Diablo 4: Best AOE Class [Rogue Build]

Rogue build is a good choice when going for a class with high AOE in Diablo 4 due to its specific abilities.

Diablo 4 Best AOE Build Cover
Diablo 4: Best AOE Build [Rogue Class]

Diablo 4 has a total of four classes, each having different attributes; however, to build a class with a decent AOE, you must tune them accordingly. Here, we have showcased our build using the Rogue class with a significant AOE, along with other adjustments for close-range battles and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • This Diablo 4 Rogue class AOE build focuses on imbuements and their application using our primary skill, “Rain of Arrows.”
  • We will depend on Twisting Blades, which are famous for their immense damage, for close-quarter battles.
  • To make this build work, we will assign skill points to all imbuements: Shadow, Poison, and Cold because they will compensate for our primary skill’s low DPS.
  • For better output, each imbuement will be upgraded to the max enhancement.
  • Additionally, we will use the amulet, “Word of Hakan,” to deploy all imbuements at once in our attack.
  • The other aspects are present for the defensive boost, healing, and increasing our armor using the Aspect of Disobedience, Aspect of Might, and Temerity.
  • Ruby increases our maximum life in gems, while Emerald and Skull buffs attacks and armor, respectively.
  • The specialization “Preparation” allows us to spam our attacks quickly. Alternatively, we can use “Inner Sight” if we are up against bosses.

The Rogue class is the most versatile one among all others, mainly due to the skills you can equip. Whether it’s the close-range battles or large swarms of enemies, you have it all covered. You might have to grind a little bit for this one to become perfect, but the merits are excellent.


It throws blades at a short distance dealing 21% damage.
Every 3rd shot slows enemies by 20% for 3 seconds
Enhanced Puncture,
Fundamental Puncture
Twisting BladesCore
Imbueable, Cutthroat
Impales enemies using blades doing 63% damage.
Blades return after 1.5 seconds to give 101% damage by piercing.
Impaled enemies take x8% damage.
Enhanced Twisting Blades,
Advanced Twisting Blades
Imbueable, Cutthroat
Player dashes forward and slashes any enemy in its path to deal 37% damageEnhanced Dash,
Disciplined Dash
Shadow StepAgility
Imbueable, Cutthroat
Player goes through enemies and stabs behind their backs dealing 72% damage.
Movement also increases by 20% for 2 seconds when ability ends.
Enhanced Shadow Step,
Methodical Shadow Step
Poison ImbuementImbuementApplies deadly poison to your weapons.
Upcoming 2 skills deal Poison damage.
Applies 100% of their base damage as poisoning damage for 5 seconds.
Enhanced Poison Imbuement,
Blended Poison Imbuement
Rain of ArrowsUltimate
Imbueable, Marksman
Rain of Arrows is called 2 times upon a massive area dealing 100% damage.Prime Rain of Arrows,
Supreme Rain of Arrows
Diablo 4: Skills for AOE Class [Rogue Build]


Puncture Ability in Diablo 4 for AOE Class
Diablo 4: AOE Class – Puncture Skill | Captured by: VeryAli Gaming

The basic skill allows us to care for enemies at close range. It throws blades for a short distance, dealing massive damage. It will be beneficial when you cannot perform the Rain of Arrows.

Moving towards its two enhancements, the first one is “Enhanced Puncture”, which regenerates Energy when hitting a Crowd Controlled Enemy. The second one, “Fundamental Puncture”, increases the output of this skill immensely by increasing the number of blades and imparting a “Vulnerable” effect.

Shadow Step

It is a movement-based ability that makes you move through any number of opponents while hitting them in the back. The main advantage comes when you get cornered and need a way out of the tough situation. Once it ends, you will also get a minor movement boost of 2 seconds.

The later upgrades of Shadow Step increase the “Critical Strike Chance”, which, combined with similar buffs, will help us easily eliminate large hoards of monsters. Moving further one step, the enemies will get stunned for 2 seconds, giving them a window to attack them using Punctured or Twisting Blades.


Dash is considered a necessary ability for this class because Rogue builds primarily focus on agility in Diablo 4, whether it’s the DPS, AOE or any other build. Using Dash, you move forward quickly and slash enemies on the way, alongwith a chance to get a “Lucky Hit.” You will require to use it pretty often in fights.

The dashed monsters get more damage after the upgrades and get slowed or dazed. Similar to Shadow Step, it will come in handy in between the ultimate attacks.

Twisting Blades

Diablo 4: AOE Class - Twisting Blades Skill
Diablo 4: AOE Class – Twisting Blades Skill | Captured by: VeryAli Gaming

Another one of the major things we require for the short distance combat. The Twisting Blades enable you to use two blades that impale the enemies, and then they return back to you after 1.5 seconds. When coming back, they pierce through anyone dealing damage.

