Diablo 4 Best Druid Build [Skills, Aspects, Weapons]

Here is our recommended Diablo 4 best Druid build. This build is a mid-to-late-game build that focuses on Shapeshifting into a Werewolf and relies on Critical Damage and Attack Speed.

Diablo 4 best Druid build.
Take a look at our Druid Werewolf build.

The Druid in Diablo 4 is a shapeshifting Class that uses the power of nature and Spirit Animals to destroy enemies instantly. This is one of the most versatile Classes, and you can choose to Shapeshift into several types of beasts. This guide looks at the Diablo 4 best Druid build for turning into a Werewolf and quickly finishing off foes.

Key Takeaways

  • Druids are Shapeshifting fighters that feature the Spirit Boons Class Mechanic. This build is mid-to-late-game and relies on a Werewolf transformation.
  • To start, we recommend building Storm Strike, Shred, Blood Howl, Rabies, Lacerate, and Vine Creeper for your Active Skills.
  • For your Key Passive, build Lupine Ferocity. Other useful Passives are Digitigrade Gait, Electric Shock, Heightened Senses, Predatory Instinct, Call of the Wild, Toxic Claws, Bad Omen, and Ancestral Fortitude.
  • Some important Legendary Aspects for this build include the Exploiter’s Aspect, Aspect of the Blurred Beast, Aspect of the Unsatiated, Wind Striker Aspect, Accelerating Aspect, Nighthowler’s Aspect, and Shepherd’s Aspect.
  • For the Spirit Boons, build Gift of the Stag, Avian Wrath, Packleader, and Overload, with Scythe Talons as your bonus Spirit Boon.
  • For the Gems, choose Emerald for the Weapon slot, Sapphire for the Armor slot, and Skull as your Jewelry.
  • This guide also goes into detail about the Gear and Weapons, Skill Tree, and Paragon Board recommendation.

Active Skills

Diablo 4 Druid build recommended Active Skills.
Our recommended Active Skills for the Druid Werewolf build. (Image captured by us)
Storm StrikeBasicThis attack creates electricity around your weapon, damaging enemies and chaining a max of 3 surrounding foes, dealing 20% damage to the main target and 20% less damage to each subsequent chained target. This skill also generates 14 Spirit and grants 25% Damage Reduction if you deal damage with it.Enhanced Storm Strike, Fierce Storm Strike1
ShredCoreYou turn into a Werewolf and perform a triple attack, dealing 35%, 49%, and 84% damage.Enhanced Shred, Primal Shred5
Blood HowlDefensiveYou become a Werewolf and regenerate 21.8% of your Max Life.Enhanced Blood Howl, Innate Blood Howl2
RabiesWrathBecome a Werewolf and bite your enemies, dealing 34% damage along with 64% Poisoning damage. Foes affected by Rabies spread the infection to other enemies in the vicinity.Enhanced Rabies, Natural Rabies3
LacerateUltimateTurn into a Werewolf and quickly move through enemies up to 12 times, dealing 500% damage. During this time, you're Immune to damage.Prime Lacerate, Supreme Lacerate1
Vine CreeperCompanionVines will come out and strangulate surrounding foes, dealing Poison damage and Immobilizing them. A vine creeper will also occasionally damage a single target with Poison damage. Enhanced Vine Creeper, Brutal Vine Creeper1
  • We’re going full-on Werewolf for this Diablo 4 best Druid build. Hence, you’ll want to choose Storm Strike for the Basic Skills. Spend one Skill Point here and upgrade to Enhanced Storm Strike, adding a 15% chance to Immobilize enemies.
  • And when you upgrade it to Fierce Storm Strike, you have a 50% chance to make foes Vulnerable.
  • For your Core Skill, you’ll want to make Shred. It’s a three-phase Skill that deals enormous amounts of damage. Rank this to Rank 5
  • Enhanced Shred grants you an additional 30% Attack Speed and regenerates 1% of your Max HP. This only works when you hit an enemy. With Primal Shred, you perform two dashes while also boosting the Critical Strike Damage of Shred by 20%.
  • We added Blood Howl as your primary Defensive Skill, which instantly regenerates much of your HP. Enhanced Blood Howl gains Cooldown Reduction on kills, while Innate Blood Howl also replenishes 20 Spirit. It has excellent synergy with Shred.
  • Your Wrath Skill is Rabies. It’s a Poisoning Skill that can spread to other enemies. Enhanced Rabies boosts its Poisoning damage the longer it spreads. And Natural Rabies increases the spreading rate of the disease.
  • For your Ultimate, opt for Lacerate. It deals enormous amounts of damage, letting you dash and become Immune. Prime Lacerate heals 3% of your Life when there is a Critical Strike. And Supreme Lacerate ensures that the first hit is always Critical with a damage boost of 150%.
  • Finally, there’s your Companion Skill, Vine Creeper. It’s a simple creeper Skill that actively Immobilizes and Poisons enemies and passively targets a single enemy on the field.
  • Enhanced Vine Creeper boosts the Immobilization duration, while Brutal Vine Creeper boosts your Critical Strike Chance against enemies in the vines by 20%. It works best with Prime Lacerate.

