Diablo 4: Gem Levels & Types

In this guide, we will discuss what Gem Levels are and how they can enhance your stats!

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Diablo 4: Gem Levels

Gems are upgradable items in Diablo 4 that enhance your in-game statistics. Combining gems of the same types makes them powerful, and hence, they give you more advantage at a lower level. This guide will be all about gem levels and how you can upgrade them according to your own needs. Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Each Diablo 4 gem can be upgraded up to five times. These upgrade steps are called levels.
  • There are seven different types of Gems in Diablo 4, and all of them can be improved up to five levels.
  • These levels are Crude, Chipped, Standard, Flawless, and Royal.
  • The higher the gem level is, the better stat buff it will provide. 
  • Gems usually enhance your weapon, armor, and jeweller statistics.
  • They are available in your game after level 15.
  • Visit any jeweller in Sanctuary to interact and exchange three Gems of the same quality for getting one Gem of improved quality.
  • Players also require some amount of Gold along with Gems for upgradation.

What Are Gems?

Gems are upgradable items that relate you to the jeweller in Diablo 4. She is an NPC that can improve your weapon and armor statistics. You will see seven different types of gems in-game, and each of them will have a different effect on your weapon, armor, and jewellery. The table below summarizes them all.

Gem Type Weapon Armor Jewelry
Amethyst +Damage over Time +Damage over Time Reduction +Resistance to Shadow
Diamond +Ultimate Damage +Barrier Potency +Resistance to all Elements
Emerald +Damage to Elites +Thorns +Resistance to Poison
Ruby +Resource Generation +Maximum Life +Resistance to Fire
Sapphire +Critical Strike Damage +Damage Reduction when Fortified +Resistance to Cold
Skulls +Life on Kill +Healing received +Armor Stat
Topaz +Lucky Hit chance +Damage Reduction while Control Impaired +Resistance to Lightning
Gem Types

These Gems start appearing in your gameplay after level 15. Moreover, players can collect them by looting dead enemies or opening random chests. They provide you an opportunity to upgrade your gear to have a better play style and dominate your opponents.

visit jewelers to upgrade gems
All Jeweler locations in Sanctuary | Image Credits: mapgenie

Players can upgrade their gems after they pass level 20. Visit a nearby Jeweler in the big towns of Sanctuary. Trading with the NPC will upgrade your Gem level if all the requirements are met. 

Gem Levels

gem levels upgradation
Upgrading Gems at a Jeweler | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

Apart from the seven Gems, each type is connected with five different levels which players can reach if they meet the requirements. The higher your gem level is, the higher your stats will get according to the Gem type. 

To increase your Gem level, you must collect at least three Gems of the same quality. Combining these three would take your specific Gem to the next level. However, you must fulfill the level requirement to upgrade Gem. We will summarize further details in a table for better understanding.

Gem Level Level Requirement Transition
Crude 15
Chipped 20 Three Crude to One Chipped
Standard 40 Three Chipped to One Standard
Flawless 50 Three Standard to One Flawless
Royal 60 Three Flawless to One Royal
Gem Levels

As the order hints, Royal is the highest Gem quality you can obtain with a level requirement of 60. In most scenarios, it is required for players to keep multiple gems but that is not possible as there is no concept of Gem bags in Diablo 4. Therefore, choose your gems wisely as you don’t get to keep all of them.

High-tier gems are more beneficial than the others. If we talk about weapons, they will increase the damage we deal to any opponent, hence, they increase our odds of winning battles. In armor, they decrease the amount of damage we endure by increasing Resistance. This increases our survivability.

Here, our guide on Gem levels will end. We hope that you found it satisfactory and helpful. Remember to keep opening chests and looting enemy bodies for any kind of gems so you can upgrade them later at a Jeweler spot. They will provide you with an advantage in all scenarios.

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