Maxing them out buffs up the damage and decreases the cooldown of your other abilities. This is really helpful since you need to use the Rain of Arrows a lot more in some scenarios. Using this ability in between will help you do it efficiently.

Poison Imbuement

It is one of the imbuement techniques we will have on our build. You can go for Shadow or Cold imbuement too, but this one gives the most advantage in fights as compared to others when used individually. Poison Imbuement imbues your weapons with a deadly poison that vandalizes the enemy and retains the effect for 5 seconds in the base form.

The upgrades for this skill increase its effective time and output damage. It is the key ability for our ultimate attack because when combined with other techniques, Rain of Arrows will vanquish most of the monsters in its way, thanks to the abovementioned effects.

Rain Of Arrows

The core skill of our AOE class using Rogue in Diablo 4. As the name suggests, Rain of Arrows deals damage of 100% to a large area twice once you call the attack. The only negative of this skill is the massive cooldown time of 60 seconds.

To bump up the damage stats, we have chosen various aspects, passive skills and active skills. The major ones that directly benefit it are the Imbuement Skills, and they are in effect simultaneously in this attack using the “Word of Hakan” amulet. The corresponding passive skills of the Imbuement class give a significant boost to this attack.

Skill Tree

The skill tree for our build is given below. It includes all the points we have allocated to various skills to make our build possible. We have already talked about most of them in the above section.

Basic Skills

Skill Tree - Basic Skills
Skill Tree – Basic Skills | Image from D4Builds.gg
SkillPoints Alloted
Enhanced Puncture1/1
Fundamental Puncture1/1

Core Skills

Skill Tree - Core Skills | Image from D4Builds.gg
Skill Tree – Core Skills 
SkillPoints Alloted
Twisting Blades5/5
Enhanced Twisting Blades1/1
Advanced Twisting Blades1/1

Agility Skills

Skill Tree - Agility Skills | Image from D4Builds.gg
Skill Tree – Agility Skills 
SkillsPoints Alloted
Shadow Step1/5
Enhanced Shadow Step1/1
Methodical Shadow Step1/1
Enhanced Dash1/1
Disciplined Dash1/1

Imbuement Skills

Skill Tree - Imbuement Skills | Image from D4Builds.gg
Skill Tree – Imbuement Skills 

In addition to the Poison Imbuement, we also have Shadow and Cold Imbuements in our arsenal. The first one is already present in detail in the “Skills” section, so let’s move forward to the other two.

  • Shadow Imbuement

It is similar to the Poison Imbuement in terms of working; however, instead of Poison, it imbues the weapons with festering shadows or infections. Once the skill is active, your upcoming two attacks will have its effects, and enemies will get infection for 6 seconds if hit by these attacks.

These shadows/infections deal 40% damage to that enemy itself if it doesn’t die in the ability’s active time. Although, the victim explodes on death and deals 40% damage to its neighbouring. The further upgrades increase the Critical Strike Chance by 15% and 12% more Non-Physical Damage for the victim enemies for 8 seconds.

  • Cold Imbuement

Similarly, Cold Imbuement makes your next two moves inflict a cold effect on the enemies. Those attacks will deal with Cold Damage and Chill them for 25% per hit.

The upgrades include a Lucky Hit chance to make enemies Vulnerable if hit by Cold Imbuement up to 30%. The final one is the same skill that will impart 20% damage to Crowd Control Enemies and 40% to Frozen ones. These are really effective in dealing with large hoards of monsters.

SkillsPoints Alloted
Shadow Imbuement1/5
Enhanced Shadow Imbuement1/1
Mixed Shadow Imbuement1/1
Poison Imbuement1/5
Enhanced Poison Imbuement1/1
Blended Poison Imbuement1/1
Cold Imbuement1/5
Enhanced Cold Imbuement1/1
Mixed Cold Imbuement1/1

Ultimate Skills

Skill Tree - Ultimate Skills | Image from D4Builds.gg
Skill Tree – Ultimate Skills | Image from D4Builds.gg
SkillsPoints Alloted
Rain of Arrows1/1
Prime Rain of Arrows1/1
Supreme Rain of Arrows1/1

Passive Skills

These passive skills complement our other active skills and give the necessary boost to our respective abilities. Additionally, they provide many advantageous buffs like increased Max Health, Health Regeneration and Damage Reduction, which are vital for battle survival. Their effects get a huge increment due to the specific combination.

