Diablo 4: Best DPS Class [Rogue Build]

As I have invested more than 100 hours in Diablo 4, this Diablo 4 Best DPS class will inform you of what the highest damage output class in the game is and how to properly utilize it.

Considering both early and end-game gameplay, the Rogue class is consistent in its carnage. Rogue is a highly versatile class with excellent movement, high DPS, and skills that allow for weapon Imbuement, which aids in extra DPS against enemies.

The class has abilities that will enable it to deal massive damage against single targets and with hoards of enemies utilizing its daggers. Hence, my pick for the best DPS class in Diablo 4.

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With 80+ hours in Diablo 4, I am an expert on the game, and you can trust my details on Diablo 4.

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Key Takeaways

  • Rogue is one of the most versatile and high DPS classes In Diablo 4.
  • The highest DPS rogue build is the Twisting Blade build.
  • Rogue is capable of dealing massive damage due to cooldown reduction.
  • It scales well in the end game and quickly takes on enemies while under-leveled.

Rogue DPS Build

Why is Rogue Ideal?

It offers great mobility with the capability to deal immense damage instantly and has versatile gameplay thanks to the Rogue Class.

The rogue class has several builds, but there is one that separates itself as the undisputed best DPS build. The build in question is the Twisting Blades build.

It is a swift and speedy build with lots of cooldown reduction and massive damage output. All this does, however, come at the price of defense.

The build is a tad harder to pull off than DPS builds for other classes, but the high-risk, high-reward aspect is well worth the effort. If you’re looking for a fun and agile damage dealer, this build is for you.


Skills for the best DPS class on Rogue
Skills for the best DPS build on Rogue (Captured By Us)

SkillTypeSkill DescriptionUpgrades
Twisting BladesCore, Cutthroat, ImbueableBolt toward an enemy, slashing them for 36% damage.Improved Twisting Blades, Enhanced Twisting Blades, Advanced Twisting Blades
Poison TrapActiveLay a trap with a 1.25-second arming time. When an enemy enters the radius, It activates, dealing 344% poison damage over 9 seconds to all nearby enemies. Four traps can be set up simultaneously.Enhanced Poison Trap, Countering Poison Trap, Subverting Poison Trap
DashActiveBolt toward an enemy, slashing them for 36% damage.Disciplined Dash, Methodical Dash, Enhanced Dash
Shadow StepActiveBecome Unstoppable and dash through the shadows appearing behind the opponent, stabbing them in the back for 72% damage. Gain 50% increased movement speed for 2 seconds after using the skill.Enhanced Shadow Step, Methodical Shadow Step, Disciplined Shadow Step
Dark ShroudActiveSurround yourself with up to 5 protective shadows. Gain 8.0% Damage Reduction per active shadow. Each time you take direct damage, that damage is reduced, and a shadow is consumed.Enhanced Dark Shroud, Subverting Dark Shroud, Countering Dark Shroud
Shadow CloneActiveCreates a shadow clone of the Rogue that mirrors the player's action for 15 seconds. The shadow deals 60% of your damage.Prime Shadow Clone, Supreme Shadow Clone.

Skills for Rogue Build 

Twisting Blades

Rogue Skill Twisting Blades.
Twisting Blades

The central ability in this build is the Twisting Blades. It’s a short-range melee attack that impales the enemies with two daggers, returning to the player after 1.5 seconds, piercing through all enemies as they move.

This skill is the bread and butter of this build, which can be used alongside skills like Shadow Step to cover a distance in the battlefield and completely eradicate an entire room full of enemies.

Twisting Blades can also be lethal against boss-type enemies, especially when other foes are around the boss. In light of the above information, I suggest repeatedly using Twisting Blades and then dashing toward the boss for it to be impaled by all the daggers returning to you. This skill should be maxed out for players as this is one of the primary sources of damage.

Poison Trap

Poison Trap Rogue Skill
Poison Trap

Poison Trap is more of a skill where the player would use it as many times as possible at the beginning of the fight and then fight the foes after the traps activate, dealing poison damage to everyone around. This skill helps trickle down the boss’s HP and does tick damage on a hoard of enemies.


Dash rogue skill

Dash is a self-explanatory skill where the player bolts toward an enemy and deals slashing damage. Dash and Shadow Steps are good movement abilities and should be paired with Twisting Blades to make for a great combo where the distance the returning blades travel increases, which would entail more DPS potential.

Shadow Step

Shadow Step Rogue Skill
Shadow Step

Shadow Step is a great movement skill where the player travels through the shadows and appears behind the enemy, backstabbing them for quite a bit of damage. The distance traveled by this skill is excellent, especially when paired with Twisting Blades. The damage output with this skill is stellar, and not only that, the skill is entertaining to use.

Dark Shroud

Dark Shroud Rogue Skill
Dark Shroud

Playing Rogue often leads to fast-paced combat where your character dashes from one place to another. 

