Diablo 4: BEST Assassin Build [Skills, Class & Gems]

Having played Diablo 4 for more than 80+ hours, I can provide the best information on the best assassin build.

Diablo 4 best assassin build.
Take a look at our Diablo 4 best assassin build.

If you want to build a complete assassin, adopt my assassin build. It’s based on the Rogue Class and relies primarily on Shadow damage and Imbuement. This guide discusses the best assassin build and how to maximize your mobility and damage on the battlefield.

About The Author

Shoaib has been playing Diablo 4 for more than 80+ hours, and he knows almost all the important aspects of the game. His Blizzard ID is SHiNiGaMii#21470, and you can trust his information about Diablo 4 as he has hands-on experience.

Key Takeaways

  • This Assassin build uses Blade Shift as your Basic Skill, Twisting Blades, Shadow Step, Dark Shroud, Shadow Imbuement, and Shadow Clone as your main Skills.
  • Choose Momentum as your Key Passive to receive several buffs at once. Other resourceful Passives include Stutter Step, Siphoning Strikes, Rapid Gambits, Trick Attacks, Malice, Concussive, Precision Imbuement, Shadow Crash, and Sturdy.
  • I highly recommend building the Aspect of Unstable Imbuements, Cheat’s Aspect, Ravenous Aspect, Bladedancer’s Aspect, and the Aspect of Corruption.
  • Since this is a Rogue assassin build, you must decide on a Specialization. You should build Combo Points, which have good synergy with Twisting Blades.
  • As for the Gems, you should build Emerald on the Weapon, Ruby on the Armor, and Skull on the Jewelry slots.

Why Do I Prefer Rogue Class?

The Rogue Class is perfect for moving swiftly and eliminating individual targets in a single hit due to high DPS skills; therefore, it will work best as an assassin.

Active Skills

Our suggested Active Skills for the assassin build.
These are the Skills that I recommend building on your assassin. (Image captured by us)
Blade ShiftBasicStabs the target rapidly and dashes, dealing 15% damage and letting you move through foes for some time.Enhanced Blade Shift, Fundamental Blade Shift1
Twisting BladesCore, ImbueableYour blades go through a single target, dealing 45% damage. During this impaled state, they will receive an extra 8% damage from you. The blades will come back to you after 1.5 seconds, impaling enemies once again and dealing 72% damage. The damage increases with Combo Points as well as an additional Movement Speed boost.Enhanced Twisting Blades, Improved Twisting Blades1
Shadow StepAgilityYou can rapidly move in the shadows, impaling enemies for 72% damage while remaining Unstoppable. After Shadow Step ends, you gain a 2-second 50% Movement Speed boost.Enhanced Shadow Step, Disciplined Shadow Step1
Dark ShroudSubterfuge5 shadows provide cover as you move through the arena. Whenever you take damage, a shadow is consumed, reducing that damage. You receive an 8.8% Damage Reduction boost for every active shadow.Enhanced Dark Shroud, Countering Dark Shroud3
Shadow ImbuementImbuementYour weapon becomes Imbued with shadows. The next two Imbueable Skills will deal Shadow damage to enemies while also infecting them for 6 seconds. When these infected foes die, they explode, dealing AoE damage (56%). If the enemy doesn't die before the infection runs out, only that target will receive the damage.Enhanced Shadow Imbuement, Blended Shadow Imbuement5
Shadow CloneUltimateYou create a Shadow Clone that does everything you do, including your attacks. But the damage is reduced to only 60%. The Clone disappears after 15 seconds.Prime Shadow Clone, Supreme Shadow Clone1

I highly suggest Blade Shift for your Basic Skill. It not only deals a medium amount of damage but also enables mobility through enemies.

  • Key Passive:

    • Momentum: Provides a balance of defense and agility, synergizing with various skills.

