Diablo 4 Dungeons [All 115 Locations]

There are 115 Dungeons in Diablo 4 that reward you with tons of XP and a Legendary Aspect. Here I have covered all the Dungeon locations in Diablo 4 and their rewards on completion.

DIablo 4 - Dungeons Locations
DIablo 4 - Dungeons Locations

Diablo 4 has around 115 active Dungeons spread across Sanctuary that reward you with special Legendary Aspects specific to your Class. These are filled with monsters to fight and puzzles to solve. I’ll be covering all the Dungeon locations along with the rewards that I got by completing them and their compatible Classes.

Key Takeaways

  • Dungeons are partially procedurally-generated locations where you fight monsters and solve puzzles.
  • Each Dungeon rewards you with tons of XP and loot along with Legendary Aspects specific to your Class.
  • There are 115 Dungeons scattered throughout Sanctuary, with 23 in Fractured Peaks,25 in Scosglen, 21 in Dry Steppes, 23 in Kehjistan, and 23 in Hawezar.

Dungeons are scattered throughout Sanctuary. And I found it quite hectic and time-consuming to find all of them. But I did all the hard work for you and listed down all the Dungeon locations.

Fractured Peaks Dungeons Locations

Fractured Peaks Dungeons
Fractured Peaks features 23 Dungeons. | Captured By Us

In Fractured Peaks, there are 23 Dungeons:

Dungeon Region Location Aspect Reward Class
Lost Archives Desolate Highlands In the Southwest part of Nevesk Aspect of the Protector All
Defiled Catacomb Desolate Highlands Located to the East of Nevesk Aspect of the Unsatiated Barbarian
Tormented Ruins Desolate Highlands The North of Nevesk Aspect of Tempering Blows Druid
Dead Man’s Dredge Gale Valley East of Tsepilova Pond Aspect of Piercing Cold Sorcerer
Maulwood Dobrev Taiga East of Margrave Shaking Aspect Barbarian
Light’s Watch Dobrev Taiga North of Krol Forest Aspect of Conflagration  Sorcerer
Black Asylum Frigid Expanse Northeast of Kyovashad Aspect of Torment Necromancer
Immortal Emanation Frigid Expanse East of Kyovashad Mangled Aspect Druid
Hallowed Ossuary Frigid Expanse Est of Kyovashad or west of Malnok Aspect of Unrelenting Fury Barbarian
Forsaken Quarry Frigid Expanse North of Kyovashad Aspect of Encircling Blades Rogue
Hoarfrost Demise Seat of the Heavens West of Kor Valar or Malthus’ Perch Blood-bathed Aspect Necromancer
Zenith Seat of the Heavens South of Kor Valar or North of Malthus’ Perch Recharging Aspect Sorcerer
Sanguine Chapel Seat of the Heavens East of Alabaster Peak Energizing Aspect Rogue
Kor Valar Ramparts Seat of the Heavens Northeast of Kor Valar Blast-Trapper’s Aspect Rogue
Caldera Gate The Pallid Glade The northwestern corner of the Pallid Glade or West of Menestad Eluding Aspect All
Nostrava Deepwood The Pallid Glade Southwest of Menestad Flesh-Rending Aspect Necromancer
Derelict Lodge The Pallid Glade To the Brinewood’s Northwest Aspect of Explosive Verve Rogue
Cultist’s Refuge Nostrava Northeastern point of the region but first you have to clear the Nostrava Stronghold Flamewalker’s Aspect Sorcerer
Kor Dragan Barracks Sarkova Pass North of Kor Dragan Stronghold Aspect of Anemia Barbarian
Mercy’s Reach Sarkova Pass In the Northwestern area of the region or to the Northwest of Kyovashad Blood Seeker’s Aspect Necromancer
Forbidden City Sarkova Pass West of Kor Dragan Stronghold Nighthowler’s Aspect Druid
Rimescar Cavern Malnok Northeast of region Aspect of Plunging Darkness Necromancer
Anica’s Claim Malnok Northwest of region Stormclaw’s Aspect Druid