This is where Dark Shroud comes in to give you a bit of damage resistance and keep you alive. As weak as the defense is on rogue, this skill allows you to adapt to the learning curve.

Shadow Clone

Shadow Clone Rogue Skill
Shadow Clone

Shadow clone summons a clone of the player, mimicking the actions for 15 seconds. The initial cooldown may seem sub-par at 60 seconds, but this is where the rogue class shines.

Rogue builds specialize in cooldown reduction and only grow stronger as Diablo 4 progresses. In the end, game players could even have a 100% uptime on their clones, which would mean your already high-damage rogue character now does double damage.

Skill Tree

Before looking at the entire skill tree for my DPS class, here’s a quick rundown of the passives and what they do in the skill tree.

PassivesEffectsPoints Allocated
SturdyYou gain 12% close damage reduction3
Siphoning StrikesHeal for 3% max hp when you crit a close enemy3
Weapon MasteryGain a bonus when attacking based on weapon type:
-Daggers: 5% increased damage to Healthy enemies.
-Swords:  3% increased damage.
-Bows:  4% increased damage to vulnerable enemies.
-Crossbows: 5% increased Critical Strike Damage.
ConcussiveAfter Knocking Back or Knocking Down an enemy, you gain a 4% increased critical strike chance against them for 3 seconds.3
Trick AttacksWhen you Critically Strike a Dazed enemy, they are Knocked Down for 0.5 seconds.1
ExploitYou deal 6% increased damage to Healthy and injured enemies.3
MaliceYou deal 3% increased damage to vulnerable enemies.3
InnervationLucky Hit: Up to a 10% chance to gain 8 Energy3
Trap MasteryWhen Poison Trap or Death Trap is activated, you gain a 4% increased critical strike chance against vulnerable and crowd-controlled enemies for 4 seconds.3
Adrenaline RushWhile moving, you gain 5% increased Energy Regeneration1
HasteWhile at or above 50% maximum Energy, gain 5% increased movement speed. While below 50% maximum Energy, gain 5% increased Attack Speed.3
Momentum Cutthroat Skills grant a stack of Momentum for 8 seconds if they either:
Hit a Stunned, Dazed, or frozen enemy.
Hit any enemy from behind.
While at 3 stacks of Momentum, you gain:
20% increased Damage Reduction
30% [x] increased Energy Regeneration
15% [x] increased movement speed

Skills Tree comparison

Basic Skills

Basic skill tree Diablo 4 DPS Class| Build planner from d4gbuilds.
Basic skill tree | Build planner from d4gbuilds.

  • Puncture 1/5
  • Enhanced Puncture 1/1

Core Skills

Core Skill tree | Build planner from d4gbuilds.
Core Skill tree | Build planner from d4gbuilds.

  • Twisting Blades 5/5
  • Enhanced Twisting Blades 1/1
  • Advanced Twisting Blades 1/1
  • Sturdy 3/3
  • Siphoning Strikes 3/3

Agility Skills

Agility Skills for best DPS Class Diablo 4 | Build planner from d4gbuilds.
Agility Skills | Build planner from d4gbuilds.

  • Shadow Step 1/5
  • Enhanced Shadow Step 1/1
  • Disciplined Shadow Step 1/1
  • Concussive 3/3
  • Trick Attacks 3/3
  • Dash 1/5
  • Enhanced Dash 1/1
  • Disciplined Dash 1/1
  • Weapon Mastery 3/3

Subterfuge Skills

Subterfuge Skills | Build planner from d4gbuilds.
Subterfuge Skills | Build planner from d4gbuilds.

  • Poison Trap 1/5
  • Enhanced Poison Trap 1/1
  • Exploit 3/3
  • Malice 3/3
  • Dark Shroud 1/5

Imbuement Skills

Imbuement Skills DPS Class Diablo 4 | build planner from d4gbuilds.
Imbuement Skills | build planner from d4gbuilds.

  • Deadly venom 1/3
  • Debilitating Toxins 3/3
  • Alchemical Advantage 1/3

Ultimate Skills

Ultimate Skills | Build planner from d4gbuilds.
Ultimate Skills | Build planner from d4gbuilds.

  • Shadow Clone 1/1
  • Prime Shadow Clone 1/1
  • Supreme Shadow Clone 1/1
  • Innervation 3/3
  • Trap Mastery 3/3
  • Adrenaline Rush 1/3
  • Haste 3/3

Key Passives

Key Passives DPS Class DIablo 4 | Build planner from d4gbuilds.
Key Passives | Build planner from d4gbuilds.

  • Momentum

  • Quickly deals high damage.
  • Insane movement speed.
  • Cooldown times are low.

  • Defenses are weak.
  • Most attacks are only melee, no ranged attacks.

What Would I Recommend?

I recommend the twisted blades build on Rogue as it has the best clear, highest DPS, and excellent movement, making for a quick and fun battle. For DPS, Rogue fits best because it offers versatile skills and abilities that can dish out damage quickly. 

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