developers introduced in season 8 of the game.

Vex is one of the six main enemy factions in Destiny 2 that also featured in the first game. According to the lore, the origin of Vex is as old as the universe itself. Vex Chassis components, as a currency, were introduced as a part of the Shadowkeep DLC. Players who had access to the downloadable content could see the currency drop in the open world while defeating Vex.

Vex Chassis Components Prerequisites

Even if the official description of the Vex Chassis components associated it as in-game currency, players could never find it in their inventory. That is because guardians were to complete two missions first before they could get more information and usage out of Destiny 2 Vex Chassis components.

Vex Invasion and Vex Offensive

Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components public event
Vex Invasion and Vex Offensive events

Vex Invasion and Vex Offensive are the two side quests guardians must complete first to make the most of Vex Chassis components in Destiny 2. Ikora assigns Vex Invasion side quest to guardians which tasks players to visit Moon and engage in a public event.

This secret public event was triggered minutes after you complete a public event at the Moon. Guardians were to eliminate three Gate Lords to complete the Vex Invasion secret public event at the Moon and progress the Vex Chassis components questline.

Completing the Vex Offensive arena game mode required guardians to complete the final assault in the six-player arena mode. Finishing this requirement was not an easy task but after pulling it off, if guardians would visit to Ikora, they would unlock a weekly quest that had a tier 3 reward. Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components were required for this reward collection.

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Know Thy Enemy Challenge

Destiny 2 Vex Chassis Components know thy enemy
Know Thy Enemy Challenge Destiny 2

The tier 3 Powerful Gear Luminous Engram that you get as a reward from Ikora can only be collected after successfully completing “Know Thy Enemy” challenge. The task was pretty straightforward as it required you to help Ikora build a portal by collecting Vex parts. A total of 70 Vex parts were required to complete the challenge and they dropped by eliminating Vex by doing missions, side-missions, public events, and more.

After collecting all the 70 parts from the Vex, bring them back to Ikora to finish the challenge and receive the reward.

Note: The Vex chassis components and associated public events, quests, and rewards are no longer accessible in the game. They may or may not be brought back to the game in the future by developers, however, in the current state of the game, you cannot acquire Vex Chassis components in Destiny 2.

This was pretty much all you needed to know about the Destiny 2 Vex Chassis components. Did you get a chance to collect this limited-time currency in season 8 of the game? Did you get the reward from Ikora? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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