Diablo 4 Best Items [All Classes]

Are you looking for the Diablo 4 Best Items for each class? Well, look no further as we have the perfect guide for you.

diablo 4 best items

The Diablo franchise has garnered a huge fanbase that has grown to love the game for years. With the recent release of Diablo 4, the support for the franchise has only increased and does not show any signs of stopping down. The game brings new ideas and innovation to the table; hence, to break it all down for you, we provide you this Diablo 4 Best Items guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The Best Items in Diablo 4 are the Unique items that are of the highest rarity.
  • You can find them through item drops from bosses and players, from buying from merchants.
  • The Best Items for the Barbarian Class are the Ancient’s Oath, Gohr’s Devastating Grips, Battle Trance, Rage of Harrogath, and 100,000 Steps.
  • The Best items for the Rogue Class are Windforce or Asheara’s Khanjar, Cowl of the Nameless, Grasp of Shadow, Word of Hakan, and Eyes in the Dark.
  • The Best items for the Druid Class are Greatstaff of the Crone or The Butcher’s Cleaver, Tempest Roar or Vasily’s Prayer, Hunter’s Zenith, Insatiable Fury, and Storm’s Companion.
  • The best Items for the Necromancer Class are Black River, Blood Artisan’s Cuirass, Deathless Visage, Deathspeaker’s Pendant, Greaves of the Empty Tomb, Howl from Below, and Ring of Mendeln.
  • The best items for the Sorcerer Class are the Staff of Endless Rage or Staff of Lam Esen, Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo, Gloves of The Illuminator, Raiment of the Infinite, Iceheart Brais, and Esu’s Heirloom.
diablo 4 selection screen
Diablo 4 Selection Screen | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Diablo 4 follows the same structure of world-building as its predecessors and allows players to choose from different classes. All these classes have unique skills, perks, and playstyles that enable them to shine on a different battlefield. However, to harness their full potential, you need to ensure that you have the right equipment.

The Equipment we are going to be taking a look at today is the Unique rarity equipment. These items are at the pinnacle of all items and provide your characters with great attributes and stats. The special effect that these items provide is one of a kind and too good to pass up. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks for the Diablo 4 Best Items for each class.

Best Items for Each Class

Diablo 4 has 5 main classes from which players can choose depending on their play style. These classes are distinct in their nature and have unique skills. So, let’s dive deeper into each class individually.

The Barbarian Class

The Barbarian Class is arguably one of the most well-rounded classes in the game. Frankly, the barbarians class provides players with considerable damage along with Life. They are most prominent when fighting on the frontlines and creating space for them to damage dealers.

Not only can they tank the monstrous strikes of their enemies but also can output significant damage. Furthermore, their skills provide them with AOE abilities, allowing them to heal their allies with their roar and put their enemies in crowd control.

diablo 4 barbarian class
Diablo 4 Barbarian Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

However, this class truly transcends when combined with the right items. The items provide the barbarian class with a befitting character outlook and additional stats.

Furthermore, they open up new avenues of advantages in fights allowing them to stand victorious. So, starting off, let us take a look at the best Barbarian weapon.

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Best Weapon

For the weapon, we have the Ancient’s Oath, which is a two-handed axe that is capable of shredding through hordes of monsters. The stats that the weapon provides include:

  • 0.9 Attack Speed
  • Increased 28% Damage to Healthy Enemies
  • Increased 16.5% to 23.5% Damage to Enemies afflicted with bleed
  • Up to 23.5% Increased Vulnerable Damage
  • Increased 14% Berserking Skill Damage
  • An additional 2 to 4 Ranks of Steel Grasp

Furthermore, the weapon comes with a special effect, Additional two chains are released using Steel Grasp. Steel Grasp causes enemies hit by it to slow down by up to 65% for 3 seconds. The stats and the unique effect make it a really good fit for the Barbarian Class and allow them to dominate the Battlefield.


Gohr’s Devastating Grips (Gloves)

  • Increased up to 10% Attack Speed
  • Increased up to 14% Lucky Hit Chance
  • Additional 12 to 20 Fury on Kill
  • An additional 2 to 4 Ranks of Whirlwind

Special Effect: When Whirlwind finishes, it explodes, causing 50% to 70% of the entire initial damage to nearby enemies as Fire damage.

