Diablo 4 Act 3 Quests [Quick Guide]

Stuck on Act 3 while completing objectives? Get all 16 quests done fast with my detailed guide on Diablo 4 Act 3 quests guide.

Diablo 4 Act 3 Quests
Detailed guide on Diablo 4 Act 3 Quests

Diablo 4 is divided into six Acts, each containing a set of main quests. Within Act 3, there are 16 quests to complete, which revolve around seeking Elias. These are marked on the World Map with a yellow marker. To help you complete all of the Diablo 4 Act 3 quests, I compiled this ultimate walkthrough. Take a look!

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 16 quests in Act 3.
  • Each quest will reward players with XP and Gold. The higher the level you have, the higher the rewards you’ll receive.
  • The Act 3 quests can take longer than other acts for a lot of players.
  • The first Act 3 quest you unlock is the Spreading Darkness, and the last one is Exhumed Relics.

Here’s my complete guide of all 16 Act 3 quests and how to complete them.

The Spreading Darkness

The Spreading Darkness Diablo 4 Act 3 quest.
Whittling Sanity quest. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Location
    Ked Bardu, Dry Steppes


    1. In Dry Steppes, look for Lorath. You’ll soon find him lying in a corner, all soaked in booze.
    2. Interact with Daruuk, a man standing nearby.
    3. Talk with the hungover Lorath, which will lead to a conversation cutscene.
    4. You now need to gather information about Elias, the Pale Man.
    5. Find Teckrin in the region and talk with her.
    6. Return to Lorath and inform him.

    Suffering Disquiet

    Suffering Disquiet Diablo 4 Act 3 quest.
    Whittling Sanity quest. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
    • Location
      Orbei Monastery, Dry Steppes


      1. You can start this quest by traveling to Orbei Monastery.
      2. Enter the haunted halls of Orbei Monastery and defeat the foes.
      3. Find the key that one of the many dead bodies is carrying.
      4. Now, you must collect a Crusader Skull to unlock a door.
      5. Pass through the door and look for a Monk.
      6. Talk with him and remove all the Vengeful Spirits that appear right after.
      7. Soon after, you’ll face another locked path; unlock it by finding Secret Litanies words nearby and interacting with the locked door.
      8. Here, you can finally speak with the Abbot of Orbei.
      9. End the quest by taking down a tough monster, Eidolon of Orbei that appears afterward.

      Whittling Sanity

      Whittling Sanity quest.
      Whittling Sanity quest. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
      • Location
        Tusma Rift, Dry Steppes


        1. Visit Lorath in Abahru Canyon to start the quest.
        2. Travel with Lorath and search for Elias.
        3. Once you reach the destination, you’ll be surrounded by Demons; take them all down.
        4. Search the nearby house on Lorath’s request.
        5. Look for some clues, which are inside a Genbar’s Journal on a table.
        6. Head back to Lorath and inform him.
        7. Next up, you need to find and speak with Genbar.
        8. This will lead to a battle against him. Take him down and end the quest.

        A Moment to Collect

        A Moment To Collect quest.
        A Moment To Collect. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
        • Location
          Ked Bardu, Dry Steppes


          1. Visit Ked Bandu in Dry Steppes and interact with Lorath not far from the Ked Bardu Waypoint.
          2. After some conversations, join Lorath for the Autopsy in the tent in front.
          3. This quest is based chiefly on cutscenes rather than any action, so sit back and enjoy.

          Brought Low

          Brought Low quest.
          Brought Low quest. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
          • Location
            Guulrahn, Dry Steppes


            1. Simply meet Lorath, who is in the Guulrahn Cave.
            2. Interacting with him will conclude this quest.

            The City of Blood & Dust

            The City of Blood and Dust quest.
            The City of Blood and Dust. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
            • Location
              Guulrahn, Dry Steppes


              1. Look for Oyuun in Market Square.
              2. Save the villager running from some monsters.
              3. Speak with her after, and you’ll get a new objective to find the prison.
              4. You need to find the city prison’s entrance. Ensure you’re well-prepared for the enemy hordes.
              5. You need to destroy a Hastily Constructed Barricade to enter the prison.
              6. Once there, find Oyuun inside the prison.
              7. You’ll encounter Akil, Jailer of the Weak. Take it down and pick up the Guulrahn Prison Key it drops.
              8. Open the cell door in front and interact with Oyuun.
              9. Find a secret path here and eventually destroy a weak wall to escape with Oyuun, ending the quest.

              Small Blessings

              • Location
                The Trail of Bones, Dry Steppes


                1. After escaping Guulrahn Prison, talk to Oyuun to start the Small Blessing quest.
                2. Escort her to Zolaya and speak to Lorath to end the quest.