    Active Skill Passives:

    1. Stutter Step: Increases Movement Speed, enhancing mobility.
    2. Siphoning Strikes: Provides Max HP healing upon Critical Strikes.
    3. Trick Attacks: Knocks Down enemies, especially effective with Fundamental Blade Shift and Improved Twisting Blades.
    4. Concussive: Boosts Critical Strike Chance when Knocking Down enemies.
    5. Rapid Gambits: Reduces Evade Cooldown, facilitating faster movement.
    6. Malice: Makes enemies Vulnerable, increasing damage taken.
    7. Sturdy: Reduces damage received, balancing survivability.

    Imbuement and Shadow Skills:

    • Precision Imbuement: Increases Critical Strike Chance for Imbued Skills.
    • Shadow Crash: Adds Shadow damage and has a 10% chance of Stunning enemies, complementing Momentum.

    These Passives work together to create a well-rounded assassin build with mobility, survivability, and damage potential.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills for the assassin build.
I highly suggest building these Passive Skills. (Image captured by us)
Momentum (Key Passive)Cutthroat Skills, when hitting a Dazed, Frozen, or Stunned enemy or any foe from behind, generate a stack of Momentum. Each 3 stacks of Momentum grant 30% more Energy Regeneration, 20% Damage Reduction, and 15% Movement Speed. This effect lasts 8 seconds.1
Stutter StepYou receive a 10% Movement Speed boost when landing Critical Strikes on enemies. This lasts for 4 seconds.2
Siphoning StrikesEach Critical Strike on a Close enemy heals 3% of your Max HP.3
Rapid GambitsWhenever you Daze a foe, the Cooldown on Evade reduces by 1.5%.3
MaliceVulnerable enemies take 6% extra damage from you.2
Trick AttacksCritically Striking a Dazed enemy will Knock them Down for 1.5 seconds.3
ConcussiveKnocking Down or Back a foe will grant 12% additional Critical Strike Chance against them, lasting 3 seconds.3
Precision ImbuementImbued Skills have a +9% higher Critical Strike Chance.3
Shadow CrashYour Shadow damage may Stun targets for 1.5 seconds (10% chance).3
SturdyClose Damage against you gets reduced by 12%.3

For your Key Passive, opt for Momentum. It works well with Blade Shift, Twisting Blades, Shadow Crash, Fundamental Blade Shift, and Improved Twisting Blades. It’s an excellent all-around defensive and agility Skill.

Active Skill Passives:

  1. Stutter Step: Increases Movement Speed, enhancing mobility.
  2. Siphoning Strikes: Provides Max HP healing upon landing Critical Strikes.
  3. Trick Attacks: Knocks Down enemies, particularly effective with Fundamental Blade Shift and Improved Twisting Blades.
  4. Concussive: Grants a Critical Strike Chance boost when Knocking Down an enemy, increasing the chance for more Knock Downs via Trick Attacks.
  5. Rapid Gambits: Reduces Evade Cooldown, enabling faster movement.
  6. Malice: Inflicts Vulnerability on enemies, making them take increased damage.
  7. Sturdy: Decreases damage received, improving survivability.

Imbuement and Shadow Skills:

  • Precision Imbuement: Enhances the Critical Strike Chance of Imbued Skills.
  • Shadow Crash: Adds Shadow damage and has a 10% chance to Stun enemies, complementing the Momentum Key Passive.

Skill Tree

Blade Shift1
Enhanced Blade Shift1
Fundamental Blade Shift1
Twisting Blades1
Enhanced Twisting Blades1
Improved Twisting Blades1
Shadow Step1
Enhanced Shadow Step1
Disciplined Shadow Step1
Stutter Step2
Dark Shroud3
Enhanced Dark Shroud1
Countering Dark Shroud1
Siphoning Strikes3
Shadow Imbuement5
Enhanced Shadow Imbuement1
Blended Shadow Imbuement1
Rapid Gambits3
Shadow Clone1
Prime Shadow Clone1
Supreme Shadow Clone1
Trick Attacks3
Precision Imbuement3
Shadow Crash3

My recommended Skill Tree path for the best assassin build in Diablo 4 is shown above. I highly recommend first building your Basic, Core, and Agility Skills in this build. These grant you significant bonuses on the playing field.

