Diablo 4 Razorplate Armor [Location & Tips]

One of the best armors in higher world tiers is Razorplate in Diablo 4. So, without wasting any time, get yourself one!

Diablo 4 Razorplate
A guide on how to obtain Razorplate in Diablo 4.

Razorplate is an essential chest armor for Thorn builds in Diablo 4. It works for any class, but If you are running Barbarian, Rogue, or Necromancer builds, Razorplate can completely transform them. It will damage enemies as well as provide protection to you due to the Thorn effect.

Key Takeaways

  • Razorplate is a Chest Armor in Diablo 4 that players can equip and obtain Thorns in return.
  • These Thorns help reflect any damage taken and work perfectly with close-range classes like Druid and Barbarian.
  • The higher Razorplate Item Power is, the more Thornes it comes with, automatically increasing the item’s worth.
  • Players can obtain a Razorplate from random Chests, Quest rewards, Enemy Drops, and crates.
  • Razorplate is only available in World Tier 3 and 4.

What Is A Razorplate Armor?

Razorplate Armor
Razorplate Armor | Credits Reddit

The main feature of a Razorplate is its modifier, “Gain [x] Thorns.” The armor comes with a certain amount of thorns attached to it, and the primary purpose of these spikey thorns is to reflect damage. Whether you receive melee damage or a ranged one, it will reflect back to the enemy.

The higher the item power of Razorplate is, the more Thornes will come with the chest armor. Therefore, look around for a Razorplate with higher Item Power.

Razorplate Armor Class Recommendation

The Razorplate armor is not class-specific, and you can use it with any class you choose. However, if you’re playing as a Sorcerer or Necromancer, who deals damage from the backline, the armor may seem useless or less appealing compared to other options. You may receive ranged damage a lot, but the close-range damage will be low.

Moreover, in my experience, if you choose Barbarian, Rogue, or Druid class, Razorplate is one of the best armors to equip. The close encounter with groups of enemies works in your favor when you equip Razorplate as your chest armor.

How To Obtain Razorplate?

Firstly, Razorplate is limited to World Tier 3 and World Tier 4, meaning you can not run across this armor if you’re in World 1 or World 2. Now, you will be looting a lot of items through random chests, enemy drops, quests, and so on; Razorplate will drop randomly in one of these.

It drops randomly, and there is no specific place you must go to to obtain it. Simply progress through the game by performing quests, killing enemies, and exploring. In no time, you’ll find yourself this strong piece of equipment.

My Thoughts

Diablo 4 is filled with diverse items, each with unique abilities and stats, Razorplate being one of them, a chest armor found in higher World Tiers. I suggest you use it if you are playing Barbarian, Rogue, or Druid classes that focus more on close-range combat to get maximum benefit from this armor.

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