Diablo 4: Murmuring Obols [Guide]

In this guide, we will show you how to obtain and use murmuring obols for buying rare items and gear.

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Diablo 4: Murmuring Obols Guide

There are a variety of currencies in Diablo 4, such as Gold, Platinum, Red Dust, and many more, with one of them being Murmuring Obols. We will guide you to collect and use them.

Key Takeaways

  • Murmuring Obols in a new currency added to the game.
  • You can obtain this by completing Outworld events, side quests, and murmuring caches.
  • These missions can reward you with up to 20 to 50 Murmuring Obols.
  • You can use the Obols in trading weapons and armor or Whispering Keys.
  • Use the Whispering Keys to open Silent Chests to find rare and legendary items.
  • You can carry a maximum of 500 Obols initially, which increases later on.
  • You can increase the capacity by increasing Renown, finding Altars of Lilith, and completing Regional Progress Challenges.

How To Obtain Murmuring Obols

The simplest way to farm Obols is through Outworld events. You can either complete these solo or in groups as they spawn across the map. Normally, you can collect up to 20 Murmuring Obols from each event, however, this can reach to a maximum of 35 if you also complete the Mastery requirement for the event.

The events include a variety of challenges for you to complete. These are:

  • Liberation quest in which you have to free captives.
  • Caravan under Siege, where you have to defend a Caravan from enemies.
  • Fighting against mini-bosses in Culled The Wicked.
  • Ancient Siphon where you have to destroy pillars.
completing event to obtain murmuring obols
Rewards from completing event | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The events get displayed in red circles on the map. The rewards from these events depend on if you complete the missions with or without additional challenges. A pro tip is to take part in these challenges in groups with your friends that makes them effortless to accomplish and also guarantees better rewards. Some of these are difficult to complete, however they reward you correspondingly.

There are also other side and Dungeon quests that offer Obols as one of the rewards so make sure to keep an eye out for them. Some dungeons will offer additional chests and shrines, which do not have chances of dropping Obols, so finding Obols will be a problem.

There are side quests that offer Obols, such as Secret of the Spring. Unfortunately, the rewards from these missions are random, so finding this currency will have a lesser chance. Opening chests will lead you to side quests which can reward you with Obols by giving Murmuring Caches. These are consumable items in which you can find up to 50 Obols. 

Using Murmuring Obols

Once you receive Obols, they won’t be in your bag. However, you can see them in your inventory. You must open “Material and Stats” from your character sheet.

Now that you have acquired a bunch of the currency, you can start using it. You can use them in Purveyor of Curiosities Vendor, where you must trade them for equipment and other items. The options available are:

The first method is by exchanging weapons and armor. You can use Obols to buy weapons or armor, however these are random so the chances of you finding a rare item are thin. Considering farming Obols isn’t a tedious job, you can upgrade your gear easily. Look at the list below to recognize some of these items and their prices.

buying items from murmuring obols
Vendor inventory | Credits: VeryAli Gaming
  • Sword, Axe, Mace – 50 Obols
  • Cap, Tunic, Gloves, Pants – 40 Obols
  • Two-handed Axe, Two-handed Sword – 75 Obols

Another method is trading for Whispering Keys. You can exchange 20 Murmuring Obols for one Key. These keys can be used to open Silent Chests, in which you have higher chances to find rare or even legendary items.

Buying whispering keys
Whispering Keys | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Purveyors of Curiosities can be found in some major cities such as Kyovashad and Lizveth. There is a merchant icon on the map representing these vendors. You can also find Silent Chests all over the map, so make sure you collect a bunch of keys and open these to find valuable items.

Map location of Kyovasahad
Kyovashad location on map | Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Increasing Capacity Of Murmuring Obols

At the start, you can carry a maximum of 500 Obols at a time. Fortunately, you can increase this capacity for yourself. There are three ways to do this.

Increasing Renown

One of the rewards of increasing Renown in each region on the map is increasing your Obols capacity. You can find Renown by completing questsfinishing bounties, and killing elite enemies. After you earn enough Renown in an area, your Obols will automatically increase. Remember, this only unlocks on World Tier 3.

Completing Regional Challenge

You must also increase your maximum Obols capacity by completing Region Progress challenges. These challenges have different levels, and on level four, your capacity will increase up to 80 Obols. You must perform this for other regions too. 

Finding Altars Of Lilith

These are prestigious statues located all over the map in different regions. Interacting with these statues adds up attributes to your character. Some of these statues also increase your Obols capacity. Some of these statues are located in Fractured PeaksHawazer, and Dry Steppes.

This is all you need to know regarding Murmuring Obols. Since this currency is relatively easier to farm, make sure to use this to your advantage and upgrade your gear accordingly. 

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