  • Upgrade them to the max, and you can alternate between Passive and Active Skills. But don’t build your Key Passive just yet. Build your Subterfuge, Imbuement, and Ultimate Skills first.
  • After that, you can move on to building your Key Passive Momentum and then finally complete all of your Passives in no particular order.
  • You can swap Passives like Sturdy and Shadow Crash for Active Skill Ranks.

Gear And Weapons

  • Helm: Archon Helm of the Protector
  • Chest Armor: Doom Armor of Disobedience
  • Gloves: Mangler’s Runic Gloves
  • Pants: Umbrous Boneweave Faulds
  • Boots: Boneweave Treads of Shared Misery
  • Amulet: Chain of Corruption
  • Ring 1: Accelerating Band
  • Ring 2: Vengeful Circle
  • Ranged Weapon: Bladedancer’s Warcaster
  • Dual-Wield Weapon 1: Edgemaster’s Royal Boneblade
  • Dual-Wield Weapon 2: Edgemaster’s Flammard

This is my recommended Gear and Weapons build. As you can see, almost all of these Weapons are Legendary Weapons. Hence, they will be harder to acquire. Thus, it would be best to opt for some Unique or Rare Weapons before you go for the Legendary ones.

One thing of note here is the Ranged Weapon. I decided to go for a Bladedancer’s Warcaster. It has good range and is an excellent backup for when you need to hit enemies from afar. I recommend using the assassin build to get up close and personal with foes.

If you want more information on Legendary Items in Diablo 4, check out my Diablo 4 Legendaries guide.

Legendary Aspects

Legendary AspectEffectsGear Used On
Aspect of DisobedienceWhile dealing damage, you receive an Armor of 0.25% to 0.5%, at a max of 25% to 50%.Helm
Eluding AspectYou become Unstoppable if you get Injured when being Crowd Controlled.Chest Armor
Aspect of Unstable ImbuementsImbuement Skills cause an Imbued explosion to occur, dealing AoE damage and applying the Imbued status debuff on all enemies.Gloves
Cheat's AspectCrowd Controlled enemies deal 15% to 25% less damage to you. Additionally, you receive 15% Movement Speed.Pants
Penitent GreavesYou leave a chilling trail behind you that Chills enemies. Chilled enemies receive 7% to 10% more damage.Boots
Edgemaster's AspectDepending on your Primary Resources, your Skills deal 10% to 20% more damage. Power increased by 50% on Amulet.Amulet
Energizing AspectBasic Skill hits against Elite enemies regenerate 3-7 Energy.Ring 1
Ravenous AspectWhen you kill a Vulnerable enemy, you receive a 50% to 70% Energy Regeneration boost. This effects lasts 4 secondsRing 2
Aspect of the ExpectantYour next Core Skill deals 5% to 10% more damage (max 30%) after you hit foes with your Basic Skill. Ranged Weapon
Bladedancer's AspectYour Twisting Blades will revolve around the arena for a short period while also dealing 10% to 15% damage to enemies. The damage increases to 20% to 30% depending on the range the blades returned. Has a 100% Power boost.Dual-Wield Weapon 1
Aspect of CorruptionImbuement Skills have 20% to 40% more damage against enemies that are Vulnerable.Dual-Wield Weapon 2

Here are my recommended Legendary Aspects for the assassin build. You won’t be able to get all of these early on in the game. So here are the more important ones.

  • Aspect of Unstable Imbuements: This aspect works best with your Shadow Imbuement and Precision Imbuement. It enhances Imbued Twisted Blades, creating more Imbued explosions and dealing area damage to enemies.

