Diablo 4 Best Farming Spot: Early, Mid & Late Game

we've covered two locations with two different purposes. Each of which are our picks for Diablo 4 Best Farming Spot.

Diablo 4 best farming spots

Diablo 4 is an ARPG, and the main features of games in this genre are resource gathering. Gold gathering, getting unique gear, aspects, accessories, and maybe the most important for people, farming experience or EXP. This guide will be focusing on Diablo 4 best farming spot.

Key Takeaways

  • Farming spots and farming priorities are different for early and for late games.
  • Early-game players can grind world events and activities to gain quick EXP.
  • We recommend a world event directly south of Kyovashad.
  • Players can teleport back to Kyovoshad and restart the event for consistent grinding.
  • For the late game, we recommend a dungeon by the name of Ruins of Eridu.
  • Monsters spawn in large quantities, and Elite monsters spawn on players.
  • Clears can net players with a lot of legendary and unique gear.

We’re going to be dividing this guide into two major categories:

  • Early Game
  • Mid-Late Game

Some things to take note of are that, for one, players get an EXP boost while playing with other players. Players earn a 5% EXP bonus if another player is close by. Furthermore, a player in one’s party provides a 10% EXP bonus.

Additionally, within the game, there exist Campfires where when you stand close to them, they boost experience stacking by up to 15%. Another way to boost EXP gain is to use consumable elixirs, which boost your EXP gain by 5% for 30 minutes. Lastly, the difficulty you set in the game also provides an EXP bonus, so in the beginning, when players receive a choice of World Tier 1 or 2, they’ll notice World Tier 2 provides a bonus of +20% XP and +15% gold.

Early Game

The early game in Diablo is hectic. Players will be getting used to the dark fantasy world that Diablo puts them in. Most people will rely on finishing story missions to farm up some EXP. Some more experienced would be trying to go for all the altars of Lilith. These give them a big stat boost so they could progress the game easier.

If, however, a player wants to grind out some loot and EXP, world events are beneficial. These provide decent loot and relatively good EXP for newer players, especially if they pair up with a teammate to get that 10% EXP bonus.

Something to keep in mind is that there could be several activities that could happen in these world events. Some could be a bit more tedious than others. Our recommendation for a great spot for early farming is an area just south of Kyovashad on the map. Down below is an image for reference. The area is highlighted with a red circle.

location for the best farming spot in the game for early game
Map location of Early Game farm. (Image captured by us)

The reason we find this spot efficient is due to how close it is to Kyovashad. Players should get the town portal from Kyovashad and run to the farming spot. When the event is done, they rinse and repeat this strategy and farm out some levels.

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Mid-Late Game

The mid to late-game farming gets a bit more complicated than the early farming. Players are, at this point, trying to find an efficient way of leveling to max level to mid-max their stats by using their paragon pages, loot, and gems. Not only does this need to be efficient but consistent for players so the game doesn’t turn into a grind simulator. Luckily, however, Diablo 4 is a vast game, and players never really run out of things to do.


Our pick for Diablo 4 best farming spot is a dungeon in the Hawezar region that is just west of a town named Vyeresz. The dungeon in question is the Ruins of Eridu.

Location for the best farming spot in diablo 4
Map location of Late Game farm. (Image captured by us)

If players haven’t yet been to this area, they can open up their codex and hover over the sacrificial aspect, which is the reward for completing this dungeon. Click on the aspect to pin the dungeon to your map.

Aspect from the best farming spot in diablo 4
Aspect for Ruins of Eridu. (Image captured by us)


The reason we’ve picked Ruins of Eridu as the best farming spot has to do with the ludicrous amounts of enemies that spawn in the dungeon. Moreover, within the dungeon, elite enemies tend to spawn near the player, so this dungeon provides not only massive amounts of EXP. The way the map of this dungeon is designed is that there are basically two areas, which is exceptionally great when players are running in parties of two.

Each player can run to one area, loot the shrine and meet together. The monsters in this dungeon are extremely densely packed, and the spawn rate of elite enemies is a pretty common occurrence. With a powerful enough duo, players can clear this ruin in about 1–2 minutes and receive 14–16 elites. With a ruin like this, you won’t even be picking up legendary gear due to how many unique items drop.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we’ve covered two locations with two different purposes. Each of which is our pick for Diablo 4 Best Farming Spot. It is important to note that farming times greatly depend on the build players run and partying up with friends, and highly recommended for players to maximize their gain. Happy farming! Let us know your favorite things about diablo 4.

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