Diablo 4: Mutterlock Chest [Explained]

Mutterlock chest is of very rare kind which is only found inside Dungeons and Caves. Unlike others, you must solve a puzzle to open it.

Diablo 4 cover
Diablo 4: Mutterlock Chest

Chests often appear when you are exploring new areas in Diablo 4. However, Mutterlock Chests are rare ones that appear a few times and are very hard to locate. Furthermore, there is a trick to open them. If you do not understand it, the chest will disappear, and you will not receive the loot. Let’s seek more knowledge about them!

Key Takeaways

  • Mutterlock Chests In Diablo 4 are rare and only spawned inside Regular or Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Only these chests in Diablo 4 require puzzle-solving.
  • The puzzle involves choosing a correct voice command in Latin that you must utter to open the chest.
  • For support, three Whispering Stones spawned close to the chest.
  • These Stones, or Inscriptions, are of three types: Birth, Life, and Death.
  • Search for these Inscriptions, which will drop the Latin hint for you to guess.
  • After you understand the sentence, return to the chest and choose the correct command from the multiple given choices.
  • Expect Gold rarity loot from the chest, such as Sacred and Ancestral items.

What Is A Mutterlock Chest

take a look at the mutterlock chest
First Look at the Mutterlock Chest | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

This is as rare as it gets! These chests are unique, and players often find it crucial to find Mutterlock Chests. They usually spawn inside Regular Dungeons, but there is a higher chance of you finding them in Nightmare Dungeons. Unlike every other chest in Diablo 4, these unlock by solving a puzzle.

The tricky part is that if you somehow fail to solve the puzzle on the first try, the Mutterlock chest disappears in the air, and you do not get any valuable loot out of it. Moreover, the chest usually drops Gold rarity loot, such as Sacred and Ancestral items.

Although the chest is unique, there have been talks in the community about it dropping loot which is not worth a lot. It is a drawback as rare chests usually drop valuable items, useful in the gameplay.

How To Open It

choosing the right command is necessary to unlock mutterlock chest
You must choose the right option to solve the puzzle | Image By: VeryAli Gaming

As mentioned, explore Regular and Nightmare Dungeons to find the Mutterlock Chest. It will be chained at first, but when you solve the puzzle, the chest opens up and provides you with loot. Solving the puzzle requires you to choose a voice command out of multiple given options. The listed options are in Latin, and the correct voice will be whispered to the chest for opening.

To help you open it up, three Whispering Stones are spawned close to the chest location. You can find them by searching around. Furthermore, the stones are also known as Inscriptions that will help you derive the order of the command. The three stones are as follows:

  • Birth Inscription,
  • Life Inscription,
  • Death Inscription.
how inscriptions look like
Search for these inscriptions around the chest | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The written text will be in English, but the Latin translation will be given on the bottom right of your screen. Usually, reading two out of three whispering stones is enough to decide the command, but always search all the Inscriptions to ensure you are sure about it. Moreover, after cracking the code, the name of the Chest changes to Resplendent Chest. This indicates that you have chosen the correct command.

The details on the Whispering Stones vary for different Mutterlock chests. Therefore, don’t select the same option whenever you encounter a rare chest.

loot from a mutterlock chest
Collecting loot after opening a Mutterlock chest | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Here, our guide on Mutterlock Chest comes to an end. We hope you understand the trick to open these chests because they will disappear if you don’t crack the code. If you don’t get a High rarity loot, don’t mistake it for a bug or a glitch, as this is common with all Mutterlock chests.

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