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diablo 4 best armor

With the addition of Diablo 4 to the Diablo franchise, the whole landscape for the game has evolved. From the addition of numerous new items and mechanics, the game feels new and might be hard to navigate. Hence to help you in your playthrough, we provide you with this Diablo 4 Best Armor guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Armor provides players with defensive stats and additional modifiers slots or effects to help them overcome their battles.
  • You can get Armor through drops upon killing enemies and bosses, from the merchant, through crafting, and by trading with other players.
  • There are 5 types of armor slots in Diablo 4 namely, Helms, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots.
  • The armors are categorized into 5 rarities: Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Unique.
  • Unique Armor Items are the highest-rated Armor Items in the game and are considered the best.

Here is a comparison table for the best armor in each class. The stats will indicate who has the highest or lowest attribute requirement:


diablo 4 selection screen
Diablo 4 Selection Screen | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Diablo 4 introduces the world of Diablo that all the fans have loved throughout the year with a hint of originality and uniqueness. The game builds upon the old mechanics and presents the game as a whole package for the players to enjoy. Along with the mechanics, we are introduced to new gems, items, and the topic of this guide, Armor sets. 

Due to the uniqueness of classes in Diablo 4, there isn’t one specific said that we can call the Diablo 4 Best Armor, but instead, there are multiple armor sets that provide specific advantages to specific classes. Hence to ensure that you know which armor set to go for, let us go through all armor items individually and a brief overview of the classes.

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How Does Armor Work In Diablo 4?

Firstly, let me inform you about the Armor that exists in Diablo 4. There are 5 types of armor pieces that you can equip. They are namely Helms, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots. In order to ensure that you are fully equipped for the endgame, you need to ensure that you have the right armor for each category.

Furthermore, the Armor rarity is divided into five categories. Firstly, we have the Common Rarity. They are easy to find and do not provide any additional affixes modifiers. You will encounter them during the earlier stages of the game. After that, we have the Magic rarity in which armor provides 1 additional affix modifier.

These modifiers become highly integral the deeper in your playthrough. Thirdly, we have the Rare rarity which provides 3 extra modifiers. Moving on, we have the Legendary Rarity which provides you with 4 affixes modifiers. Lastly, we have Unique items which are of the highest rarity and have special effects that cannot be overwritten.

You can get armor as drops from eliminating bosses or other players. For a more pacifist approach, you can buy them from a merchant or craft them using crafting materials. You can even get them through a trade with other players. However, note that you cannot trade Legendary and upper rarity armor. 

Overview Of The Classes & Their Needs

There are a total of five classes in Diablo 4, all of them having their own characteristics. Their kit is designed in a way that makes them all unique and allows them to shine on different types of battlefields. Likewise, they require different types of Armor that are suitable to their playstyle and help them get the advantage in a fight.


diablo 4 barbarian class
Barbarian Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Class Mechanic-

Starting off, we have the Barbarian Class. The Barbarian Class allows players to go for a bruiser build. The class shines at its best when it’s at the frontlines and is able to tank and output damage. The high tenacity, coupled with the class-specific skills, allows the players to heal themselves at the front line and provide enough space for their party to deal damage.

Furthermore, they have enough damaging skills to duel out in 1v1’s as well. However, for being able to the party’s main damaged tanker, they need the sturdiest of armor. 


diablo 4 necromancer class
Necromancer Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Class Mechanic-
Book of the Dead-

Next up, we have the Necromancer Class. Necromancers use their summons to do their handiwork for them and fight from the backlines. However, they need to be able to ensure that they can withstand attacks in case of dire situations, but more so than anything, they need to ensure that they have good boots to get them out of precarious situations.

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diablo 4 druid class
Druid Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Class Mechanic-
Spirit Boons↑↑

Afterward, we have the Druid Class, which relies on its shapeshifting prowess to take down enemies. Being an all-rounder class of sorts, Druids need to ensure that they have a balance in their armor sets, just like their whole persona is meant to keep the balance in nature.

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diablo 4 rogue class
Rogue Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Class Mechanic-

The Rogue is next up, and it basically resembles an assassin class and depends on armor fitting off it. Excelling in short duels, the rogue class requires boots that provide the most agility and makes them nimble to move around. Furthermore, their helms are needed to mask their presence and incite fear in their enemies.

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diablo 4 sorcerer class
Sorcerer Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Class Mechanic↑↑
Enchantment System

The sorcerer class is known for its high damage output but also its fragility. This is a high-risk and reward type of class that needs all the armor and ability amplification that it can get. 

Now that you are aware of the needs of each class, let’s first take a look at the highest/best armor pieces that exist in Diablo 4.

Best Armor Pieces

The acquisition and optimization of armor become crucial steps in surviving the unforgiving battles and exploring the dangerous world of Diablo 4.

Each type of armor offers distinct defensive attributes, such as increased resistance to elemental damage, enhanced physical protection, or bonuses to specific character attributes. With a variety of armor sets available, players can strategically customize their character’s defense to suit their preferred playstyle, whether it be a sturdy tank, agile rogue, or powerful spellcaster.

Unique Helms

Helms are essential protective gear worn on the head, designed to safeguard individuals in various activities and give multiple different buffs that may aid your character across their many perilous treks and adventures.

