Diablo 4 Ashava Location [Mini Boss Strategy]

This guide will take you to where Ashava the Pestilent spawns in Diablo 4. It also explains the spawning timing and more related information.

Location of Ashava The Pestilent
Ashava Location

Ashava the Pestilent is the first world boss you will face in Diablo 4. You will encounter it during the Act One. We will explain everything, including location, timing, attacks, and how you can take down this demanding world boss.

Key Takeaways

  • Ashava is one of the main bosses and is more likely to spawn in the Fractured Peaks location in the afternoon.
  • It has a menacing appearance, and its strikes are damaging
  • The event related to Ashava is available for a limited time. Although it comes in the afternoon, the timing can vary.
  • You need a group strategy and attack it from multiple sides to confuse and defeat it.
  • Gaining victory over Ashava will bring you legendary gear, spoils, and XP.   

About The Author

I consider myself an Ashava boss expert, thanks to the 80+ hours in Diablo 4. So you can incorporate my tips and tricks into your playthrough as well. You can find me on Blizzard: SHiNiGaMii#21470

Who Is Ashava The Pestilent?

Ashava The Pestilent Diablo 4
Ashava The Pestilent

The world boss, Ashava, is the main highlight of the event. It is one of the main bosses with enormous power, spikey appearance, and giant, sharp-edged blades on both forearms. Furthermore, it can do various types of attacks and create an area that is poisonous in nature. 

Location And Timing

Ashava Location Diablo 4
Location And Timing ( Image credits: Rifle Gaming)

Ashava is more likely to spawn in the Fractured Peaks location. Head to the Crucible Zone, specifically to the eastern part, and you can find that location there. If you still get confused, then take a look around. You also receive a notification before the start of an event, so make sure you do not miss it.

There will also be other players, indicating that they are waiting for the boss and that you are at the right place. In my experience, it appears at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 11 p.m., 1 a.m. PDT, and 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. EST. The Ashava event takes place on the weekend.

Event Joining

A total of 12 players in each server can join the Ashava event, and you must reach the exact location at a specific time to join it. You will become part of the challenge automatically once it begins. Keep your maximum level to 25, as fighting with it won’t be a piece of cake; instead, it is a combat that requires powerful skills and gear, or else you can face extreme difficulty in dealing with this dynamic creature.

Ashava Attacks

Leap Attack

It leaps in one specific direction and lands afterward while knocking down the players present in that area. As soon as you see Ashava making a dipping gesture, quickly reposition yourself in front or at any location where you are vulnerable to this strike.

Biting Attack

The bite can deal you sufficient damage, and Ashava aims at biting the players four times. You can easily avoid this closed-range attack by dodging and moving out of sight.

Double Swipe

Double Swipe Arc
Double Swipe

This one is more like a wide-range attack and damages players standing at a distance. Ashava makes the swipe attack twice: the first swipe goes around 360 degrees, while the other is 180 degrees.

It raises one arm and swipes while forming an arc on the ground, and those who get inflicted suffer massive damage. I suggest dodging it if you are good at doing so; otherwise, try to stay below Ashava, as this is considered the safe point. The arm-tucking animation is the major sign that it will attempt the double-swipe strike; hence, keep your eyes on it and take action by considering the ongoing situation.

Ground Pound

The ground pound is another lethal attack pattern that proceeds by lifting the arms in the air, slamming them down, and instantly swiping them in the backward direction.

Acid Spitting

Acid Spitting Attack Ashava Diablo 4
Acid Spitting

Ashava spits the acid out of its mouth in Diablo 4. The after-effects include the formation of poisonous or acidic puddles at various locations that must be avoided.

How To Defeat Ashava?

In my opinion, taking a fight as a group is recommended because solo combat has never been a good idea, as you cannot defeat it all alone. Instead, group combat makes it more convenient to encounter Ashava, as many players can attack it collectively and with great force.

You must keep your skills and level high and have the healing or other essentials to make the whole combat session bearable. Moreover, the right moves, alertness, and appropriate fighting strategies are crucial in defeating. Learn about its attack patterns thoroughly so you can craft your techniques accordingly.


After Turning down the Ashava, you receive fascinating rewards:

My Thoughts On Ashava

From my experience, Ashava is a formidable boss that beginner players encounter in the early stages of Diablo 4, and to beat him, players should be at least Level 25 and develop a strategy to counter their attacks. Most players lack proper familiarity as it spawns pretty early in the playthrough. Therefore, I advise going for a group attack rather than trying to beat him alone.

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