Battle Trance (Amulet)

  • Between 4 to 25% Increased Resistance to All Elements
  • Increased up to 39.5% Basic Skill Damage
  • Ranging between 9.5% to 16.5% additional Damage Reduction from Close Enemies
  • Up to 31.5% increased Damage Reduction while Injured
  • An additional 2 to 4 Ranks of Frenzy

Special Effect: Gain an additional two stacks of frenzy. Furthermore, your other Skills’ Attack Speed is enhanced by 10% to 20% when you are at your peak Frenzy.

Rage of Harrogath (Chest Armor)

  • Increased Thorns between 116 to 231
  • Increased from 7% to 14% Physical Damage
  • Increased 3% to 8% chance to hit a Critical Strike with Physical Damage
  • Up to 14% increased Damage Reduction from Bleeding Enemies

Special Effect: When you afflict elites with bleed, there is a 20% to 40% chance that the cooldowns of your non-ultimate skills are shortened by 1.5s.

100,000 Steps (Boots)

  • Evade’s cooldown is reduced by 0.8s upon attacking. 
  • Increased Dexterity between 6 to 42.
  • Additional 14% to 28% Damage with Skills that Swap to New Weapons
  • Increased 16.5% to 23.5% Damage on Stunned Enemies
  • An additional 1 to 3 Ranks of Ground Stomp

Special Effect: You instantly cast Ground Stomp and receive up to 50 Fury after receiving the last damage boost from the Walking Arsenal Key Passive. You can only use it one time every 30s.

The Rogue Class

The rogue class is essentially the assassin class of the Diablo 4 world providing the players with quick maneuverability and attack speed.

Their playstyle shines the most in short skirmishes where they are able to deal damage and dash out while waiting for their cooldowns. They are known to be quite lethal and slippery to catch.

diablo 4 rogue class
Diablo 4 Rogue Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Their damage and movement speed spikes up when equipped with the Diablo 4 Best Items and weapons. They gain new openings for attacks and more defensive tools for when fights don’t go according to plan.


There are two insanely powerful contenders for the best weapon for the Rogue Class. One is a bow and one is a dagger. Both of them have good stats as you can see below so it is up to you to choose which one to play according to your preference.

Windforce (Bow)

  • 1090 Damage Per Second
  • 1.10 Attack Speed
  • An additional increase of 14 to 28 on All Stats
  • Increased up to 19.5% Core Skill Damage
  • Additional Damage to Distant Enemies is between 16.5% to 23.5%. 
  • An additional 2 Ranks of impetus passive

Special Effect: This weapon’s hits can have a 10% to 20% chance of doing twice the damage and knocking the victim back.

Asheara’s Khanjar (Dagger)

  • 542 Damage Per Second
  • 1.20 Attack Speed
  • Increased 20% Damage to Nearby Targets
  • Basic Skill Damage Increased by 18.5% to 39.5%. 
  • Increased Damage to Crowd Controlled Opponents by up to 16.5%.
  • Increased Movement Speed for up to 0.49s upon eliminating an elite.
  • Lucky Hit Chance increased by 14%

Special Effect: Your Attack Speed is increased by 4% to 6% for 4s when you hit attacks with this weapon, going all the way up to 20% to 30%.


Cowl of the Nameless (Helm)

  • Provides additional Dexterity between 28 to 42.
  • An additional Maximum Energy of 24. 
  • Cooldowns are reduced by 13.7%.
  • Crowd Control Duration is increased by up to 20%

Special Effect: Against opponents who are afflicted with CC, your Lucky Hit Chance is enhanced by 15% to 25%.

Grasp of Shadow (Gloves)

  • Greater Attack speed up to 10%
  • Increased from 16.5% to 23.5% Vulnerable Damage
  • An additional 14% to 21% Shadow Clone Damage
  • An additional +2 Ranks of All Core Skills

Special Effect: There is a 20% to 30% chance that when you use a Marksman or Cutthroat skill on a Vulnerable opponent, a Shadow Clone will replicate your attacks.