                Whispers from The Past

                • Location
                  The Trail of Bones, Dry Steppes


                1. Head to Lorath standing at the Offal Pits.
                2. Talk to him and enter the Offal Pits.
                3. Look for an entrance inside to the old escape tunnel.
                4. Head back to Lorath and speak with him.
                5. Next, you’ll have to discover a way into the palace, where you must eavesdrop on the voices on the opposite side of a wall.
                6. Enter the Bowels of the palace.
                7. Here, search for Elias in the Tyrant’s Court.
                8. Upon entering Elias’s Throne Room, you’ll face Mother’s Judgement; take it down. This part of the process is extremely time-consuming, especially if you’re on a low level. I recommend checking out our best Skills so you don’t come lacking.
                9. Now, inspect the Ward of Sealing in the doorway.
                10. Enter it and seek more information about Elias’ Ritual.
                11. Discuss the information with Lorath.
                12. Leave the area and speak with Lorath again.

                Through The Dark Glass

                • Location
                  Chambatar Ridge, Dry Steppes


                  1. Enter the Temple of the Primes dungeons and talk with Lorath at Mt. Civo.
                  2. Take him to Baal’s Shrine to get the blessing of Destruction.
                  3. Now, visit Diablo’s Shrine to get the painful blessing of Terror.
                  4. Take Lorath to Mephisto’s Shrine next and interact with him again.
                  5. He’ll leave after the interaction. Gain the blessing of Hatred afterward.
                  6. A fiery portal appears; enter it and speak to a Bloodied Wolf.
                  7. Destroy all the Barbarian Defenses and slay the monster Gorm.
                  8. You can finally speak with the Herald of Mephisto.
                  9. After the cutscene, leave Sescheron’s vision and speak with Lorath to finish the quest.

                  Descent Into Flame

                  • Location
                    Temples of the Primes, Dry Steppes


                    1. Find the ritual location in the Temples of the Primes.
                    2. Fight the enemy hordes and slay the monster Malach.
                    3. Continue finding the ritual location.
                    4. Once there, speak to Lorath before entering the final fight with Brol, the Tyrant King.
                    5. Take down the big beast and end the quest.

                    Loose Threads

                    • Location
                      Chambatar Ridge, Dry Steppes


                      1. Leave the dungeon after slaying Brol and interact with the mysterious woman sitting near Lorath.
                      2. Now talk to Lorath, and the quest is completed.

                      Oasis Of Memories

                      • Location
                        Tarsarak, Kehjistan


                        1. Head to Tarsarak, Kehjistan, via the Tarsarak Waypoint.
                        2. Find and speak with Lorath and Taissa.
                        3. Search Tarsarak for a guide by talking to NPCs.
                        4. Meet Lorath again and go to the Argentek Riverbank.
                        5. Find a drug den entrance and slay the Bar Patrons.
                        6. Go into the back room and find an old man sitting on the ground.
                        7. Interact with him to complete the quest.

                        Flesh From Bone

                        • Location
                          Forsaken Chapel


                          1. Head to the Forsaken Chapel and speak with Lorath.
                          2. Go outside and talk with Meshif.
                          3. He’ll wait for you near the storm. Go there and interact with him again.
                          4. Follow him through the storm with a few breaks in between.
                          5. Once you pass the storm, the quest comes to an end.

                          Beneath The Mask

                          • Location
                            The Outer Gardens, Kehjistan


                            1. After the sandstorm, speak with Meshif for your next quest.
                            2. Find the entrance to the Exalted Terrace with Lorath.
                            3. Interact with the Anointed Noble. The quest will end after a conversation.

                            Piercing The Veil

                            • Location
                              Exalted Terrace, Dry Steppes


                              1. Go to the Exalted Terrace and look for Elias.
                              2. Talk to the noble outside Elias’ Chamber’s door.
                              3. Once he unlocks it, walk inside with Lorath.
                              4. You’ll finally find Elias here. Confront him with Lorath.
                              5. The battle with Elias will take place; slay him.
                              6. A blood petals sign appears on the floor. Interact with it, and a vision cutscene begins.
                              7. After the cutscene, Elias will reappear; slay him again.
                              8. Once you’re done, look for the sightless eye.
                              9. You’ll, once again, face Elias during the search. Slay him one last time and speak with Lorath.
                              10. Escape the place from the window to the Outer Gardens.

                              Exhumed Relics

                              • Location
                                The Outer Gardens, Kehjistan


                                1. Head to the Outer Gardens and interact with the injured Meshif. A cutscene will play out.
                                2. Lorath leaves at the cutscene’s end.
                                3. Now, interact with him at the Forsaken Chapel.
                                4. Another cutscene plays out, and finally, the last quest of Act 3 ends.

                                My Experience With Act 3

                                When I started Act 3, I thought it would be boring since I just had to find Elias. However, the number of dungeons and boss battles along the way surely made this Act worthwhile, especially with the entire walk through the sandstorm with Lorath.

                                This Act also strengthened my player’s bond with Lorath and shed some light on Lorath as a character. This is one of the few Acts that sees Lorath in action alongside the player.

                                Though exploring dungeons and clearing hordes was a long process, it was always entertaining due to the convoluted storyline that kept me on my seat’s edge. But just so you don’t have to deal with the process of finding clues and wandering, I compiled this walkthrough on all act 3 quests. I hope it helps you guys a lot, and be sure to comment down your strategy for the quests. 

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