SkillDescriptionPoints Alloted
SturdyYou gain 12% close damage reduction3/3
Siphoning StrikesHeal for 3% max hp when you critical hit a close enemy3/3
Weapon MasteryGain a bonus when attacking based on weapon type:
-Daggers: 15% increased damage to Healthy enemies.
-Swords: 9% increased damage.
-Bows: 12% increased damage to vulnerable enemies.
-Crossbows: 15% increased Critical Strike Damage.
ExploitYou deal 18% increased damage to Healthy and injured enemies3/3
MaliceYou deal 9% increased damage to vulnerable enemies.3/3
Precision ImbuementImbued Skills gain 9% increased Critical Strike Chance3/3
Deadly VenomDeals 9% increased Poisoning Damage3/3
Debilitating ToxinsPoisoned Enemies deal 5% less damage1/3
Frigid FinesseYou deal 15% increased damage to Chilled enemies.
For Frozen enemies, it increases to 30%
InvervationLucky Hit: Upto 10% chance to get 8 Energy1/3
Second WindEvery 100 Energy spending gives a 5% increased chance to get Lucky Hit for 5 seconds.1/3
After MathUsing Ultimate Skill restores 50 Energy2/3
MomentumCutthroat Skills grant a stack of Momentum for 8 seconds if they either:
-Hit a Stunned, Dazed, or frozen enemy.
-Hit any enemy from behind.
While at 3 stacks of Momentum, you gain:
-20% increased Damage Reduction
-30% [x] increased Energy Regeneration
-15% [x] increased movement speed
  • For the passive skills, start by levelling each of them individually, only to Rank 1.
  • As you progress and gather more points, you can then focus on maxing them out, according to the table.
  • Your main focus should be on the skills related to Imbuement, as they play a key role in your build.
  • You can leave the others for the end. However, keep a balance of offensive and defensive skills. Level them up equally, or else none of your abilities will be able to keep you alive.
  • The passive skills in the Ultimate section should be left for the end. They are only good if your other ones are upgraded.


AspectDescriptionUsed on Gear
Aspect of DisobediencePlayer gains 0.25 – 0.5% increased Armor for 4 seconds when you deal damage of 25 – 50% Helm
Aspect of MightBasic Skills grant 25% damage reduction for 2 – 6 secondsChest Armor
Aspect of CorruptionImbuement Skills have 20 – 40% more potency against Vulnerable enemiesGloves
Temerity– Briefly grants Movement Speed
– Potion Charges
– Potion Drop Rate
– Lucky Hit: Chance to Heal
– Healing
– Effects that you heal you beyond 100% Life grant you a barrier of 40 – 80% of your Maximum Life that lasts for 8 seconds.
Ravager’s AspectShadow Step’s charge increases by 1.
Killing enemy with this ability refunds the charge and increases its damage by 1 – 6% for 2 seconds, goes upto 5 – 30%
Bladedancer’s AspectTwisting Blades orbit you for short time doing 10 – 15% of their return damage.
Based on the distance of return, the orbiting blades damage increases upto 20 – 30% of return damage
Ranged Weapon
Word of HakanIt increases:
– Non-Physical Damage
– Ultimate Skill Damage
– Critical Strike Damage for Imbuement Skills
– Ranks to Imbuement Skills

It also imbues all Imbuement Skills to your Rain of Arrows at once everytime.
Aspect of Bursting VenomsLucky Hit:
Critical Strikes with Imbuement Skills have a 10% chance to make a toxic Pool.
Inside Toxic Pool:
– Enemies get Poison Damage for 3 seconds
– Poison Imbuement doesn’t have any Charge Limit or Cooldown.
Ring 1
Aspect of Arrow StormsLucky Hit:
Marksman Skills have 10% chance to make Arrow Storms at enemy’s location.
In Arrow Storm, enemies get physical damage for 3 seconds.
You can have 5 active arrow storms.
Ring 2
Accelarating AspectCore Skills’ Critical Strikes increase Attack Speed by 15-25% for 5 secondsDual-Wielded Weapon 1
Conceited AspectInside an active Barrier. deal 15-25% increased damageDual-Wielded Weapon 2


WeaponEmeraldIncreases Critical Damage to Vulnerable enemies by 12%
ArmorRubyIncreases Maximum Life by 4%
JewelrySkullIncreases Armor by 250

Looking at our build, the Emerald and Ruby are of major significance. Emerald allows you to give more Critical Damage to vulnerable enemies that will most likely occur due to your other skills. Ruby works in close coordination with Siphoning because it heals you according to your maximum life.

To give our defenses another good improvement, Skull’s addition to Jewelry makes sure you don’t die quickly. You can swap them with any other gems that you see fit, but these are the best ones we think might work out here.

For more details check: Diablo 4 Best Gems 

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we talked about the Diablo 4 best AOE class, built using the Rogue character. The prime attack of this build is Rain of Arrows, which gets a significant boost when combined with other skills and attributes. You can use this as it is or modify it to suit yourself and make a better version.

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