Diablo 4 Best Farming Class [RANKED]

I have spent more than 100+ hours in Diablo 4 and here's why I consider Rogue, Necromancer, and Sorcerer classes best for farming because with them.

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Diablo 4: Best Farming Class
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With 80+ hours in Diablo 4, Shoaib is an expert on the game, and you can trust what he says about Diablo 4 because he’s played it extensively.

To level up fast, you will need lots of XP in less time. For that, choosing the appropriate class is very important as farming is easier in that case. However, the best farming class depends on some factors, like PvE or leveling in Diablo 4.

Key Takeaways

  • For farming, the choice for best class can be RogueNecromancer, or Sorcerer
  • In Diablo 4, you can farm gold for gear improvement or XP that is used for leveling up.
  • Skills like Good Defense and high AOE Damage are necessary for late-game farming.
  • The mentioned classes can wipe out large groups of enemies quickly due to their very important mobility attributes.
  • A very potential farming spot includes Nightmare Dungeons, which has a final boss that contains valuable loot.

1. Rogue

Best for Late Game Farming.

Why did I Choose Rogue?

They are extremely versatile, can move quickly, and have an immense DPS arsenal that will help clear out enemies quickly and efficiently. 

Rogue class is best for farming
Rogue Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

In my opinion, due to Versatility and Maneuverability, Rogue is famous for long-range and melee attacks, as well as flanking enemies from thin pathways that help in farming. The character is fast-paced, so it can move quickly around the Battlefield. Some of the main reasons are as follows.

  • Mobility: Mobility comes in handy when your objective is to level up fast. The mobility attributes of Rogue help move around the battlefield at a fast pace and use its attacks to farm XP by knocking down enemies.
  • Versatility: Some farming scenarios require Rogue users to participate in close or long-range duels. They can do this easily due to the various abilities supporting fast-paced gameplay.
  • Customization: Rogue users can make their builds melee-focused or attack-oriented, depending on their play style. Both buildings are highly effective during a late-game farm as they can help them collect large chunks of gold coins in very little time.
  • Damage Output: The rogue class is known for its high damage against single targets. It makes the user a potential client for clearing out the final bosses in the nightmare dungeons.

Like every other, the Rogue class also has some disadvantages. As good as this class is for damage, it lacks a powerful defense; therefore, players need to keep an open mind and have good positioning to avoid taking too much damage.

  • Versatile and adaptive to every environment.
  • High DPS attacks.
  • Excellent movement speed.

  • Vulnerable and poor defense.
  • Not ideal for early-game farming.

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2. Necromancer

Best to Clear Large Crowds

Why is Necromancer Recommended?

Necromancers have a huge AoE damage that can eliminate multiple enemies at once, making it suitable to farm crowded places.

necromancer class is good for farming but not better than rogue
Necromancer Class | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

The necromancer class may not be as good as Rogue, but I still recommend it as a potential choice when it comes to farming. 

  • Speed Farming: The necromancer class allows players to make solely farming builds because of the speed. With this build, players can wipe out an area very efficiently while collecting all the loot in no time.
  • AoE Damage: With the Corpse Explosion skill, this class has strong AoE options. Using this skill, Necromancer can explode the bodies that any enemy left behind. This can deal high damage to nearby enemies that help clear large crowds.
  • Survivability: Solo farming is very supportive due to the ability to call minions on the battlefield. Raise Skeleton and Skeletal Priest skills can give strong healing and deal more damage that lets a solo player survive longer against tough bosses.
  • Build Diversity: The class offers a variety of build choices so you can make the character more useful for farming. The main things you should look for are speed and efficiency. Moreover, you can also include summoning Minion, along with casting spells from range.

Note that the mentioned attributes are the main causes of choosing the Necromancer class for farming. Players can always make the build according to their understanding by considering the abovementioned options.

  • AoE Damage is pretty buffed.
  • Can call minions for support.
  • Best against large enemy hoards.

  • Summoned minions are weak.

3. Sorcerer

Best Tank-like Farming Build

Why did I choose Sorcerer?

The Sorcerer has the best survival chances thanks to its Ice Armor, in addition to the colossal AoE Damage and Crowd Control skills to deal with large groups of enemies.

sorcerer class is also good for farming
Sorcerer Class | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Along with electrocuting demons, freezing or burning them, and getting known for your strength, the Sorcerer class can be a good choice when you want to farm lots of XP or gather loot. 

  • Crowd Control: To gather loot from a bunch of enemies, I recommend a powerful crowd control ability that will slow them down, making them more vulnerable. Sorcerers have crown control skills, such as Ice Armor that can do the job.
  • Versatility: The flexibility of the Sorcerer class is what makes it a potential client for farming. Players can combine the crowd control abilities with the AOE damage to gather loot or XP for leveling up.
  • High Burst Damage: Sorcerers have very high AOE damage, due to which they can wipe out large groups of enemies, making it easier to loot. Moreover, the Hydra spell is very strong for clearing several enemies in one go.
  • Tankiness: Unlike Rogue, the Sorcerer class has good defense by using Ice Armor. This can help avoid damage when you are farming, as there will be a lot of resistance. Other mobility options for Sorcerers can help move around the enemies quickly and efficiently.

  • Slow down and sabotage whole enemy clusters.
  • High AoE Damage.
  • Good survival chances.

  • Poor close combat skills.
  • Heavily Mana dependent.

Best Farming Class Comparison

Most players possess knowledge about classes in Diablo 4, but they still can’t decide on the best class due to a lack of comparison. Hence, I have summarized all the results in a single table for you to pick up your optimal farming class.

Can move around the battlefield quicklyCan clear large areas quickly that are full of lootCrowd Control skills such as Ice Armor
Good in close- or long-range duelsHigh AOE Damage due to Corpse Explosion SkillGather more loop by combining AOE Damage with Crowd Control
More effective in late-game farmingCan survive longer between enemiesHigh Burst Damage
High damage against single targetsHas the ability to Summon Minions on the battlefield for supportGood defense against strong enemies like in Nightmare Dungeons

Best Farming Class

Why You Should Farm In Diablo 4?

Farming is a necessary act in ARPG games to level up fast or gain more resources in less time. Here are some reasons why farming is important:

Collecting Legendary Items

Legendary items improve several character abilities and give unique bonuses to players that will help them in their gameplay. With farming, players can take part in activities around the in-game map that will drop these legendary items at a quicker pace.

Collecting Gold

Diablo 4 players thrive on gold due to its valuable nature. It can be used for improving gear, taking back skill points, or even purchasing items from any nearby vendor. Farming will help players gather more gold in very little time so they can enhance their gear and improve their character.

Level Up Fast

The main reason for farming for me is to get to a higher level quickly. This is because many abilities are ineffective at early levels, and characters can be stronger at higher levels. Therefore, with farming, you can get more XP points for leveling up.

My Recommendations For Farming Class

My personal choice is the Necromancer, as it helps in clearing large areas quickly, has considerable AoE damage, and has decent survival attributes.

In my experience, Speed and Efficiency are two key requirements for a farm. Therefore, whichever class you wish to choose, ensure it has these capabilities. If you wish to see more knowledgeable guides just like this, check out:

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