Scosglen Dungeons Locations

Scosglen offers 25 Dungeons for exploration. | Captured By Us

In Scosglen, I found 25 Dungeons in various regions:

Dungeon Region Location Aspect Reward Class
Underroot Tur Dulra At the lower side of the region Aspect of Expectant All
Wretched Delve Tur Dulra On the Northern side of the region and Aspect of Static Cling Sorcerer
Howling Warren Northshore In the Region’s Southern part Aspect of Arrow Storms Rogue
Calibel’s Mine Northshore At the center of the region Aspect of The Relentless Armsmaster Barbarian
Sunken Ruins Northshore On the Region’s northeastern side Aspect of Ancestral Force Barbarian
Flooded Depths Hope’s Light At the lighthouse’s base you are required to clear the stronghold first Aspect of Empowering Reaper Necromancer
Stockades The Emerald Chase North of the Carrigar Crashtone Aspect Druid
Demon’s Wake Westering Lowlands Look in the area that lies below Firebreak Manor Waypoint Aspect of Uncanny Treachery Rogue
Broken Bulwark Westering Lowlands Southwest of Eldhaime Keep Waypoint Ghostwalker Aspect All
Raethwind Wilds Wailing Hills To the Braestaig’s north and east Aspect of Inner Calm All
Penitent Cairns Wailing Hills To the central part of the region Death Wish Aspect Barbarian
Vault of the Forsaken Wailing Hills To the Region’s eastern side Requiem Aspect Necromancer
Sarat’s Lair The Downs In the Western area of the region Snowveiled Aspect Sorcerer
Oldstones The Downs Inside of the Fiefdom House Edgemaster’s Aspect All
Domhainne Tunnels Strand West of Corbach Waypoint Aspect of Efficiency Sorcerer
Luban’s Rest Strand South of Corbach Waypoint Cheat’s Aspect Rogue
Garan Hold Strand In the Region’s southern part Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind Barbarian
Mariner’s Refuge Strand To the Corbach’s Waypoint Northeast Overcharged Aspect Druid
Maddux Watch Highland Wilds At the southwestern corner of the region Charged Aspect Sorcerer
Hive Highland Wilds Located to the southeast of the waypoint: Under the Fat Goose Inn Aspect of Swelling Curse Necromancer
Whispering Pines Highland Wilds To the east from the Waypoint: Under the Fat Goose Inn Ballistic Aspect Druid
Aldurwood The Shrouded Moors Northwest of Tirmair Waypoint Aspect of Reanimation Necromancer
Jalal’s Vigil The Shrouded Moors In the region’s northeastern area Bladedancer’s Aspect Rogue
Twisted Hollow Moordaine Lodge In the western part of the region Shadowslicer Aspect  Rogue
Ferals’ Den Moordaine Lodge On the Northern side of the region Aspect of Quicksand Druid 

Dry Steppes Dungeons Locations

Dry Steppes Dungeons
Dry Steppes features 21 Dungeons. | Captured By Us

There are 21 Dungeons in Dry Steppes. Here’s where I found them and their Aspect rewards:

Dungeon Region Location Aspect Reward Class
Sealed Archives Untamed Scarps To the northern side of Jirandai Waypoint Aspect of Mending Stone Druid
Charnel House Untamed Scarps To the Southwest of Sealed Archives Dungeon Aspect of Perpetual Stomping Barbarian
Champion’s Demise Untamed Scarps To the East of Waypoint Jirandai The aspect of the Umbral All
Bloodsoaked Crag Untamed Scarps The northwestern side of Dungeon Wasting Hollow Shepard’s Aspect Druid
Ancient’s Lament Untamed Scarps At the Northeastern corner of the region Aspect of Volatile Shadows Rogue
Komdor Temple The Scarred Coast To the west of waypoint Alzuuda Aspect of the Bounding Conduit Sorcerer
Carrion Fields The Scarred Coast To the northern side of Alzuuda Waypoint Aspect of the Iron Warrior Barbarian
Onyx Hold The Onyx Watchtower At the area of Onyx Watchtower Storm Swell Aspect Sorcerer
Forgotten Depths Dindai Flats Go in the following directions: First to the south, then head to the east, and then to the north from the Onyx watchtower Aspect of Biting Cold Sorcerer
Dark Ravine Tusmaa Rift At the region’s northwestern corner Aspect of Might All
Seaside Descent Kotama Grasslands To the west of Ked Bardu Waypoint Aspect of Retaliation Druid
Mournfield Khargai Crags To the Onyx Watchtower waypoint’s east Aspect of Berserk Ripping Barbarian
Grinning Labyrinth Khargai Crags To the Southeast of Dungeon Mourfield Aspect of the Calm Breeze Druid
Path of the Blind Khargai Crags At the northern edge of the region Aspect of Bursting Bones Necromancer
Shifting City Qara Yisu At the east of Qara-Yisu waypoint’s Ruins Ravenous Aspect Rogue 
Pallid Delve Qara Yisu At the Northern point of the region Elementalist’s Aspect  Sorcerer 
Buried Halls Jakha Basin At the southwestern part of Hidden Overlook Waypoint Rapid Aspect All
Guulrahn Canals Jakha Basin North of Dungeon Burried Halls Trickster’s Aspect Rogue
Guulrahn Slums Jakha Basin Just alongside the Hidden Overlook Waypoint Splintering Aspect Necromancer
Betrayer’s Row The Accursed Wastes To the eastern side of the Ruins of Qara-Yisu Waypoint Aspect of Potent Blood Necromancer
Whispering Vault Chambatar Ridge To the southeastern side of the waypoint Fate’s Retreat Aspect of Unstable Imbuements Rogue

Kehjistan DungeonsLocations

Kehjistan Diablo 4 Dungeons.
Kehjistan has its vast network of Dungeons. | Captured By Us

There are 23 Dungeons in Kehjistan, which I found in these locations:

Dungeon Region Location Aspect Reward Class
Heretic’s Asylum Ragged Coastline At the Howling Stronghold’s southwestern side Veteran Brawler’s Aspect Barbarian
Forgotten Ruins Ragged Coastline At Forgotten Ruins’ southeast corner Iron Blood Aspect Barbarian
Uldur’s Cave Ragged Coastline To the west of the Dungeon Triune Hideout Aspect of the Damned Necromancer 
Putrid Aquifer Ragged Coastline At the eastern corner of the region Aspect of the Unwavering Sorcerer 
Corrupted Grotto Ragged Coastline To the North of waypoint Gea Kul Aspect of Grasping Veins Necromancer 
Yshari Sanctum Caldeum Beside the Imperial Library Needleflare Aspect All
Crusaders’ Cathedral Caldeum To the Imperial Gardens’ eastern side Stormshifter’s Aspect Druid
Prison of Caldeum Caldeum At the region’s southwestern corner Opportunist’s Aspect Rogue
Renegade’s Retreat Caldeum To the North of Caldeum Bazaar Aspect of Corruption Rogue
Deserted Underpass Caldeum At the southeastern side of Southern Gate Torturous Aspect Necromancer 
Tomb of the Saints Amber Sands To the west of Altar Ruin Incendiary Aspect Sorcerer 
Sunken Library Amber Sands To the northern and eastern sides of the waypoint Iron Wolves Encampment Aspect of Control Sorcerer 
Shivta Ruins Amber Sands To the Altar of Ruin Waypoint’s east Wind Striker Aspect All
Collapsed Vault Amber Sands To the Southeast of the Altar of Ruin Waypoint Aspect of Cyclonic Force Druid 
Inferno Amber Sands At the region’s northeastern edge Vengeful Aspect Rogue 
Conclave Southern Expanse At the region’s northeastern corner Aspect of the Changeling’s Debt Druid
Hakan’s Refuge Southern Expanse To the Gea Kul’s east Relentless Berserker’s Aspect Barbarian
Crumbling Hekma Omath’s Redoubt At the region’s northern point The aspect of Splintering Energy Sorcerer
Sepulcher of The Forsworn Altar of Ruin At the region’s northern edge Hulking Aspect Necromancer
Abandoned Mineworks Scouring Sands To the southwestern side of waypoint Tarsarak Aspect of Retribution All
Sirocco Caverns Scouring Sands At the region’s northwestern corner Aspect of Echoing Fury Barbarian 
Halls of the Damned Scouring Sands At the region’s east central edge Aspect of Disobedience All
Fading Echo Scouring Sands To the northeast of waypoint Tarsarak at some distance Skinwalker’s Aspect Druid 