Passive Skills

Druid build Passive Skills.
We suggest that you build these Passives on a Werewolf build. (Image captured by us)
Lupine Ferocity
(Key Passive)
Every 6th strike with a Werewolf Skill is guaranteed to be Critical. It will deal 60% additional damage. 1
Digitigrade GaitYour Werewolf form acquires a 9% Movement Speed boost. The boost stays for 3 seconds when you exit the form.3
Heightened SensesWhen facing Elite enemies, your Werewolf form gains 8% Damage Reduction.3
Electric ShockLighting Damage against enemies may Immobilize them (15% chance). In case the enemy is already Immobilized, they take 18% more Lightning damage.3
Predatory InstinctYour Critical Strike Chance is boosted by 6% against Close enemies.3
Toxic ClawsWhen Werewolf Skills Critically Strike, enemies receive 23% of the base damage as Poison damage.3
Bad OmenWhen hitting Immobilized, Stunned, or Vulnerable foes, you have a 30% chance to create a Lightning Strike that deals 55% damage.3
Call of the WildCompanions gain a 30% damage boost.3
Ancestral FortitudeYour resistance against non-physical attacks is boosted by 15%.3
  • You want to make Lupine Ferocity For your Key Passive. With the Attack Speed of Enhanced Shred and the passive of Prime Lacerate, Lupine Ferocity becomes a compelling Skill.
  • Next, Digitigrade Gait grants you extra Movement Speed, which works perfectly with Primal Shred and Lacerate to increase your mobility.
  • Another useful Passive is Heightened Senses, which gives some Damage Reduction against Elite enemies. It’s perfect for bosses and more formidable foes.
  • To enhance the damage from your Storm Strike, you should opt for Electric Shock. It gives you a 15% chance to Immobilize enemies with Storm Strike, making them take more damage.
  • Predatory Instinct works best against enemies that get too close. With Lacerate and Digitigrade Gait, you’ll close the distance between you and your foes and trigger this more often. It also complements Prime Lacerate.
  • Toxic Claws deals Poison damage on Critical Hits, working best with Primal Shred, Prime Lacerate, Supreme Lacerate, Brutal Vine Creeper, Lupine Ferocity, and Predatory Instinct. Its Poison damage complements that of Vine Creeper and Rabies.
  • Bad Omen and Call of the Wild are both excellent choices. Bad Omen has good synergy with Fierce Storm Strike, Enhanced Storm Strike, Vine Creeper, Enhanced Vine Creeper, and Electric Shock. Call of the Wild works best with Vine Creeper.
  • Finally, there’s Ancestral Fortitude, which adds another layer of resistance.