Word of Hakan (Amulet)

  • Increased 3.5% Ultimate Skill Damage.
  • Imbued Skills deal increased by 3.5% Critical Strike damage.
  • Additional 3.5% Non-Physical Damage
  • Gains Ranks of All Imbuement Skills
  • Gain 12% resistance to all elements.

Special Effect: All imbuements are always applied simultaneously to your Rain of Arrows.

Eyes in the Dark (Pants)

  • Increased chance to Dodge Chance by up to 7.3%.
  • Shadow Damage increased by 14%.
  • Deal additional damage between 16.5% to 23.5% to Elites.
  • Trapped Enemies take an additional 7% to 14% damage.
  • Your Potion now provides 30% Movement Speed for 2s upon getting injured.

Special Effect: Death Trap will keep rearming itself until it eliminates an opponent if it doesn’t hit a boss or player. Death Trap’s cooldown, however, rises by 15% to 30%.

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The Druid Class

Next up, we have the Diablo 4 Best Items for the Druid Class. The Druid Class is a shapeshifter class granting the players the ability to transform into a werewolf or a werebear.

diablo 4 druid class
Diablo 4 Druid Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Likewise, their skills and attacks change with the form they take providing Druids with a wide range of arsenal at their disposal. 

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You can choose from the two options below. The main difference between them is the attack speed for me so if you regard that high in your needs, then do for the Butcher’s Cleaver. 

Great Staff of the Crone (Staff) 

  • 702 Damage Per Second
  • 1.00 Attack Speed.
  • Deal 9.0% more Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.
  • Additional 3.5% Non-Physical Damage.
  • Gain extra Ranks of Claw.
  • 3.5% increased damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies.
  • 3.5% increased damage to nearby targets.

Special Effect: In addition to casting Storm Strike at 30% additional damage, Claw becomes a Storm Skill.

The Butcher’s Cleaver (Axe)

  • 1.10 Attack speed.
  • Deal 16.5% more damage to Healthy Enemies
  • Additional 3.7% Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies
  • Increased 3.5% damage to enemies afflicted with CC.
  • Extra 3.5% Critical Strike Damage.
  • Additional 3.5% Physical Damage.
  • 350 Damage Per Second

Special Effect: In addition to casting Storm Strike at 30% additional damage, Claw becomes a Storm Skill.


Tempest Roar (Helm)

  • 625 Armor
  • Deal 3.5% more damage while Shapeshifted
  • Additional 5 Maximum Spirit
  • Increased 3.5% Critical Strike Damage
  • Gain 10.5% Poison Resistance

Special Effect: Gain up to 10% probability of having the storm skills provide you with 4 Spirit.

Vasily’s Prayer (Helm)

  • 625 Armor
  • Deal 3.5% more damage while Shapeshifted
  • Extra 59 Maximum Life
  • Gain 10.5% Lightning Resistance
  • Provides 10.5% Overpower damage
  • Your Earth Skills are now also Werebear Skills and Fortify you for 1.68s.

Special Effect: Your base Storm Skills also become your Werewolf Skills.

Hunter’s Zenith (Ring)

  • Provides 16.6% Poison Resistance
  • Provides extra Ranks of the Quickshift Passive
  • Deal 10.5% more Overpower Damage with Werebear Skills
  • Increased 3.5% Critical Strike Damage with Werewolf Skills
  • Deal 3.5% more damage while Shapeshifted
  • Grants a bonus upon killing with a Shapeshifting Skill:

Special Effect:
Werewolf: Your next Non-Ultimate Werebear Skill costs no Resource and has no Cooldown.
Werebear: Your next Werewolf Skill will Heal you for 84 when damage is first dealt.

Insatiable Fury (Chest)

  • 875 Armor
  • Provides additional 3.5% Armor while in Werebear Form
  • Gain 3.5% Damage Reduction while Fortified
  • Additional 3.5% Physical Damage
  • Increased 10.5% Overpower Damage

Special Effect: The werebear form is now your true form, and you gain +2 Ranks to all Werebear Skills.

