Diablo 4 Best Healer [Classes And Items]

So you want to build the Diablo 4 Best Healer character? Well, in this guide you will get all the information you need.

diablo 4 best healer

Diablo 4 is the latest addition to the Diablo Franchise. The game builds on the mechanics of the previous games to provide the players with a newer and better version of Diablo. And it is up to us to provide you with all the necessary information about the game. So, let’s dive into the Diablo 4 Best Healer guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Diablo 4 does not have a specific Healer class.
  • You can utilize other classeshealing skills or potions or gems to heal in fights.
  • The Necromancer Class can heal its summons along with them through their skills.
  • The Sorceress Class can heal themselves too however due to their low Maximum Life, it is inefficient to utilize healing on them.
  • The Barbarian Class is arguably the best Healing Class due to its numerous healing abilities, which also have an AOE effect.
  • The Rogue Class has healing abilities that allow them to take advantage of short duels.
  • The Druid Class also has multiple abilities which heal them and make them very self-sufficient in fights, especially in werebear form.
  • You can also use Healing Potions to prolong the battles and keep fighting.
  • Lastly, you can also use Skull Gems, which grant you Life on Kill as well as increased Healing received.

Diablo 4 Best Healers And Comparison

A summary table alongside comparison for all Diablo 4 Healers is provided below for your ease:

1NecromancerAbhorrent Iron MaidenCurse Attack
2NecromancerEnhanced Blood, SurgeCore Attack
3NecromancerBlood MistActive Ability
4NecromancerGruesome MendingPassive Ability
5SorcererShimmering Flame ShieldDefensive Ability
6SorcererWarmthUltimate Passive Ability
7BarbarianEnhanced Lunging StrikeBasic Ability
8BarbarianTactical Iron SkinDefensive Ability
9BarbarianRaid LeaderAOE Ability
10BarbarianInvigorating FuryUltimate Ability
11BarbarianFighter’s RuptureWeapon Mastery
12RogueEnhanced FlurryCore Active Ability
13RogueSiphoning StrikesCore Passive Ability
14RogueMending ObscurityPassive Ability
15DruidEnhanced ShredCore Ability
16DruidPreserving Debilitating RoarDefensive Ability
17DruidCircle of LifeUltimate Ability
18DruidPrime LacerateUltimate Ability
19DruidMendingPassive Ability

Diablo 4 Classes
Selection Screen | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Diablo 4 gives the players to choose from a plethora of classes. However, the game, unfortunately, does not have a healer class. This might be off-putting for some players who like to go for those support builds or a self-sufficient build, however, rest assured because you can heal and provide utility for your teams through different items and skills.

This is mainly due to the game’s design that doesn’t showcase the healing aspect of the game as that crucial but rather something that you barely use throughout your gameplay.

Alternative for Healing Class

Diablo 4 has some creative classes designed where they provide almost all classes with some healing prowess. This can be either through their skills, item utilization, or passive abilities.

However, do note that the healing that these provide isn’t something that can crucially change the outcome of a battle but rather only prolong it. So, without any further ado, let’s take a deeper look into the best classes that provide healing.

The Necromancer Class

One of the strongest classes currently in Diablo 4 is the Necromancer. This class enables you to resurrect monsters to do your bidding.

Necromancer Diablo 4
Necromancer Class Selection | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

As the class is structured to fight from the backlines, they have little healing prowess. However, their kit does allow them to have some sustain in fights. This is extremely important as without their summons, the necromancers are basically defenseless and hence need the additional healing to somewhat sustain themselves.

Skill Type               Description
Abhorrent Iron Maiden Curse Attack            For every enemy killed while affected by Iron Maiden, heal up to 5% Maximum Life. 
Enhanced Blood, Surge Core Attack This ability rewards you with 2.5% Maximum Health upon drawing your enemy’s blood. If you manage to draw from more than 3 enemies, you heal an additional 2.5% Maximum Life. 
Blood Mist Active Ability Turn into a bloody mist and disappear, becoming un-targetable for three seconds. You deal 2% more damage to foes and heal for 0.5% of your maximum life. However, your movement speed is lowered by 20%. 
Gruesome Mending Passive Ability If your Life falls below 50%, and all healing is increased by 10%.

These abilities are highly integral for the necromancer build and allow him to have some form of sustain in fights. However, this much sustain isn’t enough to fight on the frontlines, so always make sure you stay back and only use this in the most adverse cases.

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The Sorcerer Class

Another alternative for the Diablo 4 Best Healer Class is the Sorceress Class. It is one of the most
rewarding and riskiest classes in the game.