Skill Tree

SkillSkill Points
Storm Strike1
Enhanced Storm Strike1
Fierce Storm Strike1
Enhanced Shred1
Primal Shred1
Blood Howl2
Enhanced Blood Howl1
Innate Blood Howl1
Heightened Senses3
Enhanced Rabies1
Natural Rabies1
Electric Shock3
Vine Creeper1
Enhanced Vine Creeper1
Brutal Vine Creeper1
Call of the Wild3
Prime Lacerate1
Supreme Lacerate1
Predatory Instinct3
Lupine Ferocity1
Toxic Claws3
Bad Omen3
Ancestral Fortitude3
Digitigrade Gait3
  • Here’s how to spend your Skill Points in this Diablo 4 best Druid build. First, max out your Basic Skill, then spend some on Shred and upgrade it to the max.
  • You should then build Blood Howl as your primary Defensive Skill. Now, you can alternate between your Passive Skills and Active Skills. We recommend making Rabies, then Vine Creeper, and finally Lacerate.
  • Once you have enough Passives and have built all your Active Skills, you can rank your Shred to 5.
  • Then, do a back-and-forth with all the Passives, ranking them up in one go or one after the other. Passives such as Ancestral Fortitude and Digitigrade Gait should be built last and can even be swapped out for ranking up your Active Skills.

Gear And Weapons

  • Helm: Adventurer’s Helm of Might
  • Chest Armor: Vigorous Boneweave Armor
  • Gloves: Shepherd’s Doom Gauntlets
  • Pants: Stalker’s Onus
  • Boots: Exploiter’s Adventurer’s Boots
  • Amulet: Vigo’s Protecting Amulet
  • Ring 1: Loop of the Blurred Beast
  • Ring 2: Ring of the Umbral
  • Offhand: Stormclaw’s Totemic Staff
  • Weapon: Great Staff of the Crone

These are our recommended Gear and Weapons for the Werewolf Druid build. As you can see, most of these are Legendary or Sacred Legendary Weapons. However, there are a few exceptions, such as the Greatstaff of the Crone, a Unique Weapon, and Stalker’s Onus, which are Rare Pants.

You can always swap these Weapons out for their non-Legendary counterparts. However, you’ll want to get these Weapons anyway, as they will let you unlock some Legendary Aspects, such as the Aspect of the Umbral and Aspect of the Blurred Beast.

Legendary Aspects

Legendary AspectEffectsGear Used On
Vigorous AspectYou receive 10% to 15% Damage Reduction when you become a Werewolf.Helm
Exploiter's AspectThe time you Crowd Control enemies increases drastically. You also deal additional damage when foes become Unstoppable.Chest Armor
Aspect of the Blurred BeastShred finds Nearby Poisoned enemies and deals extra damage to them while dashing.Gloves
Skinwalker's AspectIf you transform into a Werewolf, you receive extra Life, which rolls over into Fortify when you're full on Life.Pants
Wind Striker AspectYou gain extra Movement Speed on Critical Strikes.Boots
Accelerating AspectCore Skills, when Critically Striking, enhance Attack Speed (by up to 25%). Has a 50% effectiveness boost.Amulet
Aspect of the UnsatiatedKills secured with Shred make your next Werewolf Skill deal more damage and regenerate Spirit.Ring 1
Aspect of the UmbralWhen a foe is under Crowd Control, you regenerate 1-4 of your Primary Resource.Ring 2
Shepherd's AspectFor every active Companion, your Core Skills gain a damage boost.Offhand
Nighthowler's AspectBlood Howl boosts Critical Strike Chance while also targeting nearby Players and Companions.Weapon
  • Here are our recommended Legendary Aspects for the Werewolf Druid build. Of these Aspects, a few are noteworthy.
  • First, there’s Exploiter’s Aspect, which increases your Crowd Control duration. It works best with Enhanced Storm Strike, Vine Creeper, Enhanced Vine Creeper, and Electric Shock.
  • Next, there’s the Aspect of the Blurred Beast and the Aspect of the Unsatiated. These complement Shred in one way or another.
  • There’s also the Wind Striker Aspect and Accelerating Aspect. These give you additional bonuses on your Critical Strikes, such as enhanced Attack Speed and Movement. Additionally, you should use Nighthowler’s Aspect to boost the Critical Strike Chance.
  • Finally, Shepherd’s Aspect has excellent synergy with your Companion Skills.

