Diablo 4 Best Class: Tier List [All Ranked]

Having played Diablo 4 for more than 80+ hours, I can provide a tier list with Best Class in Diablo 4.

Best Class Diablo 4
Here is a guide on Best Class in Diablo 4.

Whether you prefer shooting spells at enemies from afar, diving into them like an assassin, or simply becoming defensive and still dealing massive damage, the newly launched Diablo 4 has it all. There aren’t major complaints about any specific class, and players are enjoying Diablo 4 no matter the class picked. However, that doesn’t mean some class isn’t stronger and more preferable than other. So, continue reading to discover the best class Diablo 4 holds and start leveling up faster.

Key Takeaways

  • There are five classes in Diablo 4; Necromancer, Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, and Druid.
  • Each class comes with a unique mechanic, a different playstyle, and new skill sets.
  • Rogue is on top of our Diablo 4 Best Class tier list. The class is versatile, highly mobile, and carries the highest DPS of all classes. However, the playstyle is quite difficult to get used to.
  • Sorcerers are in A-Tier due to their AoE and single-target damage without getting too close. Players can have good crowd control, mobility, and defensive skills to choose more. The class is extremely easy to play with compared to some others.
  • Necromancers are another class on A-Tier. Staying back and letting the dead fight for you is the play style. The summoned dead army can clear massive hordes in a short time, especially with Corpse Explosion. Though, if you can not generate corpses, killing single-target enemies becomes dreadful and dangerous.
  • Barbarians are also in A-Tier, due to their defensive and offensive characteristics, both. You can single-handedly clear hordes while constantly absorbing damage. The problem arises with long countdowns and managing Fury. Also, the class is bad for levelling up faster.
  • Druid class is on the B-Tier of the list. The damage output is insane but only above 40-50 level, that too after depending on correct legendary aspects and a build. Druids are slow levelers and result in dying a lot early on. Mobility is pretty bad, too, compared to other classes.
About The Author

Shoaib has been playing Diablo 4 for more than 80+ hours, and he knows almost all the important aspects of the game. His Blizzard ID is SHiNiGaMii#21470, and you can trust his information about Diablo 4 as he has hands-on experience.

Diablo 4 Classes Tier List

Here is a quick summary of all Diablo 4 classes tier list, showcasing the best class:

Class Playstyle
Rogue (S-Tier) Can fight enemies with ranged + melee weapons both, making them a flexible class. They’re highly mobile and deal impressive damage, especially with right combo points.
Sorcerer (A-Tier) Performs immense AoE and Single-target damage both. Sorcerers may be squishy, but their mobility, defense, and crowd-control skills give them an upper edge. Good for beginners to level-up faster.
Necromancer (A-Tier) Summons the dead as allied minions. Easiest class to get into as a newbie and clears hordes faster; however, it becomes weaker as you progress. Focusing solely on your revived corpses should be your strategy while creating a build.
Barbarian (A-Tier) A tank class that deals with enemies face-to-face and showers heavy AoE damage. Can carry a variety of weapons at once. Low in the tier list is mostly a result of low damage output compared to other classes, along with vulnerability to ranged attacks.
Druid (B-Tier) A class that can shapeshift into werebears or werewolves. Becomes quite tanky and deals massive damage in all forms once in the late game. They’re considered a slow starter, though, so leveling up with Druids may result in loads of deaths early on.
  • Note: Developers are continuously making changes to each class’s skills and abilities and overall damage output; therefore, the meta will keep adjusting. In addition, none of the classes is considered the worst, as each of them comes with unique attributes and playstyles. Some players may enjoy playing Druid or Barbarian more than classes higher on the list.


Rogue Diablo 4 Best Class
Rogue Class – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-Game Description: The Rogue is an adaptable, agile warrior who can specialize in ranged or close-quarters combat. She can best any foe with her imbued weapons, perform powerful combo attacks, and can augment her arsenal with deadly poisons and shadow magic to slay demons with impunity.

The reason Rogue is considered the most powerful class is not only its adaptable quality to different situations, but also its high DPS, mobility, dynamic gameplay, and massive damage output of almost any skill.

Players can become creative with a diverse set of passive skills and the three specializations; Combo Points, Preparation, and Inner Sight. We highly recommend Combo Points as your Specialization for an even perfect playthrough. You can also change the Specialization anytime during combat, so explore the other two options if you’d like. You can check out our guide on Best Rogue Build for detailed insight.

One downside of Rogue is how tough the class can be. New players will have a hard time getting into this class due to its technicality. Positioning is a major focus while playing as Rogue, so if you like being at your seat’s edge, Rogue is the way to go. The results will always be pleasing after the hard work, though.


Sorcerer Diablo 4 Best Class
Sorcerer Class – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-Game Description: The Sorceress shapes the elements into whatever form is necessary to ensure victory, from hurling bolts of Lightning, impaling her foes upon jagged spikes of ice, and raining flaming meteors down from the sky.

