How to Switch Weapons In Diablo 4 [All Classes]

Switching weapons in Diablo 4 is not the same as in other RPGs. Here you'll find all the important information related to how you can switch weapons in Diablo 4.

Switch Weapons in Diablo 4
Diablo 4: How to Switch Weapons

Diablo 4 features a unique weapon-switching mechanism. Unlike conventional RPGs, in Diablo 4, you don’t manually switch between weapons. Instead, switching is intrinsically linked to the skills your character uses. In this guide, I explain how to switch weapons and the exceptions for the Barbarian Class.

Key Takeaways

  • To switch weapons in Diablo 4, you must assign the weapons to skills and use those skills to automatically equip the corresponding weapons.
  • Barbarians have a unique weapon-switching mechanic, where they can equip up to four weapons and assign specific weapons to particular skills.
  • To switch weapons effectively in Diablo 4, players must understand which skills tie to which weapons.

About The Author

Over 100+ hours in Diablo 4(Blizzard ID: SHiNiGaMii) allowed me to utilize different strategies and experiments. That is why, I can recommend you the easiest steps that you can follow for your playthrough. 

Diablo 4 weapon switching.
Weapons are associated with the skills. (Image captured by us)

How To Switch Weapons

  1. To switch weapons, simply activate the different skills tied to the specific weapons.
  2. For instance, if you link a sword to Skill A and a bow to Skill B, using Skill A automatically equips the sword while Skill B automatically equips the bow.

Barbarians – A Special Case

  1. If you’re playing as a Barbarian, you have more options to switch weapons in Diablo 4.
  2. Barbarians can equip up to four weapons at once: two dual-wielded and two one-handed weapons.
  3. Like other Classes, Barbarians will automatically switch weapons based on the skill used.
  4. Barbarians can assign specific weapons to particular skills, allowing more control over weapon choice during combat.
Diablo 4 Barbarian Class.
Barbarian Class skills associated with weapons. (Image captured by us)

Optimizing Weapon-Switching Strategy

To optimize weapon switching in Diablo 4, it’s important to:

  • Understand which skills are associated with which weapons.
  • Equip your character with weapons that complement the skills you intend to use.
  • For Barbarians, use the ability to assign weapons to skills to your advantage.

My Thoughts On Weapon Switching

Diablo 4 makes weapon switching quite trivial once you understand the crux of it. Once I figured it out, it was as simple as casting a skill. Moreover,  I did find that weapon switching on the Sorcerer was just as easy as with any other Class.

I ended up using the Staff of Lam Esen on my first slot and the Staff of Endless Rage on the other. Both are versatile Sorcerer weapons that boost crowd-controlling abilities. I mainly used the Lam Esen for my fire builds and, when I needed to switch things around, used the Endless Rage for my lightning builds. 

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