Hawezar Dungeons Locations

Hawezar Diablo 4 Dungeons.
The 23 Dungeons in Hawezar. | Captured By Us

Finally, I discovered 23 Dungeons in Hawezar scattered across the land:

Dungeon Region Location Aspect Reward Class
Blind Burrows Fethis Wetlands Lies halfway between these two Waypoints: Zarbinzet and Vyeresz  Aspect of the Tempest Druid 
Maugan’s Works Fethis Wetlands To the north of waypoint Vyeresz Earthstriker’s Aspect Barbarian
Lost Keep Umir Plateau To the north of waypoint Zarbinzet Aspect of the Deflecting Barrier All
Endless Gates Umir Plateau To the south of Crusader’s Monument Aspect of the Rampaging Warbeast  Druid 
Earthen Wound Umir Plateau To the southwestern side of Zarbinzet Aspect of Singed Extremities Sorcerer
Bastion of Faith Umir Plateau At the border that lies between the Umir Plateau and Crusader’s Monument Umir Plateau Rogue
Steadfast Barracks Ruins of Rakhat Keep Next to the Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Courtyard Waypoint. Vigorous Aspect  Druid 
Akkhan’s Grasp Ruins of Rakhat Keep To the west of the Dungeon Steadfast Barracks Blighted Aspect Necromancer 
Iron Hold Ruins of Rakhat Keep To the northern side of Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Courtyard Waypoint Fastblood Aspect Necromancer
Light’s Refuge Dismal Foothills To the north of waypoint Wejinhani  Aspect of Bul-Kathos Barbarian
Heathen’s Keep Dismal Foothills To the northeastern side of the waypoint Wejinhani  Aspect of Numbing Wrath  Barbarian 
Ruins of Eridu Toxic Fens To the west of waypoint Vyeresz Sacrificial Aspect Necromancer 
Leviathan’s Maw Toxic Fens To the south of waypoint Vyeresz Aspect of Siphoned Victuals Rogue 
Ghoa Ruins Toxic Fens To the southeast of waypoint Vyeresz Enshrouding Aspect Rogue 
Witchwater Blightmarsh To the Vyeresz’s northeast Prodigy’s Aspect Sorcerer 
Serpent’s Lair Blightmarsh To the west of the region’s center Aspect of Three Curses Sorcerer 
Shadowed Plunge Vyeresz To the region’s northeastern edge Aspect of Branching Volleys Rogue
Ancient Reservoir Rotspill Delta To the south of waypoint Tree of Whispers Aspect of Ancestral Echoes  Barbarian
Haunted Refuge Rotspill Delta On the southwestern side of the Dungeon Brawler’s Aspect Barbarian
Belfry Zakara Rotspill Delta At the region’s southeastern corner Aspect of the Ursine Horror Druid 
Oblivion Eriman’s Pyre At the region’s northwestern edge Aspect of Shared Misery All
Fetid Mausoleum The Writhing Mire To the west of waypoint Tree of Whispers Snowguard’s Aspect Sorcerer 
Faceless Shrine Forsaken Coast To the west of waypoint Backwater Unyielding Commander’s Aspect Necromancer 

My Thoughts

Dungeons pose a different kind of challenge that made my solo run through Diablo 4 worthwhile. These are not only fun to discover but also highly rewarding granted you have the right class. Several of the Legendary Aspects that I acquired in Diablo 4 were rewarded through the Dungeons.

That’s why I decided to compile this list of all Dungeon locations in Diablo 4. Now that you are aware of all locations, it’s time to start making your way to each of them to attain some amazing Aspect rewards. Even in my playthrough, I found that there were some bosses I simply couldn’t take down without the Aspects offered by these Dungeons.

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