Diablo 4: Blood And Sweat Quest Walkthrough

Here is the complete walkthrough of the Blood and Sweat Quest in Diablo 4 along with the list of rewards you earn after completion.

diablo 4 blood and sweat
Diablo 4: Blood and Sweat Quest Walkthrough

Blood and Sweat is a very small side quest in Diablo 4, with an ample amount of rewards that take place in Dry Steppes. In this guide, we go over this quest step-by-step and how to clear it easily without spending too much time, so let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Start the quest in the Ruins of Qara-Yisu’s stronghold of Qara-Yisu inside Dry Steppes by interacting with a Bloodstained Letter.
  • Find, locate, and collect a Crude Doll placed under a Disturbed Stone in the same area.
  • Travel to Alzuuda in the Fields of Hatred in Dry Steppes to deliver the doll to Tulya, completing the quest.
  • As a reward for ending the quest, you receive a certain amount of gold, experience points, and 20 Dry Steppes Renown.

Search For Little Tuya

To begin, travel to the stronghold town of Qara-Yisu and the exact area of the Ruins of Qara-Yisu. Here is the map location where the quest begins:

diablo 4 blood and sweat quest and crude doll map location
Exact Marked Spot Of Quest Start And Crude Doll Location – Image Captured By Us

Upon arrival, you’ll notice a Bloodstained Letter placed on the ground right next to the dead body of a miner covered in sand on the side of it, with both of his hands pressed to the ground. Interact with that letter to start the quest.

diablo 4 bloodstained letter
Interact With The Bloodstained Letter – Image Captured By Us

Next, on your minimap, a blue circle will highlight an area right next to you, where you must find, locate and interact with a Disturbed Stone beside a wall, placed nearby a Loose Stone to search and collect a Crude Doll.

Furthermore, this will be the trickiest part, so you’ll have to pay attention to details.

diablo 4 crude doll
Pick Up The Crude Doll – Image Captured By Us

Bring The Doll To Tuya

Now that the doll is in your possession, you must travel to the Fields of Hatred Town in Dry Steppes. Make your way to the area of Alzuuda, where you can also activate a fast travel waypoint.

alzuuda fast travel waypoint in the fields of hatred
Exact Marked Spot Of Alzuuda – Image Captured By Us

That is where you’ll meet Tuya, the NPC and mercenary daughter of the dead miner you saw in this quest’s first objective. Interact with her. At the end of the interaction, she’ll thank you for returning the doll to her, finishing the Blood and Sweat side quest.

tuya the npc
Interact With Tuya To End The Quest – Image Captured By Us

Quest Rewards:

  • Experience Points
  • Gold
  • 20 Dry Steppes Renown

The amount of gold and experience points you earn depends highly on the present level of your character, so it will vary.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we now wrap up our Diablo 4 Blood and Sweat side quest walkthrough guide. The quest is straightforward and quite small but holds a good amount of bonus rewards if you’re the kind of player who loves to gather all the benefits as much as they can.

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