Diablo 4: How To Get A Horse + Customizations

Diablo 4 features horses as an alternate mode of travelling. But you don't unlock them until Act IV. Here you will learn everything about how you can get a horse in Diablo 4 and ride and customize it.

How To Get A Horse in Diablo 4
A guide on how to get a Horse in Diablo 4.

Horses are essential mounts in Diablo 4 that you, unfortunately, unlock during Act IV. These make traveling a breeze and even feature their special attacks. In this guide, I shall show you how to get a horse in Diablo 4 and customize it to your liking. You’ll also learn to mount, dismount, and ride the horse.

Key Takeaways

  • Horses can be unlocked at the start of Act IV.
  • In Act 4, perform “A Master’s Touch” quest to unlock the “Mount: Donan’s Favor” quest.
  • The quest will unlock horses, and players can ride them by pressing Z or the right button of the D-pad.
  • Horse skins can be changed via Oskar and the in-game store.

How To Obtain A Horse

How To Get A Horse in Diablo 4
Stable Master in Kyovashad – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You acquire horses from the Stable Master in Kyovashad, though you won’t be able to buy anything until much later.

  • Reach Act IV in the main campaign.
  • Complete the second quest, “A Master’s Touch.” You will be at Level 30+ by now.
  • A new priority quest named “Mount: Donan’s Favor” will unlock.
  • Interact with Oskar, the Stable Master, located in Kyovashad. Oskar will inform you about horses and how to ride them.
  • You’ll obtain a horse after the conversation ends. You can pick its color.
  • You only need to unlock mounts during your first playthrough. Subsequent playthroughs will give you a mount at Level 1.

    How To Ride A Horse

    Once you finally own a horse, you can ride it anywhere throughout Sanctuary (except inside buildings).

    • For mounting a horse, press Z for the keyboard or the right button on the D-Pad for the controller.
    • To speed up the horse thrice with a short cooldown, press RT on the controller or the spacebar on the keyboard.
    • To dismount, press B on the controller or spacebar on the keyboard.
    • To perform a special attack while dismounting, press X on the controller or 1 on the keyboard to dismount between a horde of enemies.
    How to get a horse Diablo 4 Dismount Attack
    Dismount Attack – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

    Make sure to avoid taking too much damage at once while on a horse. The horse may protect you temporarily, but soon enough, it’ll kick you off upon taking excessive damage.

    All Horse Customizations

    Customizing a horse.
    Customizing a horse. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

    Riding an armored horse in style is always better than riding a regular horse. To customize your horse and give it new skins, revisit Oskar the Stable Master in Kyovashad.

    You can select various available skins for your horse from the trader. Some skins are unlocked by pre-ordering Diablo 4. You can also select from multiple available armors or purchase one from the Vendors option.

    Another way of purchasing cosmetics for your horse is to:

    1. Access the Diablo 4 shop.
    2. Go to Cosmetics.
    3. Scroll down to Mounts.
    4. Choose your desired Mount Cosmetic and purchase in exchange for Platinum.
    Diablo 4 horse customization in Shop.
    Horse customization options in Shop. – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

      My Thoughts

      Horses made my playthrough a breeze, especially when it came to fending off enemy hordes and traveling between the Altars of Lilith. However, the fact that you unlock them so late in the game was a bit off-putting. They did come in handy when I unlocked them—but having a mount as early as Act II would’ve been a much better feature.

      Nevertheless, horses are an essential part of Diablo 4. Not only did riding a horse replace those long-drawn hours of walking, but the aspect of customizing my horse kept me interested in the game far longer than I’d like to admit. The struggle to get horses surely paid me back. Good luck gaming!

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