Spirit Boons

Spirit BoonBuffEffects
DeerGift of the Stag+10 Max Spirit.
EagleAvian Wrathx30% Critical Strike Damage.
WolfPackleaderCritical Strikes may reset the Cooldown of Companions (up to 20% chance).
SnakeOverloadLightning damage may cause a static charge to appear on the enemy (20% chance), dealing 20% damage to other foes in the vicinity.
EagleScythe TalonsCritical Strike Chance +5%.

Spirit Boons are the unique Class Mechanic of the Druid Class. You’ll need to reach Level 15 and complete the Tur Dulra Stronghold. You’ll find this in Scosglen, and after completing this quest, you’ll receive another quest that’ll unlock the four Spirits for you.

These Spirits grant you four buffs each, totaling 16 buffs. You can only equip one buff from each Spirit at a time. But if you unlock all the buffs, you get an additional fifth buff slot.

We recommend the Gift of the Stag, Avian Wrath, Packleader, and Overload as your primary Spirit Boon buffs for this build. After you get all the buffs, you can choose Scythe Talons as your fifth buff.


Diablo 4 best Druid build Gems.
Our recommended Gem configuration. (Image captured by us)
WeaponEmeraldVulnerable enemies receive +12% Critical Strike Damage.
ArmorSapphireYou take 3% less damage when Fortified.
JewelrySkullArmor +250.

Building Emerald on Weapon, Sapphire on Armor, and Skull on Jewelry is highly recommended for the Gems.

The Emerald is of particular interest here. It makes it so that Vulnerable enemies take an additional 12% Critical Strike Damage. It has good synergy with Skills like Fierce Storm Strike and Bad Omen.

Aside from that, the Sapphire is also an excellent choice for gaining Damage Reduction when Fortified, which works wonders with Skinwalker’s Aspect.

Paragon Board

Node TypeEffects
Normal NodeWillpower +5
Normal NodeSapphire
Normal NodeSkull
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Rare NodeLife +4%, Damage +10%, and if Intelligence requirements are met, an additional +10% damage boost.
Magic NodeLife +2%
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Normal NodeWillpower +5
Normal NodeIntelligence +5
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Normal NodeStrength +5
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Magic NodeResistance against every Element +2%
Magic NodeDexterity +7
Rare NodeWillpower +10, Resistance against all Elements +4%, and if Dexterity requirements are met, +4% extra Resistance to every Element.
Rare GlyphClose enemies take 2% more damage proportional to every 5 Dexterity built within the radius. Close enemies also deal 10% less damage to you.
Normal NodeStrength +5
Normal NodeIntelligence +5
Normal NodeDexterity +5
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Magic NodeIntelligence +7
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Rare NodeWillpower +10, Damage +10%, and if Intelligence requirements are met, an additional 10% damage.
Magic NodeDamage +5%
Normal NodeStrength +5
Normal NodeIntelligence +5
Normal NodeIntelligence +5
Board Attachment GateDexterity +5, Willpower +5, Strength +5, Intelligence +5

Here’s our recommended Paragon Board configuration for the Druid Werewolf build. This is only the Starting Board, so you can know what you should make on your Druid.

To start, focus more on Willpower than the other Stats. It’ll help you heal quicker and get more Overpower damage. For a tanky and versatile Werewolf build, this is perfect. Strength should be your last priority as it grants you Armor that you can get from your Skills and Aspects.

For the Rare Glyph, you should opt for the one that grants you additional damage to Close targets. Since Werewolves are primarily melee warriors, this buff will prove favorable in gameplay.

At the end of the Starting Board, your final Stats should look like this:

  • Willpower: 70
  • Dexterity: 39
  • Intelligence: 39
  • Strength: 10

Final Thoughts

Druids in Diablo 4 are incredibly unique since they can not only shapeshift into animals but also use the buffs granted by different Spirits. This was our complete Diablo 4 best Druid build, with all the recommended Actives, Passives, Aspects, and Spirit Boons.

We highly recommend using Storm Strike as your Basic Skill and Shred as your Core Skill. For your Ultimate, opt for Lacerate. And for your Key Passive, you’ll want to use Lupine Ferocity.

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