Sorcerer Diablo 4
Sorcerer Class Selection | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

They deal an enormous amount of elemental damage and are highly effective the longer you play. However, they need to scale a little bit and hence are very weak in the early game. Other than their damage, Sorceress is frail and hence needs all the healing they can get.

Skill Type Description
Shimmering Flame Shield Defensive Ability It heals you for 50% of your Missing Life. Hence the lower your health is when you use it, the more you will heal.
Warmth Ultimate Passive Ability For every surrounding burning enemy, you heal for 0.3% of your maximum life per second. If they are Bosses, then the healing is increased to 0.6%.

These abilities ensure that the Sorceress Class has some ways to self-sustain during the early game and doesn’t get one shot by the enemies. The Shimmering Flame Shield is highly useful if timed correctly and can change the outcome of a battle.

The Barbarian Class

Currently, the Barbarian class has been making waves in the community as one of the fan favorites. This is due to the insane physical damage that the class provides. The Barbarian class acts as a bruiser that deals tons of damage but also has to stand at the frontlines and soak in the damage from the enemies as well.

Barbarian Diablo 4
Barbarian Class Selection | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

In order to ensure that the Barbarian Class can withhold the enemy’s damage, they need to have some self-sustain. This is because, as you climb through the game, the tougher the mobs become and can even one-shot your character.

To deal with this, the Barbarian class skillset is designed to provide self-support and sufficiency, making them arguably the closest thing possible to a healer class.

Skill Type Description
Enhanced Lunging Strike Basic Ability The ability boosts your damage by 30% and heals 2% of your Maximum Life upon hitting an enemy. 
Tactical Iron Skin Defensive Ability For every 100 furies you spent, you heal up to 3% of your Maximum Life. 
Raid Leader AOE Ability This ability allows you to heal your allies with your shouts by 1% of their Maximum Life every second. 
Invigorating Fury Ultimate Ability For every 100 fury you spent, you heal up to 3% of your Maximum Life.
Fighter’s Rupture Weapon Mastery Upon every rupture hit on different enemies, you heal 15% of your Maximum Life.

These skills mesh very well with the Barbarian playstyle and enforces him to fight in order to heal himself. This perfectly encapsulates the barbarian class as those frontline damage dealers that aren’t hesitant to take damage.

The Rogue Class

The rogue class is the next contender on our list as a potential Diablo 4 Best Healer Class. The rogue class is basically an assassin class providing you with high mobility and damage.

Rogue Diablo 4
Rogue Class Selection | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The class provides good offensive and defensive abilities that you can use to one-shot enemies or disengage if need be. The class also provides numerous abilities that you can use to heal while you reassess your enemies to try again.

Skills Type Description
Enhanced Flurry Core Active Ability You receives healing worth 1% of your maximum life, up to 12% maximum life per cast, each time Flurry deals damage to a crowd-controlled or wounded enemy.
Siphoning Strikes Core Passive Ability Whenever you Critically Strike nearby enemy, you heal 1% of your maximum life back.
Mending Obscurity Passive Ability You heal for 1% of your maximum life for every second you are in stealth.

These skills work extremely well with how the rogue class plays out. Whenever you are in a bit of a pickle, you can just shroud yourself using Smoke Screen and then heal yourself through Mending Obscurity. Furthermore, it can give you a chance to get your cooldowns off and go into the fight with a new strategy rejuvenated.

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The Druid Class

Last, but not least, we have the Druid Class which showcases exceptional prowess in battle. Having the ability to shapeshift, the Druid class can turn into werewolves and other animals and are able to take advantage of the unique attack and attributes of the animals.

Druid Diablo 4
Druid Class Selection | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

They are known for being the most diverse class in the way they attack and plan things. Furthermore, Druids can also cast spells and use weapons against enemies to heighten their damage and ensure their victory in a fight.

Skills Type Description
Enhanced Shred Core Ability The ability shred is buffed by 30% attack speed and heals you for 2% Maximum Life upon hitting an enemy.
Preserving Debilitating Roar Defensive Ability Gain 4% Maximum Life for every second the ability is active for.
Circle of Life Ultimate Ability Skills from Nature Magic that drain Spirit replenish up to 3% of your maximum Life.
Prime Lacerate  Ultimate Ability Recover 3% of your Maximum Life after each Critical Strike delivered by Lacerate.
Mending  Passive Ability Healing from all sources is increased by 10% in werebear form.