Storm’s Companion (Pants)

  • 500 Armor
  • Companions Skills deal 3.5% more damage.
  • Increased 7% drop rate for Potions.
  • Your Potion now provides 30% Movement Speed for 2s upon getting injured.
  • Your companion gains an additional 10.5% move Speed.
  • Gain ranks of Wolves.

Special Effect: The force of the storm imbues into your wolf companions, who now inflict lightning damage and have the Storm Howl skill.

The Necromancer Class

The Necromancer Class is as the name suggests, a class that calls forth summons from the dead to do their bidding. The Necromancer class shines the best when being at the backlines while their summons is doing all the work for them.

Their abilities scale with intelligence hence you should put the point in that when going for a Necromancer Class build.

diablo 4 necromancer class
Diablo 4 Necromancer Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Furthermore, as they themselves are quite far from the enemies, they have a lot to gain from items that provide them buffs from afar. Hence to ensure that you are aware of all the optimum items, look below for the Diablo 4 Best Items for Necromancer Class.

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Black River (Scythe)

  • 350 Damage Per Second
  • 1.10 Attack Speed 
  • Grants 16 Life on Kill.
  • Adds Ranks of the Fueled by Death Passive.
  • Increases Intelligence by 37.
  • Deal up to 13.0% more damage to Distant targets.
  • Deal between 13.0% to 20.0% more damage to Healthy targets.

Special Effect: Up to 4 more corpses may be consumed by a corpse explosion, which has a 21% to 25% greater radius and deals 122% to 130% more damage for every extra corpse.


Special Effect: A free Bone Spirit that deals additional damage depending on your present Life % spawns when you gather up to 5 to 10 Blood Orbs.

Deathless Visage (Helm)

  • 625 Armor
  • Bone Skills deal an additional 3.5% Critical Strike damage. 
  • Additional 5 Maximum Essence
  • Grants 2.1% Total Armor
  • Adds 3.5% Physical Damage

Special Effect: The Bone Spear trail leaves behind echoes that rupture, delivering 84 damage.

Blood Artisan’s Cuirass (Chest)

  • 875 Armor
  • Additional Ranks of Bone Spirit
  • Provides between 6.5% to 10.0% Blood Orb Healing.
  • Deal up to 8.0% more damage upon picking up a Blood Orb.
  • Grants an additional 2.0% to 4.1% of total Armor.

Deathspeaker’s Pendant (Amulet)

  • Gain 12.0% Resistance to All Elements
  • Adds Ranks of the Coalesced Blood Passive
  • Blood Skill damage is increased by 3.5%.
  • Adds 3.5% Summoning Skill Damage.
  • Grants 10.5% Overpower Damage.

Special Effect: Blood Surge does 42 damage to your Minions with a micro nova it creates. You deal up to 50% more damage for every target that the first casting drains.

Howl from Below (Gloves)

  • 250 Armor
  • Increased 3.5% Lucky Hit Chance
  • Gain up to a +3.5% Chance to Stun enemies.
  • Gain a 3.5 chance to CC enemies.
  • Corpse Skill Attack Speed is increased by 3.5%.

Special Effect: Corpse Explosion summons a Volatile Skeleton that charges at an untargeted opponent and explodes afterward unlike previously where it explodes instantly. Moreover, the damage from Corpse Explosion is raised by 10%.

Ring of Mendeln (Ring)

  • Gain 16.6% resistance to shadow.
  • Adds 1.4% Lucky Hit Chance
  • Minion Attack Speed is increased by 3.5%.
  • Provides minions with increased 7% Maximum Life.
  • Adds 59 Thorns.

Special Effect: When you control 7 or more minions, you have a 10% chance to empower all of them, causing their subsequent attacks to deal 360 Physical damage.

Greaves of the Empty Tomb (Boots)

  • 250 Armor
  • Grants 7 Intelligence
  • Adds one more Max Evade charge.
  • Take 3.5% reduced damage from Enemies afflicted with Shadow Damage Over Time.
  • Increased 2.8% Lucky Hit Chance with Shadow Damage.
  • Essence Cost is reduced by 1.4%.

