Diablo 4: Secret of the Spring [Best Solution]

Secret of the Spring is a side quest that requires players to find a Discarded Note at the Forsaken Quarry and solve the riddle within it.

Diablo 4 side quest cover
Diablo 4: Secret of the Spring Side Quest

Secret of the Spring is a Side Quest in Diablo 4. It involves several steps to complete the objectives and reach the end. I found it very easy and less time-consuming if your approach is correct. I will help you complete the mission through this walkthrough.

Key Takeaways

  • Initiating the Secret of the Spring side quest requires you to visit the Forsaken Quarry, which is located to the Northeast of the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad.
  • The quest involves finding a riddle at a secret location, and coming up with a way to solve it. Then, complete several objectives as requested throughout the quest.
  • As a reward, players will get 4620 XP and 1000 Gold coins.

How To Activate The Side Quest

this is where you activate the mission
Initiate the mission by reaching Northeast of Kyovashad | Image by: WoW Quests (youtube)
  • During the early phases of Diablo 4, players will explore a massive place, Kyovashad.
  • Looking towards the Northeast of the Cathedral of Light, you can see a boundary line.
  • I travel to a snowy area close to the border to start the Secret of the Spring side quest.
  • Climb the ladder and collect a Discarded Note.
  • Open the note for reading so the mission is adds to the list. Therefore, further mission objectives will unlock.
collect note on top of stairs
This note will contain the riddle that needs to be solved

How To Solve The Note’s Riddle

location of the hot spring
The Hot Spring | Picture Credits: WoW Quests (YouTube)

Read the discarded note and head Northeast of your current location to arrive at the hot spring. I advise players to clear any enemies that come your way!

Here’s the tricky part! You won’t be notified further to finish the quest. Hence, you’ll have to access the journal from the main menu and solve the riddle. Additionally, use the Wait Emoji at the hot spring to unlock a hidden chest. Don’t forget to customize your emote wheel to add the “Wait Emoji” on the wheel!

adding wait emote to the wheel so we can use it
Customizing the wheel to add the Wait Emote

Use the emote so a Buried Chest spawns on the top right of the spring. Approaching it for inspection will lead you to the end of the Secret of the Spring side quest. As a reward, players will get:

  • 4620 XP Points
  • 1000 Gold coins
Inspecting the chest gives you rewards
Opening this chest will end the side quest

My Experience With Finding Wait Emote

According to me, these type of missions are very easy to pass. However, there is always a trick that takes you a lot of time to figure it out. I wasted some time searching for the Wait Emote, as it was hidden and there was no clue given. Other than that, the procedure is straightforward and you will not face any issues if you follow my guide.

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