Diablo 4: Blind Burrows Dungeon Walkthrough

The Blind Burrows in Diablo 4 is a dungeon located in the region of Hawezar. Follow along our guide to learn how to clear it effectively.

diablo 4 blind burrows
Diablo 4: Blind Burrows Dungeon Walkthrough

The Blind Burrows in Diablo 4 is a dungeon in the Fethis Wetlands, located in the Hawezar region, which is fully swarmed with different varieties of spiders and maggots, allowing you to farm lots of gold and XP points. In this guide, we go through how to clear this straightforward dungeon, so let’s begin without wasting further time.

Key Takeaways

  • Blind Burrows is a dungeon in Fethis Wetlands in the region of Hawezar, near the Zarbinzet waypoint.
  • For the first objective, eliminate 3 infested villagers spread throughout the corners of the dungeon.
  • For the second and final objective, you’ll fight a spider boss, Broodguard, waiting for you in the top North corner of the dungeon.
  • The infested villagers and The Broodguard have distinct attack patterns which are easy to recognize and counter.
  • As a reward for completing this dungeon, you get Aspect of the Tempest from the Codex of Power for the Druid class, including some gold and XP points according to your current level.

Blind Burrows Location

diablo 4 blind burrows map location
Marked Location Of Blind Borrows – Image Captured By Us

As you can see above on the map, Blind Burrows is located on the Southern tip of Sanctuary, towards the east and very slightly towards the South of Zarbinzet’s fast travel waypoint.

Slay The Infested Villagers

In this first objective, you need to find, locate and eliminate total 3 infested web walker villagers, whose map locations we have marked below inside the dungeon:

diablo 4 infested villagers dungeon map location
Marked Location Of All 3 Infested Villagers – Image Captured By Us

These web-walking enemies may seem scary and difficult to finish, but it’s quite the opposite. Their fight pattern is quite easy to predict, but remember that they can inflict heavy explosive damage and life steal from afar, so be careful in setting up your attacks.

Furthermore, other spiders, maggots, and even elites will spawn around them to bombard you, so make sure to finish them before attempting to eradicate the objective villagers.

diablo 4 infested villager
Kill All 3 Infested Villagers To Complete The First Objective – Image Captured By Us

Travel To Midnight Haven

broodguard dungeon map location
Marked Location Of Broodguard – Image Captured By Us

Now that you completed the first objective, you will be prompted to make your way to this location inside the dungeon, where the final boss will greet you; Broodguard, who is part of this final objective. It’s unlike your ordinary and elite spiders, which you encounter throughout the dungeon.

First, let’s discuss its moveset, which is straightforward to predict in all 3 stages. The Broodguard maintains a large distance from you and bombards poison projectiles in a large AOE spread towards the ground at intervals, causing you to take rapid toxic damage over time.

On top of that, if you’re nearby, it inflicts a few auto attacks within a close gap, which can instantly drain your Life pool. The Broodguard also summons a horde of enemies to aid it in killing you.

To counter-attack, make sure to have a strong solid defense or maintain a safe distance from it while simultaneously dodging all of its poison projectiles and killing off its summoned allies of spiders and elites first thing as soon as they spawn to avoid taking unnecessary damage from them.

Kill The Broodguard To Finish The Dungeon – Image Captured By Us

Now that you have finally killed the boss, the dungeon is complete. You’ll get the following rewards upon completion:

  • Gold
  • Experience Points
  • An offensive Aspect of the Tempest for Druid from the Codex of Power.

To wrap up, that is everything you need to know to clear the Blind Burrows dungeon in Diablo 4. We hope that with this guide’s help, you can clear this dungeon easily. Don’t forget to give us feedback below!

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