A sorcerer class masters in elemental magic and deals damage surrounding Lightning, Frost, and Flame skills. Players can alter their Sorcerer build in a way that deals massive AoE damage and crowd control, whether it’s from a burning effect, freezing effect, or lightning strikes. The further you progress, the more AoE skills you unlock. Not to forget, this class is easy to play compared to Rogue, Druid, and Barbarian.

A leveled-up Sorcerer can melt down hordes of enemies in an instant. However, close encounters with those enemies can result in instant death. The squishiness of a Sorcerer may be an issue, but Defensive Skills resolves some of that. Most players stick with Frost Nova or Teleport as their Defensive Skill in order to increase survivability. Pick the one you prefer the most, keep a distance from enemies, and shoot spells at them.

Another thing to beware of is Mana, the main source of all the skills for Sorcerer. As a new player, you might find it infuriating to keep mana in check. Being mindful of your mana usage is extremely important as a Sorcerer. Though, the damage output of each skill is worth every mana that was costed.


Necromancer Class – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-Game Description: Necromancers are cunning summoners that conjure vengeful hordes of the undead. Their Essence flows into three powerful bastions of Bone, Blood, or Shadow to bring low their enemies.

Necromancers are a Summoner class of Diablo 4. Staying back and summoning the dead as your minions is the main focus of this class. The reason Diablo 4’s Necromancer class stands in the Top three for us is due to the strong single-target + AoE damage. Players unlock their unique class mechanic, Book of the Dead, upon reaching level 5. Here, you can customize your Dead Minions; Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and the Golem deeply. The further you progress with Necromancer, the more options you unlock for your walking dead.

A well-customized army of Necromancers easily clears massive hordes. Necromancers can even sacrifice a specific minion category and become stronger as a result. The Dead Army is good at crowd control and explosion damage. Yes, your corpses can explode and result in AoE damage, taking down multiple enemies at once. There are multiple skills in your Skill Tree to obtain Corpse Explosion, which we highly recommend getting.

Necromancers perform better in higher world tiers due to an abundance of enemy spawns. However, this class lacks the ability to take down Bosses instantly. If you run out of your dead army and fail to generate Corpses, you’ll have to depend on a lot of moving around and shooting attacks at Bosses, which can be a tedious and deadly process. Check out our Top 4 Best Necromancer Builds and avoid getting into such situations frequently.


Barbarian Class – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-Game Description: The Barbarian has unparalleled strength and expertly wields an entire arsenal in battle, with a weapon for every occasion. He bellows intimidating war cries and unleashes ground-shaking slams to send approaching hordes reeling.

Barbarian is considered the tankiest class of Diablo 4, absorbing most of the damage thrown at them. There is a lot of room to explore while playing as a Barbarian. You get to play with four different weapons, thanks to the unique class mechanic – Arsenal System. Each weapon is customizable with any skill you assign to it. You can switch to a different weapon that’d work better in some sticky situations.

Barbarians are a beginner-friendly class and won’t give up on you too quickly while you’re still learning the basics. However, this same class is a pretty bad leveler too. You may learn a lot about the game’s mechanics while playing as a Barbarian, but your leveling-up progress will immensely slow down. Not only are the Barbarians weak to ranged attack, but they also come with dreadful countdowns. Managing the Fury resource can become quite annoying, too, same as mana for Sorcerers.

Though once leveled up along with a proper build, Barbarian will not only deal massive damage to hordes of enemies but also become extremely sustainable. Players will definitely be happy to stick around till the endgame with this class.


Diablo 4 Best Class
Druid Class – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • In-Game Description: The Druid is a savage shapeshifter, fluidly transforming between the forms of a towering bear or a vicious werewolf to fight alongside the creatures of the wild. He also commands the power of earth, wind, and storm, unleashing nature’s wrath to devastating effect.

Druids are surely one of the strongest classes when it comes to damage output. They’re a versatile class who can perform both, melee and ranged attacks. Druids are the shapeshifter class, changing into a werebear or a werewolf, depending on the battle situation. You can alter your build, focusing on any of those two animals more. Shapeshifting and versatile nature automatically mean good positioning. If you’re a new player with no positioning sense, Druids may give you a hard time.

The issue arises when Druids fail to level up faster. It is probably one of the slowest classes when it comes to leveling up. You’ll die a lot, and overall, progress becomes extremely slow. The true damage output of Druids only appears after the 40-50 levels and hugely depends on legendary aspects. Check out our Best Druid Build detailed guide on which important legendary aspects to using, along with other skills.

Once players reach a higher level with a perfect build, Druid becomes extremely tanky and deals massive damage, making it a fun and unstoppable class to play with. If you have the patience, Druid will be a perfect pick for your adventures in the long run.

Final Remarks

Diablo 4 did not disappoint when it came to classes. You can’t consider any class unplayable or boring because of how dynamic the skillset is. You can customize your character any way you’d like and explore around with different builds. However, Rogue is definitely the strongest class out of all five. That doesn’t mean other classes aren’t worth playing, though. Any class with a perfect build will be rewarding. Some may lack in leveling up, mobility, or damage output, so, try out the one your playstyle aligns with the most. Happy Gaming!

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