These abilities make the Druid Class one of the most all-rounder classes in Diablo 4 and one of the contenders for the closest to being the Healer type. Their biggest drawback is the fact is that their skills don’t provide any sustainability for their party/allies but only for themselves. 

These are the classes and their corresponding abilities that can provide you with healing. It is up to you to decide which class fits your playstyle better and can work as the Diablo 4 Best Healer Class. Apart from the classes, there are various items and gems that grant you healing.

If you have already selected a class that doesn’t have many healing abilities, worry not. The items below will help you sustain yourself in fights and come out as the victor.

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Best Healing Items

Diablo 4 provides players with items that can help them heal in fights. Knowing how hard the bosses get at the later half of the game, Diablo 4 has numerous types of healing potions, starting from the Weak Healing potion, which is given to all new players.

The Healing potions require crafting materials, so refer to the chart below whenever you go to explore and keep an eye out for the materials you need.

Item Name Required Level Required Materials  Description
Weak Healing Potion Level 1   Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 17 Life on use.
Tiny Healing Potion Level 10 2 Gallowvines  Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 48 Life on use.
Minor Healing Potion Level 20 15 Gallowvines
5 Biteberry
400 Gold 
Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 80 Life on use.
Light Healing Potion  Level 30 20 Gallowvines
10 Biteberry5 Crushed Beast Bones
470 Gold
Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 141 Life on use.
Moderate Healing Potion Level 45 20 Gallowvines
12 Howler Moss5 Demon Heart
900 Gold
Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 255 Life on use.
Strong Healing Potion Level 60 27 Gallowvines
15 Reddamine5 Palentogue
1700 Gold 
Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 378 Life on use.
Greater Healing Potion Level 70 36 Blightshade
18 Lifesbane5 Grave Dust
5 Angelbreath
2500 Gold
Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 559 Life on use.
Major Healing Potion Level 80 27 Reddamine 27 Biteberry
27 Blightshade
27 Lifesbane
27 Howler Moss
10 Angelbreath
5 Fiend Rose
5000 Gold
Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 827 Life on use.
Superior Healing Potion Level 90 36 Howler Moss
36 Blightshade
20 Angelbreath20 Grave Dust
20 Demon Heart
10 Forgotten Soul
10 Fiend Rose
12500 Gold
Heals 35% of your maximum life over 3 seconds and 1274 Life on use.

These are all the healing potions available in Diablo 4. As the potency of the potions increases, so do their cost and the required materials. The materials become hard to find as you go down the table, hence keep your eyes peeled whenever exploring.

These potions are great if you want to instantly heal however, use them sparingly. The best time to use them is when your skills are on cooldown, and you are below 50% Life. In such scenarios, don’t be hesitant to chug one of the potions down and stay alive, at least until your healing skills come up.

Best Healing Gems

Lasting, we have the Best Healing Gems in Diablo 4. The skull gems are the most useful for healing, so make sure you pick them up. They can provide you with an avenue of escape and can even save your life in dire situations.

Furthermore, they can be upgraded,d so make sure you avail of that facility whenever you can. In order to unlock the later skulls, you will need to ensure you can have a good gold balance as they are quite pricey.

Gem Name Required Level Required Materials  Description
Crude Skull 15   +3% Healing Received+100 Armor
+2 Life on Kill
Chipped Skull 20 3 Crude Skull
4500 Gold
+3.5% Healing Received
+125 Armor
+5 Life on Kill
Skull 40 3 Chipped Skull
18000 Gold
+4% Healing Received
+150 Armor
+8 Life on Kill
Flawless Skull 50 3 Skull
12500 Gold
+4.5% Healing Received
+175 Armor
+11 Life on Kill
Royal Skull 60 3 Flawless Skull
50000 Gold
+5% Healing Received
+200 Armor
+14 Life on Kill

These are the Gems capable of heightening your healing prowess and giving you a self-sustaining edge in a fight. These gems might not seem as much, but believe they make a difference.

Furthermore, you can use them to farm a horde of monsters as they provide additional Life on every kill. However, make sure you can have them in your Weapons and Armor in order to reap their healing prowess.

Summing It Up

All these skills, items, and Gems compensate you for the lack of a specific healer class and provide you with utility for yourself. Every class has its own playstyle and ways they can heal, so make sure you choose the best among them which aligns with your play style. 

Furthermore, ensure that you upgrade your Gems and Potions so that you can get the most healing in a fight, as they could make or break it. With that, we conclude our Diablo 4 Best Healer guide. Let us know your thoughts on the game so far!

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