Special Effect: As your Sever specters move around you can corrupt the ground beneath them to deal 100 Shadow damage to opponents over two seconds.

The Sorcerer Class

The Sorcerer Class is arguably the most lethal class in the game due to its highly damaging skills and stats. The class is quite weak in the early game but when given time to scale and proves to be quite monstrous.

diablo 4 sorcerer class
Diablo 4 Sorcerer Class | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The Sorcerer class shines the best when it has allies to peal for it so that it can charge up and launch those tremendously powerful magical spells.

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For the weapon, you can choose from the two options below depending on your preference.

The Staff of Endless Rage (Staff):

  • Fireball Attack Speed increased between 4% to 10%.
  • Deals 17.5% more damage to targets afflicted with CC.
  • Core Skill Damage does up to 19.5% additional damage.
  • Adds 13% to 20% Lucky Hit Chance while dealing Slow damage.
  • Provides additional ranks of Fireball.

Special Effect: Every third cast of Fireball fires two extra strikes into the air.

The Staff of Lam Esen (Staff):

  • Deal between 3% to 17.5% damage to enemies afflicted with CC.
  • Adds between 7% to 14% Lightning damage.
  • Deal additional damage to nearby enemies ranging from 2% to 35%.
  • Gain a 5% chance to restore Primary Resources up to 14%.

Special Effect: Charged Bolts can penetrate now, but they do 30 % to 40% less damage.


Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo (Amulet)

  • Gain up to 18.5% Resistance to All Elements
  • Provides 1% to 14% Non-Physical Damage
  • Adds up to 28 % Crackling Energy damage.
  • Provides additional 2 Ranks of the Shocking Impact Passive
  • Gain between 1% to 17.5% Movement Speed.

Special Effect: Gain a 10% chance of triggering a lightning nova that deals significant Lightning Damage upon gathering Crackling Energy.

Gloves of The Illuminator (Gloves)

  • Gain a 3.0% to 8.0% Critical Strike Chance
  • Fireball attack speed is increased by 7%.
  • Gain up to a 14.0% chance to stun targets.
  • Provides 1 to 2 additional ranks of Fireball.

Special Effect: Fireball now explodes every time it touches the ground as it travels, but unlike previously, its explosion causes 65% to 75% reduced damage.

Raiment of the Infinite (Chest)

  • Gain Intelligence between 28 and 42.
  • Deal up to 23.5% more damage to nearby targets.
  • Deal up to 23.5% more damage to stunned targets.
  • Gain an additional Rank of the Glass Cannon Passive

Special Effect: Nearby foes are pulled towards you after using Teleport and are stunned for 2 to 3s, but as a cost, the Teleport’s cooldown is extended by 20%.

Iceheart Brais (Pants)

  • Gain between 28 to 42 Intelligence.
  • Freeze Duration is increased by up to 14%.
  • Deal more damage to frozen enemies ranging between 7% to 14%.
  • Deal between 21% to 35% more damage to Injured targets.
  • Your Potion provides you with 30% of Resources upon getting injured.

Special Effect: When an enemy dies while frozen, there is an 11% to 20% chance that they may trigger a Frost Nova. 

Esu’s Heirloom (Boots):

  • Increased Shrine Buff Duration by 1% to 12%.
  • Gain up to 50% increased movement Speed for 1s upon using Evade. 
  • Provides up to 17.5% Movement Speed
  • Adds up to 28% Movement Speed for 4s upon eliminating an Elite.
  • Gain between. 5% to 20% duration reduction of being slowed.

Special Effect: 15% to 25% of your Movement Speed Bonus is added to your Critical Strike Chance.

Closing Remarks

This concludes all the Diablo 4 Best Items for all the classes. Keep your eyes peeled for these items as you can get them from enemies or boss drops. Furthermore, note that you can only equip one unique item so choose wisely.

Furthermore, there are certain items that can be used by all the classes which you can check in our other guides to make a more informed decision. But for now, these will do.

With that, we conclude our Diablo 4 Best Items guide. Let us know down below which item you like the most.

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