Item Name Required Class Description
Harlequin Crest Any Class Its unique effects increase your damage reduction while also adding rank to all your skills. 
Cowl of the Nameless Rogue You gain an amount of increased Lucky Hit chance against all CC’ed enemies. 
Vasily’s Prayer Druid Its unique skills fortify you for a while and make your Earth Skills your werebear skills.
Andriel’s Visage Any Class Its unique skills fortify you for a while and make your Earth Skills your Werebear skills. 
Deathless Visage Necromancer Your Bone Spear now deals damage with the echoes it leaves behind after exploding
Tempest Roar Druid Up to a certain percent of the time, storm skills can provide increased Spirit. Moreover, Werewolf skills are now part of your base Storm skills.

Unique Chests

Chest plates are essential pieces of protective armor designed to safeguard the chest and vital organs during combat or dangerous activities. They also offer unique attributes which can provide you with quality-of-life skills.

Item Name Required Class Description
Rage of Harrogath Barbarian Upon afflicting Bleed on Elites, there is a chance that this will decrease the cooldowns of your non-ultimate skills by one second.
Raiment of the Infinite Sorcerer Enemies near you are pulled towards you and CC’ed for a few seconds upon using Teleport. However, the cooldown for Teleport is increased by a small percentage.
Blood Artisan’s Cuirass Necromancer A free Bone Spirit that deals extra damage based on your present Life percentage spawns after you pick up Blood Orbs.
Razorplate Any Class Gain some thorns
Insatiable Fury Druid  Your true form becomes that of a werebear, and all werebear skills now have a rank bonus of two.
Mad Wolf’s Glee Druid  Your true form becomes that of a werewolf, and all werewolf skills now have a rank bonus of two.

Unique Gloves

Gloves are essential accessories designed to cover and protect our hands in various situations. They serve a multitude of purposes, ranging from safety and hygiene to fashion and performance while also providing additional functionalities.

Item Name Required Class Description
Fists of Fate Any Class Your attack deals damage between [x1] and [x2]% randomly.
Grasp of Shadow Rogue There is a chance of summoning a Shadow Clone that replicates your attacks when you damage a Vulnerable opponent with a Marksman or Cutthroat skill.
Gloves of the Illuminator Sorcerer Fireball’s explosion now causes less damage but bounces as it moves, bursting each time it strikes the ground.
Howl from Below Necromancer Your attack deals damage between [x1] and [x2]% randomly.
Frostburn Any Class Freeze foes for a few seconds with a chance.
Gohr’s Devastating Grips Barbarian When Whirlwind ends, it explodes, causing Fire damage equal to a precentage of the total Base damage dealt to opponents nearby.
Outcast’s Handwraps Sorceress Gain:+ 2 ranks of Incinerate+ 8 Fire Damage over time+ [8% to 11.5%] chance to slow enemies.

Unique Pants

Pants, also known as trousers, are a fundamental piece of clothing widely used by people around the world. Designed to cover the lower body, pants serve both functional and stylistic purposes.

Item Name Required Class Description
Temerity Any Class You receive a Barrier for a percentage of your Total Life that spans for some seconds when you heal beyond a certain amount of life.
Eyes in the Dark Rogue Death Trap will continuously re-arm itself until it kills an opponent if it doesn’t hit a boss or player. Death Trap’s cooldown is nevertheless extended.
Storm’s Companion Druid Your wolf companions get imbued with the storm’s power; they now deal lightning damage and have the Storm Howl skill.
Iceheart Brais Sorcerer Frozen enemies have a chance to trigger a Frost Nova upon dying. 

Unique Boots

Boots are versatile and practical footwear designed to provide protection and support for the feet and ankles. Whether you’re hiking through rugged terrains, working in hazardous environments, or simply braving the elements, boots offer unmatched durability and functionality.

Item Name Required Class Description
Greaves of the Empty Tomb Necromancer As your Sever specters move, you can desecrate the ground beneath them to deal Shadow damage to targets over the course of a few seconds.
Penitent Greaves Any Class You leave a trail of ice that afflicts the opponents with Chills. Adversaries. When an enemy is chilled, you deal increased damage to them.
100,000 Steps Barbarian You automatically perform Ground Stomp and receive an additional damage benefit from the Walking Arsenal Key Passive after completing the final damage increase. You can only use this once every few seconds.
ESU’s Heirloom Sorcerer A percentage of your movement speed bonus is added to your Critical Strike Chance.

These are all the Unique items in the game and are considered the best armor pieces to exist in Diablo 4. The unique effects from all these items can massively change the outcome of a fight and give you more ways to attack.

While some unique items are class-specific, such armor pieces can be used by players of any class. So, make sure, you keep an eye out for these items if you wish to stand at the top of the server.

Final Remarks

These are all the Diablo 4 Best Armor Pieces. However, to get them, you will have to grind through the game as they are available during the later stages of the game. During the early stages, keep in mind the rarity classification of items to get a better grasp of the armor’s worth.

Furthermore, ensure that the armor you take helps with whatever build you are going for. This could mean that you might have to take the less stat-heavy item due to its impact on your build;

With that, we conclude our Diablo 4 Best Armor guide. Let us know down below what you think is an underrated Armor item.

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