Diablo 4: Onyx Hold [Location And Guide]

Onyx Hold is a late game Nightmare Dungeon where you can farm XP and explore for Legendary loot.

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Diablo 4: Onyx Hold Dungeon

Exploring Dungeons is the most popular activity in Diablo 4. It is the optimal location for farming XP to level up. However, scouting the Onyx Hold Dungeon requires guidance as you will be requested to complete objectives and eliminate the final boss. Let’s take a look at how you can get through this.

Key Takeaways

  • Onyx Hold is another Dungeon that can work as both a Regular and Nightmare Dungeon.
  • To explore it, players must complete the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold mission first.
  • The Dungeon is in the Dry Steppes region, close to the Waypoint.
  • Start your journey in the West to find stairs to the Dungeon entrance.
  • Onyx Hold has several objectives, like slaying all enemies and eliminating Languishing Corpses that provide XP points when completed.
  • The dungeon exploration completes after the objectives. However, there is also an optional boss called Arminel Flarebang, which you can defeat for Legendary loot.

Players can run Onyx Hold as a Nightmare Dungeon, allowing them to farm more XP for levelling up and collecting Legendary loot. However, you must complete the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold located in Dry Steppes. Make your way to this area from either Ked Bardu or Barbarian Town.

During the completion of Onyx Watchtower Stronghold, you must eliminate Bandits that spawn in the targeted location. Moreover, the family of Bandits will eventually take you to their captain. Defeating him will open the Watchtower for you, and it can act as a safe region. Note that you must finish it with a waypoint to explore the Onyx Hold Dungeon.

Onyx Hold Dungeon Location

onyx hold dungeon location
Exact map location of the nightmare dungeon | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

After getting hold of the Onyx Watchtower, search around a similar region to find the Onyx Hold Dungeon. Start your journey from the waypoint. Keep walking in the West direction until you witness stairs going down to a hidden area. That area will be the Onyx Hold Dungeon.

If you still do not have the Watchtower access, you can travel from Fate’s Retreat but it will consume more time without having a fast mount, such as a Horse. The dungeon is famous due to its potential of being a farming spot. Moreover, Sorcerers are expected to find the Storm Swell Offensive Aspect in this location which is important for their build.

Exploring Onyx Hold

entering the dungeon
Walk down the stairs to enter the Dungeon | Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

If you have spent time exploring other Dungeons, you must be aware that these Dungeons work in a sequential manner where you have to defeat the enemies in the initial areas to get access to the deeper regions. Therefore, eliminate all enemies in the Rotting Penitentiary to unlock the second half of Onyx Hold.

The Dungeon has a few objectives which provide XP upon completion. They are:

  • Slay all enemies in the area,
  • Eliminate Languishing Corpses,
  • Defeat optional Boss Arminel Flarebang.

When you will enter the Dungeon, you will be greeted with multiple Undead creatures that should be slayed at all costs. This will complete your first objective and grant you a significant amount of XP. Moving towards the second half of Onyx Hold, Languishing Corpses will be discreetly placed around the Dungeon. Eliminate all of them to complete the dungeon exploration.

Although this is not compulsory, you can also engage in combat with an optional Boss, Arminel Flarebang. The Onyx Hold Dungeons is marked as complete without defeating the boss. However, Flarebang will drop legendary loot if you take on him and emerge victorious. Leave the region at any time from an option available in the settings menu.

You will receive the following rewards upon completing your exploration:

  • Storm Swell Offensive Legendary Aspect,
  • 30 Renown Points,
  • Waypoint and Blacksmithing station access,
  • Legendary Gear.
completing the onyx hold dungeon
Completing Dungeon exploration and collecting rewards | Picture Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Here, our guide on Onyx Hold Dungeon comes to an end. We hope that you found the information useful and practical. Ensure you bring upgraded gear and abilities to this dungeon as enemies can be challenging to defeat. If you are level 50 or higher with a Sorcerer, utilize the Paragon Board to have a bigger and upgraded skill set.

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