  • Cheat’s Aspect: Reduce damage taken from Crowd Controlled enemies. This aspect synergizes well with skills like Blended Shadow Imbuement, Shadow Crash, Fundamental Blade Shift, and Improved Twisting Blades.

  • Ravenous Aspect: Maximize Energy Regeneration when hitting Vulnerable enemies. This aspect complements Blended Shadow Imbuement, enhancing your resource management.

  • Bladedancer’s Aspect: Make Twisting Blades orbit the arena, dealing extra damage to enemies. The damage output increases with the range of the returning blades.

  • Aspect of Corruption: This aspect boosts the damage of your Imbuement Skills against Vulnerable enemies. It works perfectly with Twisting Blades, Shadow Imbuement, Precision Imbuement, and Blended Shadow Imbuement.

Specialization: Combo Points

I recommend using the Combo Points Specialization with this build. With this Specialization, your Basic Skill will generate Combo Points.

Your other Skills can then use these Combo Points for enhanced effects. Precisely, your Twisting Blades Core Skill’s damage will scale with the number of Combo Points you have. You also get extra Movement Speed, perfect for an assassin build.


Diablo 4 best assassin build recommended Gem configuration.
This is my recommended Gem configuration. (Image captured by us)
WeaponEmeraldVulnerable enemies receive +12% Critical Strike Damage.
ArmorRubyMax HP +4%.
JewelrySkullArmor +250.

For the Gems, I highly recommend building Emerald on the Weapon, Ruby on the Armor, and Skull on the Jewelry slots.

The Ruby and Skull grant you extra Max Life and Armor, respectively, boosting your sustainability in the arena. However, the Emerald makes you deal more Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable enemies. It works perfectly with Blended Shadow Imbuement.

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Paragon Board

Node TypeEffects
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Rare NodeMax Life +4%, Damage +10%, +10% damage if Intelligence requirement is met.
Magic NodeMax Life +2%
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Normal NodeStrength +5
Normal NodeWillpower +5
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Normal NodeStrength +5
Normal NodeIntelligence +5
Magic NodeArmor +50
Rare NodeDexterity +10, Armor +100, +100 Armor if Strength requirement is met.
Rare GlyphYou deal more damage to Vulnerable enemies proportional to every 5 Strength built within the range. Enemies hit become Vulnerable. The effect can only be triggered once every 20 seconds per enemy.
Normal NodeWillpower +5
Normal NodeStrength +5
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Magic NodeDamage +7
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Normal NodeDexterity +10, Damage +10%, +10% Damage if Intelligence requirements are met.
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Normal NodeWillpower +5
Normal NodeStrength +5
Normal NodeStrength +5
Board Attachment GateStrength +5, Willpower +5, Dexterity +5, Intelligence +5.

I recommend the Paragon Board configuration for your assessing build. Remember that this is only the Starting Board, and you may change your strategy for subsequent boards.

At the end of this configuration, your Starting Board stats should look like this:

  • Dexterity: 70
  • Intelligence: 39
  • Strength: 39
  • Willpower: 10

  • High DPS
  • Decent Mobility
  • High AoE Damage

  • Defenses are low
  • Not good against enemy hoards

My Experience With Assassin Build

My Assassin build is ideal for players who want quick movement and maximum single-target damage. This build uses the Rogue Class and relies on Twisting Blades as its primary damage-dealing Skill.

Blade Shift is your basic Skill that adds a level of mobility that’s only complemented by Shadow Step. Dark Shroud is your primary defensive Skill, while Shadow Imbuement appends Shadow damage to your Core Skill, Twisting Blades.

And finally, there’s the Ultimate Shadow Clone, which creates a clone of you to help you in battle.

For the best Druid build, check out the Diablo 4 best Druid build guide. If you want the Barbarian build, then head to the best Barbarian guide. Do remember that the rouge build is also one of the best AOE build in the game so I have done a variation for that version of it too, which you can check here: Diablo 4: Best AOE Class [Rogue Build]

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